Chile Rescues Its Miners

Finally, some good news: Chile joyous at clockwork-like miner rescue

Nobody wants to be entombed in the earth before their time.  I’m glad to see that all the effort has paid off.

Let’s hope it continues to go well, there are still more to rescue.

The media has long since descended like the jackals they are — either to document the failures or the success.

Reporters pushed and shoved to be the first to interview them, pulling on the hair of those in the way, throwing punches and almost knocking others to the ground.

The family retreated, and a frightened-looking Maria angrily hit out at journalists close to her with the Chilean flag bunched in her hand.

But the media mob, five-deep, kept advancing, crushing furniture and finally toppling the family’s humble tent.

Two Chilean police officers watched from nearby but did not step in.

Finally, the media crowd dispersed.

Talk shows, interviews, magazine articles, movies and books await them all.  I don’t have any issues with their fame, glad to see it after what they’ve been through.  But the exploitation now and to come is wrong, just as wrong as the “over exploited” mine in which they were trapped. Over 2,000 media had descended upon “Camp Hope”.

When the media fury finally drops down, they’ll go back to their “normal” lives, most of them anyway.  A few marriages will self-destruct, families will be stronger then before (or worse), and they’ll go back to mining (ie., business as usual) gold and copper from the bowels of the Earth.

Here’s is a short bio on a few of them: Who are these heroic Chile miners?

Sigh… really glad to see the rescue effort paying off.  Really sad to see the reasons a rescue was necessary overlooked.


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