Caution Ahead — Cognitive Dissonance Can Be Dangerous To Your Life

Nice video found on Desdemona, by Bill McKibben. Suggest you watch:

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Anybody watching the CO₂ meter on my right side bar? You realize what is happening?

We’re under regional flood watch here, constant rain, incessant snow melt and rising rivers.  All the dams are now “past flood stage” and low lying homes are going underwater.

This is something that many others in the country have already experienced.  The connection needs to be made LONG before “it happens to you”.

If I can bring myself to write it, my article “Death Row” would lay it all out.  The vast, vast majority of humans haven’t yet figured it out, but we’re ALL inmates in this asylum being run by mass murderers and serial killers hell-bent on driving this planet into ultimate ruin and destruction.  These sadistic bastards simply don’t give a damn about anything other then profits.

Just you watch — they’re capitalizing on death too (they already are, look at what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya and Yemen).  America is fighting 4 wars right nowFOUR.  That is INSANE.

The driving reason is control of resources and energy supplies.  If this country actually gave two shits about democracy or freedom or justice or any of the other lip-service platitudes it is so oft to express, we’d have long since put a stop to the innumerable murderous regimes around the world and stop selling arms and funding terrorist nations.

Ah well. This isn’t going to get fixed now, no matter what we “do”.  Too late for that.  Too entrenched, too “committed” (certifiable) and too much cognitive dissonance among the population to make much of a difference now.  And too overextended on “control”, population and power to back off now.

The runner-up circus to the next (s)Election is already underway, with idiots, morons and imbeciles being pre-selected for your fawning pleasure. And whoever the next whipping post is (s)elected, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.  So everyone, stop pinning your hopes on any of this, it should be dead obvious now that the system is totally unfixable.

If you do what you’ve always done, why would you ever expect any different results?

I hope they run Palin for Prez., because then I will KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that the other idiot twin will win.  And whoever it is, we can only be assured that it will still be business as usual.

Keep reading Desdemona.  He’s got articles everyday on how it’s all falling apart.  There are other sites out there, most of which are highly controlled, spoon-feeding media b.s. and propaganda to their audience. The entire “conversation” is now being extremely manipulated and controlled everywhere you look, ensuring that dangerous thoughts and questions are never asked, never investigated, never understood.  They call this “framing the discourse” and it is happening all around you, everywhere.

Stop asking why the important questions are never being aired. You know why.





Just don’t wake up.

Well worth watching – this is your future, but keep in mind the message here (not the messenger, this Beck has some disturbing ties to serious wack-jobs):


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