Change We Can Believe In

I have not been able to bring myself to write much lately, because the hysteria and hoopla (and hubris) is so out-of-control now, that it is hardly worth reporting.

The stuff that is happening and worth reporting isn’t being shared much by our media.  We’re more concerned with Charlie Sheen being naked then a tsunami in Indonesia.

Desdemona has lots of stories too.  But am I wrong about saying that we’re just really not that interested?  Nobody cares that starvation is occurring in Pakistan or cholera outbreaks there are now claiming their 100th victim.

Well, maybe some people care, but there is scant little we can actually do about any of this.  This all seems too overwhelming and beyond our control.  Here at home they’re talking more and more about civil war and revolution, a plot that seems to be orchestrated from the get-go to me.  Some of us might be interested in that — or at least what happens next.

If you’re political, or care about what politics might mean to you, you’d be following the next round of (s)elections to come and the promises that won’t be kept (again).  But I say, it’s all useless.  It’s out of control already, even before the next (s)elected candidates are installed into their air-conditioned offices.

I’m sure this sounds totally fatalistic, and you’d be right.  The issues that affect us all, whether your home has been washed away by flood or hurricane, or you’re sitting in a high-rise office building wonder how in hell you’re going to survive there long enough to make a dwindling retirement, it’s all out-of-control to the average man.

I don’t run in the circles of the elite, I don’t rub elbows in their board rooms or smoke their cigars.  I’ve long been content to just be left alone and to live a quiet life, aspiring neither to lofty height of fame or fortune or to a cult of personality.  But that brings me to another point:  Of late the ‘cult of personality’ in the talking head circuit seems to have warped to a new dimension of extreme rhetoric.

Basically, I’m seeing one self-prescribed ‘expert’ engage with yet another self-prescribed expert, engaging in yet another useless debate about what’s going on.  And?  It’s all absolutely pointless.

None of them have a snowballs chance in hell of changing the outcome of the subjects they are talking about, not one of them.  And most of them seem to be missing the forest for the trees.  They advocate changes and measures that simply won’t happen, and cannot be allowed to happen.  The truth is (as I see it), they don’t even seem to understand that the rules as they have known them to be, have all changed and they’re playing a piss-poor job of “catch-up”, trying to comprehend how this affects you and me and “what can be done about it”.

Hehehe, how about nothing?

Not much of a game plan, is it?  It’s not meant to be.  But I do think it is foolish as hell to continue to pretend that any of us should keep playing by the rules that are obviously rigged to work against any real change.  This is why no change ever occurs, the rules are still being followed to designed defeat.

The scale and scope of the changes we need to make as a society are breathtaking — and impossible under the status-quo.  The lies go on and on about “yes we can“, but look back and that’s definitely turned into a “no we can’t” chant of disenchanted voter disgust. But moving on from the (s)election game and the fixed rules of ‘play’, I find the same sort of mythical expectations within the ‘alternative movements’ that are spouting this same kind of rhetoric.   To say that this too is going to fail is to only say what is accurate — but highly unpopular.  A definite ‘deal killer’ if you know what I mean.  Nobody is going to ask me to appear on their show, but I’d not do it anyway.

We seem to have a propensity to continue to fool ourselves about our own proven behavior. Our track record is all you really need to look out. Whether we are trying to roll out a 100 mpg carburetor or a new political party — we can’t do it.

It doesn’t make any difference if this is overdue and necessary, or even the desire of the people at large, we still can’t do it.

Pick ANY noteworthy and significant change desire by the average Joe and what you will discover is a history of oppression, obstruction, blockades, lawsuits and even more heinous crimes that have occurred to keep these changes from being developed.  Real change is not allowed to happen.  Lip service, broken promises and the appearance of change is.

So when I read in the alternative media about how we’re going to change, I just have to laugh, each and every time and say, “bullshit“.  Why do they keep lying to us like we can’t tell?  They’re just talking to themselves like mental cases in a nuthouse, hoping that the doctors won’t drug them again before they can be released.

Out here in the real world, the evidence is very clear — the only changes we’re allowed to “have” are those that have been swallowed and controlled by the giant corporations and big businesses that control (own) the changes we “see”.  Everything else is simply drowned out.

So when I hear talk of revolution or civil war or “sweeping house” in Congress or your backyard, I already know what this really means.  If any of this happens, it is because they’ve hijacked the people’s efforts themselves and let it happen.

And I do not want to be a part of this.  I do not want to be their pawn, or to be used again and again for their agenda.

I do not understand why people do not see that the powers that they rail against remain unaffected by their efforts.  If they’re still left in charge — still left in power — still capable and able to make decisions — then you have accomplished nothing.  You might feel better about yourself and the fact that you’ve tried, but the real change that you seek remains undone.

So far, this country has not yet elevated the discussion (rhetoric) on what this actually is, and the few that have tried, are swiftly singled out and isolated.  Let me tell you all something — what Americans really want is what they’ve already got.  Business as usual.  A return to the way they think “things were”.  Prosperity and profits, a chicken in every pot.  And they’re ALL trying to call this “change you can believe in” by a million different slogans and banners.  And they’re ALL lying.

I call it all bullshit.  It’s a lie, through and through and it’s never going to happen.  It absolutely and utterly fails to address the real issues and the real problems that have created them.  All these talking heads and “key speakers” and book writers and blathering fools are all trying to convince you that they’ve come up with some answers that will work — finally — this time, if you just get on board.  And they are ALL lying, every single one of them, speaking of things of which they know too little about and expecting you to be as ignorant as they are.

I’m not smarter or better educated or any such thing, but I do know this: if you do not permanently remove the problem areas, cut out the cancer, it will come back.  And I have yet to see a single solution offered that is prepared to do the radical and necessary surgery that this country and this entire planet requires.

So that is change you can believe in — except that you simply won’t see it in your lifetime. It may happen one day, as catastrophe upon catastrophe piles up ever higher and higher and these power players are slowly wiped out, either killing themselves off or being killed.  But this next round of (s)elections isn’t it.  Hardly.  This is yet another knee-jerk reactionary movements to stimulate your belief just a little bit longer.  I’ve had healthier bowel movements then this.

If you get a sense that I’m angry or disgusted, you’d be right.  I’m tired of being lied to.  I’m tired of being manipulated. I’m tired of broken promises.  I’m tired of realizing that I’ve little real choice in what happens anymore, that I have to ‘survive’ just to get along.  I’m tired of realizing that nobody has any better answers then I do myself.  Or that the answers that they propose are even worse then my own.  And I’m tired of listen to an endless series of ‘experts’ who categorically fail to connect the dots that even the blind can now see.

We’re literally drowning in the evidence now, but millions of ignorant people are wasting precious time arguing about what is right in front of them.

I know that if you want change, it has to begin with you.  But I’m not so naive as to believe that even that will be enough, not even if ten million of us could change ourselves.  The game is rigged too deep and too far and it’s too corrupt for even ten million to “change” and expect any real impact.

Cut out the cancer if you can, but if you do, make sure you get it all if you do.  Otherwise, you’re going to wish you never let that doctor even touch you.


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