Central Banks Dumping Gold At A Torrid Pace

Gold doesn’t always rule. Banks are dumping quite a lot of this right now.

You still have to eat, and nobody has yet devised a way to convert gold into calories.

The US has launched another pysops program, “Perfect Citizen“. I could not make this shit up.  Seems they are afraid of cyber attacks so they dubbed this program “Perfect Citizen”.

No, one thing does not have anything to do with the other.  Cyber attacks and “perfect citizens” are not even remotely related, but that’s what they ultimately want. Obedience, subservience, unquestioning “loyalty” to your masters.

It seems that PC (perfect citizen, politically correct) is the perfect cover for programming citizens into accepting anything — including illegal spying by the National Security Agency (NSA).  There are laws on the books against this, and a multitude of other agencies already tasked with this responsibility (lawfully), but never mind that, programmed compliance is the perfect coercion towards creating the perfect citizen.

I feel safer already.


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