Censorship – Silencing American Dissent

To show you how Internet censorship works, and how mainstream news media is controlling public opinion, I’ll share a few comments.

ABC News published an article about the disappearing Marshall Islands.  ABC News is not interested in contrary information. These comments were removed:

The Marshall Island, and every other low-lying island, city and town (even on the mainland) is toast. Resources would be better spent relocating and building elsewhere. 550 GIGATONS of carbon dioxide needs to be removed from Earth’s environment, which massively dwarfs anything humanity has ever done ever, or can do. We do not have the time, money, technology or political power to accomplish this. That’s just PAST emissions & does not include yearly current emissions that also need to be ended (which we are also not doing, not capable of doing, have no real intentions of doing, otherwise we’d have done it already).

The world is committed now to catastrophic warming and sea level rise because we cannot remove carbon dioxide (or the other greenhouse gasses like methane, which emissions are rising very rapidly now from melting permafrost and methane hydrates). All “talk” of a 1.5C or 2C warming potential, target or goal is so much complete hogwash that it should be totally abandoned for its extreme dishonesty and misrepresentation of actual facts.

What desperately needs to be done is declare a planetary emergency and admit to catastrophic unstoppable warming that will devastate civilization, food production, agriculture, ocean acidification, reef collapse, salinity and global ice melt. We WILL lose 95% of our sea port (United States) and this is factually unstoppable now, which means global shipping here and elsewhere will cease to exist as we know it today. That fact alone will be catastrophic for the world economy. I wish something could be done for the Islanders – but nothing will work now, it’s far too late for “walls” to stop oceans.

News Punch is a truly horrible website with staggering levels of dishonest “reporting”. They published a fake story about a 6 year old girl who had been raped.

Border Agents Discover Body Of 6-Year-Old Girl: “She Was Raped By 30 Men”  (link does not work, story has since been removed). This generated hundreds of comments.

These were the comments that were removed:

Fake news hoax-alert.leadstories.com/…

FAKE NEWS – THIS STORY IS FALSE – https://hoax-alert.leadstor…

It’s say’s a lot when they have to resort to fake news to make their bogus claims.

ABC News: Alaska GOP to weigh potential action against Murkowski (link does not work, story has been removed).

This was a story about the GOP in Alaska taking action against U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski for opposing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Funny how ABC News is playing games with their readers and commentators.

This comment was removed:

More proof the FBI was restricted: https://www.indystar.com/st…

ABC News: Third woman makes sexual misconduct allegation against Brett Kavanaugh

As a husband, father of daughters and citizen who has witnessed the terrible treatment of woman in this country for decades, I’m very glad to see these brave women step forward and help put a stop to this travesty. Women are constantly mistreated from the time they are very young to the very old, sexual harassment is extremely common, and the good old boys club just tries to laugh this off as teenage hormones (for rape cases), sexual assault (at work and at home), and refuse to acknowledge the MALE responsibility to treat the opposite sex with respect (in all things – wages, employment, abilities). Kavanaugh is no doubt guilty with three accusers now stepping forward. Definitely not fit to become a Supreme Court appointee. Maybe he should work in a woman shelter (supervised of course) for a few years and learn what it’s like first-hand to deal with women victims.

The Gateway Pundit: Trump ‘dossier’ stuck in New York, didn’t trigger Russia investigation, sources say

These comments were removed:

More lies from the Liar in Chief. At this point – whatever Trump say’s, the opposite is actually true. Can’t wait to be rid of this lying scum.

The Gateway Pundit: Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Suggests 50% Democrat Tax Rates – Calls Trump Tax Bonuses “Crumbs” (VIDEO)

These comments were removed:

Trump’s making America great again is ruining this country.

Talk about a “headlie” – Warren said no such thing. Typical for a rag-reporting website.

The Gateway Pundit: Attorney Gregg Jarrett Calls Out Liar Comey After Carter Page FISA Warrant Docs Confirm FBI Misled Courts

These comments were removed:

This website is chock-full of disinformation and headlies. Far from reporting the actual facts, the utterly ridiculous claims articles like this presents are so biased as to boggle the mind. Huge sections of the warrant application were redacted from the public, but were presented to the court. This alone is a huge, glaring fact this article does not dare mention. And the fact that the warrant WAS issued speaks volumes about the “evidence” that was presented to obtain it. This is just more dishonest spin by a dishonest website.

The Washington Times: Devin Patrick Kelley: An anti-Christian, atheist ‘outcast’

These comments were removed:

The “antifa” meme is entirely fabricated bullshit. The idiotic “right” made this up to suit their own agenda – and they claimed that November 4th would be the start of the antifa “uprising” which didn’t happen either. Attempting to interject this false argument into this extremely poorly written article reveals the authors bias and irresponsibility, but that is pretty typical these days of media sites like this, I’m sorry to say.

You get the idea.

Any dissent or disagreement that points out the falsehoods, deceptions, or lies being promoted by these media sources is just simply removed. They’ll even erase a story, but it’s too late. Their lies have been spread and re-spread thousands of times.

I went through a bunch of different websites that do this (routinely) and the worst offenders are –

  • ABC News
  • Gateway Pundit
  • Mercury News
  • Newser
  • Breitbart News Network
  • WorldNetDaily
  • The Washington Times
  • The Daily Caller
  • The Real News Network
  • TMZ, Michael Savage
  • The Federalist
  • Affluent Investor
  • TexasGOPvote
  • Mises Institute
  • Malaysian Digest
  • American Thinker
  • The Argus
  • CleanTechnica
  • NHPR
  • The Daily Wire
  • The Patriot Post
  • Johnson City Press
  • Patch, Moms Clean Air Force
  • Newstarget
  • The Hill
  • Capital Press
  • Climate Home News
  • Augusta Free Press
  • Robert Scribbler
  • ABC27
  • Natural News
  • Somewhat Reasonable
  • Newsbusters
  • and many, many more.

Several of these websites removed every single comment that didn’t agree with their (false) narrative. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, just a few over the last couple of months that I’ve seen first-hand engage in silencing dissent.

What is troubling is nobody knows just how pervasive this is, but I suspect it is very high. These website are not interested in engagement among their readers, or allowing others to question their narratives, or to bring different facts to the table. They’re all actively suppressing any dissenting views. They don’t want their readers to even be aware of this.

This raises many questions. Just exactly what “news” online can be considered trustworthy?

Culling out commentators may be legal, and even appropriate in some cases, but the precedence of suppressing dissent raises questions about the truthfulness of what is being published on all of these websites. If nobody is allowed to question or comment or bring forth counter-arguments to the published materials – what does this say about what is being published? How can any of it be trusted?

The answer is brutally simple: Nothing they are publishing can be trusted, because they’re refusing to allow it to come under any scrutiny.

Other websites don’t even allow comments, which is becoming increasingly common (CNN, Drudge and many, many others). I get that (it’s a hassle), but we’re left in the same position. Opposing views, information, facts, evidence or just grouchy opinions are missing from the published narrative. This portrays a one-sided presentation of … whatever the hell they want.

Drudge constantly publishes “headlies”. False headlines that are most definitely not part of the story. Rense does the same thing. Nobody “knows” without endless fact-checking if the published information is truthful or not, and if it’s not – you’re simply not being allowed to point that out.

It’s not just mainstream website engaging in these deceptions, it’s just as often now found in the so-called ‘alternative’ websites where you’re supposed to be getting the “unvarnished truth” (or so they claim – more lies). It’s so bad now that online reading and online engagement is nearly worthless. But the television isn’t any better (and not something I would recommend).

My town has a tiny newspaper that is heavily engaging in local censorship. They’re publishing outright lies, deliberately misprinting critical information like dates, addresses and times for public meetings, and suppressing local dissent. This is a very disturbing trend. Is this also happening in your town? Would you even know?


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