Climate Change Temperatures

Recall the recent post regarding “scientific reticence”? Here’s another example, found over on the Real Climate site, where the data sets are plain as day, but the scientific interpretation remains, shall we say, “hesitant”?

This is on global temperature variations over time:

Climate Temperature Changes

The red line is the annual global-mean GISTEMP temperature record. Each red dot-to-dot is 1 year. The blue lines are 8 year trend lines, the rise or fall of temperature over an 8 year span.

Now, looking at this graph, what do you (clearly) see? ‘Cmon now, really, what do you SEE?

Is there anything to debate about? Is there any doubt whatsoever what is occurring? Any? The blue lines in particular indicate what’s happening and it’s a bit scary, because we don’t know yet where it will stop, or even if it will stop. Clearly, the temperature increases are the norm now.

Yet many scientist apparently still remain unconvinced, with some news outlets reporting that “global warming has stopped” (see middle article). For a healthy debate on what this means, read these comments.

However, I’d still like to emphasize again the “scientific reticence” we’re still finding. There remains a reluctance to loudly proclaim that there is a definite upswing, and that it will be there for a long time to come and most likely as not, worsen considerably as the ice sheets around the world melt. The Earth’s lower albedo will (all by itself, without the contribution of greenhouse gases) cause an increase overall temperatures.

These guys will probably be debating the ‘reason’ for the demise of the last penguin and the last polar bear for a few years after their extinction. Bright minds, but in my opinion like many academics, a bit slow on the uptake at times.

That’s also true of course, for other ‘bright minds’. We’re watching hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into the (s)Election campaigns and a lot of would-be concerned Americans still ‘believing’ that “this time, it’ll be different”, yet…. it’s already proving to be the same old tired and worn-out ruts as before. Different faces, same lies, over and over and over again, ad naseum.

You’d think by now, with all the evidence, and all the lies, and all the deception and this sheer volume of in-your-face-crap that we see each and everyday, we’d get over this denial and use our bright minds (some of us) and quit acting like it’s really a different show. It’s bloody rerun, and we’ve seen it more then a dozen times!

Nearly any one of us could write the script. Or just ad lib, that’s what these pretenders are doing anyway. Plenty of ‘evidence’ for them to use, but they’re still ignoring it, acting like none of it really matters. All they’re concerned with is tickling ears and getting elected, or waking away with a fat campaign chest.

Kucinich withdrew today, too bad. He’d have made a good Prez. But I sure to hell somebody with some balls would stand up and put a serious stop to this political grandstanding bullshit and take charge of this country and put some serious changes in motion.

Ah well, not going to happen, I know it, I’m just venting. Everyone’s still pretending we’ve got all-the-time-in-the-world-to-work-things-out (sung in your best la la voice). I don’t think so. I think we’re fast running out of time, faster then even we are willing to admit.

I see their still calling it a “recession” and holding back on even that. We “might” be entering a recession! Whoa momma! Let’s not get too excited here! Good grief, we’re in full-blown meltdown baby! Recession? How about DEPRESSION? We can call it “the worst financial crisis in a half-century” but we can’t call it a depression yet?

Well pardon me while I get out my tent and bedroll. It’s beans for dinner! I just glad I’ve got something to eat. A lot of people are facing some seriously hard times while our would-be-pretenders politick around the flag pole and whisper to their campaign managers, “how much we got?  Can I quit now?“.

Americans keep getting taken to the cleaners by EVERYONE these days, even their fellow citizens. You’d think there would be more outrage then there apparently is, but I’m not seeing it. We’re still stuck with that smirking monkey and a cowardly Congress that doesn’t do jack shit. I say we keel-haul them all and soon, before we belatedly discover we’ve lost every last shred of opportunity to even save ourselves.

Of course, nobody’s listening, remember, I’m just venting while my planet heats up, the plants and animals die off and the oceans turn to sludge. No reticence here…


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One thought on “Climate Change Temperatures

  • January 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Admin, you do sarcasm sooo well! Look, your right nobody is listening so may as well be cavalier about all and have some fun. I gotta laugh at the mind numbed robots cuz getting pissed off just makes me pissed off. Doesn’t change them at all.

    So keep up your good humor – the only thing we gotta get serious about is our own prep work.

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