Civilization IS the problem!

The problem of civilization is a problem of population. Many parts of the world are seriously overcrowded. The United States is adding millions to the population every year (including immigration). The need for population reduction remains an essential priority for nearly every nation on Earth.

Population reduction is meaningless if the consuming portion of the population is allowed to continue in its present from. In other words, the industrialized nations of the world are the major problem – not the third world countries, who are consuming far less resources then industrialized nations (per capita).

This points to the problem of Western Civilization, which consumes resources as fast as possible, under the guise of capitalism and the growing economy. These terms are oft-used to imply something entirely positive, but this does not reveal the whole story.  The western nations of the world are leading the race for resources and control of resources, followed very closely now by the East (China). China is expected to surpass the United States very soon.

The redistribution argument of the world’s resources and wealth is flawed, because the issue isn’t that we have something that others want or need. The real issue at the core of this argument is are we living within our means from a sustainable standpoint?

Even a cursory investigation reveals that no nation on Earth is living sustainably. Competition, depletion and war for resources are the inescapable results.

This means that there is nothing to redistribute, if we are trying to acheive sustainability. Redistribution means to take resources and wealth from one region and redistribute to another at a huge, corresponding energy cost. This is not sustainable and never will be.

Energy ought NOT to be redistributed either. Each culture, nation, city, village, tribe, etc., should be living within its means and not require the redistribution of energy outside of its area of control and influence.

This approach would solve the resource wars we have been subjected to for millennia. It would also solve the energy crisis, and the wastefulness of redistributed energy. It would also inhibit to a large degree the economic slavery instituted on much of the world, including within the United States.

Population control or management is not an issue of life expectancy, or forcing the third world to limit births, or permitting abortion on demand, or any other rules we can dream up to limit population. Such rules have all been tried with minimal success and yet, world populations continue to grow.  These rules are actually designed to support the status-quo on resource control and consumption, monetizing life itself, while still failing to address the root source of the problem. “Too many people” really means there is something fundementally wrong with our civilization and behavior.

The question is why do we have too many people? That answer remains difficult to properly address, because our concepts of civilization and what this means.

Civilization is the problem. Population is a symptom of a civilization and how we sustain ourselves. As long as civilization is allowed to continue in the present form – then the problems of overpopulation, resource demand, excessive energy consumption, wage slavery, economy, global imperialism, and war will continue. The cure as it were, is to abandon our current concepts of civilization and the consumptive, coercive and controlling lifestyles this requires.

A massive worldwide campaign in education would be required to educate and elucidate the reasons why civilization must be changed, enjoined with an immediate mandatory programs to foster sustainably. Population reductions would fall automatically without any laws enforcing this, because the day-to-day existence of the populations of the world would be impacted by their need to live sustainably. Life expectancy would also adjust correspondingly.

The goal isn’t zero-population-growth – the goal is a sustainable human population that co-exists on this planet without excessively depleting critical resources (this would include all the earths resources, plant, animal, soil, air, water).


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