Climate Change In The News And Other News

Drudge is flying some headlines on climate change, garnering more attention probably than Prince Charles. Warming, water shortages, and the 10 year thingy. It’s “old news” to readers of this blog.

And there are still those that of course, want to argue the finer points, such as claiming it’s natural and not man-made. At this point, what difference does it make? The profiteers will keep skimming the cream from the planet no matter what. As long as this ball of wax keeps spinning in space, this nonsensical argument will keep going round and round.

In other news, the FBI is sucking in vast hordes of data. Worse, Bush has granted himself the power to override federal health, environment, civil rights and privacy agencies. And on the lighter side, this story by Isaac Asimov is a worthy read on the last question.


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