A few articles worth reading: European Union agrees on Iran oil embargo.Iran ‘definitely’ closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo. The idiots are quite insistent about starting a major war. If this happens, it is expected to encompass the entire Middle East and quite probably, the rest of the world as country after country gets involved.

Both Russia and China have agreed to participate. Which means the Big Three will be at each others throats.

What fun this will be, as America engages in another bloodletting contest.

I am so sick of this shit. This isn’t about freedom or “democracy” or nuclear weapons or anything other then oil, i.e, energy to keep our wheels moving. It’s ALWAYS about energy (or resources). Rather then address basic root causes like consumption, corporatization and unadulterated (and unpunished) GREED, America absolutely insists upon bullying the rest of the world into doing its bidding.

Desdemona had a great article that fits right in: Apple Shows Us Why Manufacturing Will Never Return From China

Exploiting vast pools of very cheap labor, American companies and corporations have long been exporting manufacturing to China, where sweatshops and virtual slave labor “await” our profit margins. For the Chinese — who can blame them? What exactly would YOU do to feed your family in a overcrowded nation? How far would you stoop?  Pretty far, if the Chinese themselves are any example.

This is nothing new. Colonialism has always sought to find the cheapest labor and resources possible. We’ll export ore to China to be produced into steel and sent back to us as manufactured goods rather then reopen our shuttered steel mills here and make them ourselves. Why? Because it’s cheaper. Why? Because they are as economically controlled as we are.

But the real reasons, the real root cause and reason is greed. It’s always greed. Civilization is built upon the precepts that the only way to survive is to grow. In order to grow, you must remain profitable. To remain profitable, you must find the cheapest source of labor and resources. Missing from this equation is what is good for your company, your workers, your county, your State, your country or what is good for the environment and all future generations. It’s a one-way ticket to economic hell in other words, the moment you embark upon this path.

Nobody questions the entire paradigm, ie., why greed? Why must we base a society upon money, power, prestige and control? Can humans live differently, using an entirely different paradigm? Of course, history provides examples, but they are all deemed “inferior” to our greed culture.  Yeah, right.  No taxes, no jails, no work, no time clocks, no nuclear weapons, no defense budgets, no banks, no money, and on and on.  People HAVE lived entirely different lives for generations upon generations, but not anymore.  Now, we’re all stuck with this screwed up “have-to-make-a-living-unless-I-starve” paradigm that engages war, finance, ownership and exploitation at its root. Don’t play and starve.  Play and become a part of the largest destructive force the world has ever seen.

Could it be different? Yes, but only if we forced it through. We’d have to make it happen, and far, far, FAR too many people do not want this to happen. They LIKE being where they are, on top of the heap, controlling the lives and fates of other people. From that pissy little boss you have to endure each day to the corporate mogul who whimsically destroys companies and jobs with the flick of his fingers, people LIKE owning and controlling others.

They also like killing each other, as evidenced by the gargantuan military’s and weapons of war we have stockpiled in country after country.  And lest we somehow manage to forget the sea of blood produced, the hundreds of millions of dead and destroyed, lives carelessly tossed into the cauldron of hatred and violence.

The world is at war, with itself, fighting over what’s left. In the past, what was “found” (such as this country) was simply stolen from the indigenous people who lived here.  Humankind has done this throughout the ages, superior forces or technology was used to simply take what they wanted, wiping out, again and again and again, the inferior and insignificant lives before them.  Down through the ages, endless wars have earmarked mankind, who is evidently, a brutal, violent species of ape that refuses to control its own appetite.

Civilization, such as it really “is” (what exactly is civilized about any of this?) springs up and in reality, does nothing more then pass control to the new owners, again and again, and automates our ability to be violent, taking us to the lofty height of mechanized and high-tech warfare.  Under its auspices and institutions, civilization is supposed to “restrain us”, but hey, what evidence is there of that? It simply legalizes brutality under the guise of “authority” and “legitimacy” and if you can believe it, the pretense of “peace”!!

There appears to be at least two-types of people within “civilization”, those that refuse to partake in the destruction, and those that relish it. You can find this going back through the ages of humanity.  The soulless, incompassionate have incessantly ruled over the non-violent, who at times, have had to set aside their “pacifism” and become violent themselves, lest they all perish from the Earth.

This is what revolutions entail in reality. Eventually, the people have “had enough”. There are in fact, more people at peace then there are at war, of which we can be VERY thankful for.  The true warriors are actually peaceful people. They war only when they must (as all do, eventually). The rest are posers, pretending to be “warriors”, giving themselves over to violence, depravity and destruction, hiding their wicked natures as “patriots” and “heroes”, ostentatiously engaging in the “fight” for illusionary ideals such as “freedom” or “democracy”. But what they really are is bloodthirsty murderers, who seek to fight and to war and to kill. They LIKE what they do, and they are quite will to kill you, me or anyone to pursue their agenda.

Civilization actually cultivates these posers.  They are encouraged to enlist, to play video games, to compete in violent sports, to conquer and to conquest. Hollywood glorifies the “hero” and ignores the real meaning behind the posers.  They swagger and strut, assuming their mantles as bad-ass motherfuckers, but it’s only a matter of time before they are put down like the dogs that they are. They’re barely human, wearing only the outer mantle that gives them the appearance of being one of us, but inside they are depraved, violent individuals, a product of “civilization” given to glorifying the ugliness that lies within us all.

Consider however, what becomes of the politician who deceives the public into voting for him, a “man of peace” and not war, but then upon his or her (s)Election, the people are repeatedly betrayed as endless war and violence earmark the terms of his/her political career.  Why is that?  It happens so frequently that you would think it was written on stone tablets.

Well, in point of fact, it actually is. The fabled tables I refer to are known to all, and they depict the human behavior and the tendency to do wrong that is also known and found within all. It is not just limited to politicians, but to you, me, everyone.  But having said this, know this also: there are those that will rise to the forefront of society to engage in their bloody practices.  The rest of us simply don’t. But not because we don’t want to, many of us do.

Civilization, and the structures within it, produces these people. Or more accurately put, civilization enables these people to become and practice what they are. Only the “selected” are allowed to fill the available slots. Those who are not selected (hired, promoted, appointed and so forth), wind up being their depraved little selves wherever they are. That nasty little boss of yours may never be promoted to corporate master, but he can still be his ugly little self right where he is, making your life a living hell.

What is it about civilization then that encourages the “cream of the violent and depraved” to rise to the top? If you do not think that this is true, look again. They climb all over each other and anyone else to get to where they are. They engage in many evil practices such as manipulation, lying, deception, even theft, violence, and in extreme cases (of which there are plenty of), war, occupation, torture, kidnapping and so forth.  The rest of us are left in their dust so to speak, having never achieved their level of depravity and destruction.

It is at the very “upper levels” of our civilization and society where you will find the worst offenders. But why does this happen?  Why is civilization producing and encouraging such people to succeed?

You are NOT going to like the answer. In fact, you are going to HATE the answer, and you will probably hate me for posting it. But this reaction will not make it any less true. You will only understand it if you have done a lot of reading of history and the study of human behavior. Once you have done this, it’s just a matter of putting two and two together.

Civilization enables these kind, promoting them to the “top”, because it must in order to preserve its own existence.

Remember that civilization is built upon the precepts of growth. Growth requires profits to sustain itself. Growth requires resources, all usually controlled and owned by someone else. Therefore, the way for civilization to survive is to war over these resources, whether labor or raw materials or energy sources. Civilization then becomes a matter of ensuring that those who are willing to compete, and engage in warfare, are the chosen leaders of that society.

Like it?  I sure as hell don’t. But it’s true nonetheless. It means that we will forever be at war as long as humans exist. Our civilization knows no other way in reality. We may have times of peace, but it is ALWAYS bordered on both sides by war.

I hold the illusionary hope that we could do it “all” differently, but those that have tried, have ultimately failed, either being overwhelmed from without, or destroyed from within. Every tribe on the planet has been overrun by the “civilization” that surrounds them. And those tiny groups that have sought to live a different paradigm based upon peace and sharing were rarely allowed to survive very long. There are a few notable exceptions, where greed was simply not a part of society, but quite frankly, once “civilization” arrived on ships, “it was all over” for them.

This means that we will have “them” with us always. If you’ve even really wondered who the “them” was, now you know. Ye shall know them by their fruits — a saying which takes on a whole new meaning when applied to the course of human history.


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