Cell Phones Are Carcinogenic

From Mother Jones: “Game-Changing” Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

I’ve always believed this, having investigated the published literature some years ago. I turned off all wireless devices in my office and home and switched to a headset whenever I could.

Now we get to watch the cellphone industry continue to deny and obfuscate these claims. Pretty much par for the course. Industry categorically refuses to accept any responsibility (until forced at the point of a judge and multiple lawsuits) that “they” are responsible for any health effects, including electromagnetic “pollution”.

I know why products are rolled out without studying their harmful effects (greed), and I know why we just blithely assume that they “must be safe if they’re being sold” (decades of propaganda that business and industry is all “good”) – but why haven’t we wised up enough to realize that if they make it, sell it or promote it, we should be very careful about accepting it.

The food industry taught me that everybody lies about their products. They lie about ingredients, safety, inspections, certifications, GMO claims and so much more. It’s ubiquitous within the food industry that lying will sell more products. I don’t know of a single online seller that isn’t doing this. I strongly suspect that this is true for all products being sold on the world market place. The ‘competitive advantage’ many companies choose to embrace is to simply deceive their customers.

I’ve been investigating electric bicycles as a case in point. I rather like the idea and with my condition it would a big help to have something like this. But I’ve found that the sellers of these products lie about what they’re capable of doing, how long the batteries last and so forth. This is an oft-repeated ‘discovery’ when investigating any product for sale (or ad on Craigslist for that matter). Lying about products for sale is very ubiquitous, so ‘expect’ deception is how I approach every ‘opportunity’ now.

Mentioned before, but watch “Sugar Coated” on Netflix to see how industry lied about the toxic effects of white sugar and how this came to be considered ‘safe’ on the FDA list of approved foods for human consumption. This, and many, many other similar histories of industry manipulation, coverup and deception should tell everyone that almost everything you know is in fact a fabricated history of “truth” and “false” – you believe pretty much what they want you to believe. They’ve had a death-grip on our knowledge and awareness of what is really true and what isn’t our entire lives.

Meanwhile, keep your cellphone as far away from you as you can.


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4 thoughts on “Cell Phones Are Carcinogenic

  • May 27, 2016 at 10:10 am
    When I had a “flip-phone” I used to get “electromagnetic headaches” when talking too long. I’d switch it to speaker and hold it away from my head.

    Later I learned of a condition called “electrosensitivity.” It wasn’t just me.

    I find the newer phones don’t give me this problem, although at the same time, I don’t converse on the phone very long anymore in any case.

    • May 27, 2016 at 10:29 am

      I looked into the wireless emissions and decided I had to be extra careful. I have a wireless router, but it’s unplugged. Everything was switched to Cat 6 cables. Cell phones are a fact of life, I suspect there will be a lot more exposed on their dangers in the future. There’s nothing natural about subjecting living tissue to these frequencies of radiation. The electromagnetic pollution in our environment is truly staggering. It’s even found in electric vehicles.

  • May 27, 2016 at 12:32 pm
    As potentially harmful as radiation and sugar and GMO’s are/maybe, IMO, they are relatively nothing compared to the medical abuse dished out by the so-called medical community daily – at least in my area (more than a little of which appears to be deliberate, the remainder calloused indifference/willful ignorance). I’m FAR more afraid (and contemptuous) of the medieval medical monsters than virtually anything I’d remotely consider consuming. In other words, everything one does and everything one doesn’t will always invoke risks and have consequences. The trick is to pick your poison(s) wisely because life itself is fkn lethal. Up until ‘it’ kills you. Which some days almost seems preferable to the insane asylum called ‘civilization’. But … that’s just me I guess.

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