May 222017

Since President Dumpf declared climate change a hoax, he’s been busy making sure that this critical topic to human survival is ignored as much as possible.

Predictably, many Americans are in lock-step with this clown. Parroting the same useless and irrelevant arguments as their distinguished leader, the topic of climate change remains hated.

In some circles, it was hard to predict that this would be the direction the nation would take. The American media has been quite complicit with climate change denialism. But it’s not like that elsewhere, just here.

Trump is deleting climate change, one site at a time – Here are some of the more egregious examples

This man is such a complete moron he’s making George W. Bush look intelligent. While I am not surprised he has his supporters still, I’m still disgusted at the level of complete stupidity his supporters exhibit. The job of the media should be to inform the public at large of the news – not suppress it or simply go along with it. This is is critical failure and a dereliction of duty. It mirrors Trump’s own actions on this topic.

Climate Change Could Slash Staple Crops

This is real news – and far, far more deadly then most may realize. As with all things “climate”, the news is pretty far behind the actual reality. A 23% loss in staple crops may not seem “that bad”, but it’s actually catastrophic. And if the actual, historical track record of these kinds of climate related news stories is any indication at all, it will be significantly worse then this. Really bad news (like what I published here for years) does not get published anywhere else. The status-quo must always be maintained (keep calm people, nothing to really be alarmed about here).

The complete failure to keep the public accurately informed is unforgivable. It’s not my job to do this either. Many of us, who are keenly interested in the future have done this for years on a volunteer basis. But we’re all pretty tired of the lack of interest and support we received. We have accurately concluded that you are not interested either.

This is the primary reason why I’ve slacked off so much on reporting much of anything. The American audience has dwindled to nothing. Americans in particular have been highly conditioned (brainwashed) to respond only to fear-based news. Otherwise, the usual methods of programming through gratification, sex and money do the job. This blog doesn’t engage in those techniques. I wouldn’t even know how.

Then there is this bit of snooze which I find astounding – and predictable. Today, InfoWars is a credentialed member of the White House Press Corps

Personally, I’ve kept up with the Jones saga (for a distance, due to the stench). Infowars Money Bomb – What you are not being told. I’ve added this link, Alex Jones Exposed. I’ll ignore the Jewish connedspiracy crap myself, but the revelations on Jones just keep piling up higher and higher.

I doubt people recognize the danger here because they’ve lost their ability to think (they’re just parrots these days, endlessly repeating shit they’ve heard elsewhere). Your President is in bed with a true media whore and first-class liar. It’s anybody’s guess what the influence will be from Jones to Dumpf, or vice-versa, but this is bad, bad news. The country is going in the opposite direction then it needs to when it starts supporting connedspiracy liars.

It is this kind and type of endless fear-mongering bullshit that caters to so many idiotic Americans now that frightens any intelligent, informed person. Lowering the acumen and intelligence of people is never a good thing. We’ve got nothing but years and years of this crap to look forward to now.

Therefore, it’s almost pointless without support, without readers to even bother here with anything. You’ve given up. Or you yourselves are so damned brainwash that you can’t see the forest for the trees that now surround you. I don’t know what it is. I can only speak for myself. I see no resistance. I see no refusal. I see nothing but capitulation. To complete morons who lack everything (intelligence, credibility, reputation, integrity and honesty).

There are important topics to be informed on. I should NOT have to say this, it is self-evident. But Americans don’t seem to give a flying fuck about anything anymore. I am finding it truly hard to try to engage with anyone now. It’s like stupid pills have been swallowed by the bottle with most people I “meet” online.

Recently, there was a really stupid article about how rights were “granted to humans by God”, which is utterly impossible. Keyboard morons kept quoting the Constitution as their “proof”, which is a specious, irrelevant claim (it does not matter what the Founders thought – what matters is what is true). Rights are created by laws, without which there are no rights at all. It was impossible to get these idiots to think for themselves. Parroting only what they read or heard was their only defense (logical fallacies).

It is evident that people prefer their minds to be enslaved by others. It’s too much trouble to research out facts or to discover truth. Religion is terrified of losing control, so they’ve all ramped up their efforts to keep up the brainwashing. The real truth is being buried, attacked and ignored. Americans have capitulated. They have almost no concept of what being free really means or how to go about gaining this back. Instead, they’re running as fast as they can to the groups that are enslaving them. It’s scary stupid.

My absence here is a result of all of this and more. I’m building my zombie walls these daze. You should too.

May 142017

May 14, 2017. The weather around here cannot decide if it is spring or winter. The grass is green now, but it is very cold. Burning wood again. It’s dropping to near-freezing at night.

It’s been the strangest, coldest and wettest spring that I’ve ever seen. I haven’t been paying much attention to what is happening elsewhere, but I heard Kansas had a freak snowstorm and lost nearly the entire wheat crop. Flooding up in Canada.

I don’t think these event will make the essential connection for the majority of people. Food comes from supermarkets anyway. Farmers will cope. Nothing to worry about.

I think they’re wrong.

I haven’t cut any of the grass. The dandelions are blooming and the bees are supposed to need the dandelions. I haven’t seen any bees. Not a single one.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I’ve only seen one yellow-jacket. It was so cold it couldn’t move.

My cat cornered a baby rabbit yesterday. It was the middle of the night. I could hear it screaming. Then it stopped. I tried going back to sleep, but then the rabbit started up again.

I got up, got dressed and went outside with a flashlight. I found the rabbit trying to hide under a tiny fern next to the shop. It was just a little guy. I scared off the cat who was anxious to pounce again. I found a small cardboard box and cornered the rabbit myself. Being the top predator on this planet, it was easy. The rabbit went into the box and then into the house.

Some shredded paper, water and a ‘good night’ to the rabbit and I went back to bed. In the morning, the rabbit was still alive, looking rather chipper. Feisty little bastard, actually.

I waited until evening to let it loose. Again, using my super-skills as the Alpha male / dominant species, I locked the cats up in the shop by blocking their access door. They both glared at me, knowing what they were in for. A long night with no killing spree. Nothing to chase, terrorize, murder. Their little demons actually, with a bloodlust that only matches humans.

Off into the forest I let the rabbit loose. He wasted no time and scampered for cover. Good luck, I thought. Hope he makes it. Short, brutal lives. Either the coyotes will devour him, or another cat will find him, or the hawks or eagles will dine on him. Such is his life.

Humans don’t connect. Food comes from nature. All of our food. Nature is in serious, serious trouble. One tiny, insignificant act of kindness or compassion will do absolutely nothing about the assault humans have inflicted upon nature. Even the bees are gone here. There are two deer that sleep next to my house every night now. They’re using me and my habitation for protection against predators. So far, so good, but I’ve seen the coyotes up close here. And I’ve lost chickens to these cruising appetites, several times.

I’m not surfing too much online. This blog contains all the warnings, news, information and ‘scare’ necessary for anyone to get up to speed on what is unfolding in our world. But like most blogs these days, it does not get updated much, and read even less. People remain distracted by the toys and times of this world. I think most of us have given up. We’re just going through this life and sort of waiting for it all to end with our death. We intuitively know that there is not much that we can do. Not when everything has been ripped out of our hands.

The young, the naive and the angry – and the greedy still think that they can ‘do something’. Maybe. But maybe not. The forces that now dominate Nature and destroy the living biosphere are out of their control too. The only thing left to do is the hard thing that nobody wants to do. Revolt, rebel, kill. Stop the evil by becoming evil itself. Otherwise, it’s just a fucking game. Legislate our way to goodness or greatness. Fool ourselves again that reform from within will work. It’s all lies.

Idiots fall for these fables, just like idiots fall for most fables. They’re stupid people, ignorant, uneducated, uninterested in learning much of anything. They’d simply rather be told. Told what to do, what to eat, what to enjoy, even what to worship. They get it all wrong. Their lives are scripted, fashioned into the form and adornment chosen for them. They don’t get it. They never will.

I think you have to go through all that yourself to figure this out. Waking up is part of it, a term that is very over-used. It’s supposed to mean a meme. A new awareness, but it really isn’t. It doesn’t mean what it seems. You don’t really wake up until you’ve had to go through a lot of shit. This world offers everyone a lot of shit. Your attitudes towards wading through shit has a lot to do with how well you will do, but it does not mean at all that you will wake up.

The essential connections to life and what it might mean, and what you might do, and how it all fits together for you is different for everybody. But there are general themes. Truths even. You can make yourself aware of these, or not. You can choose to be an ignorant, overfed slug who doesn’t care about anything. In many ways, that’s the great thing about life. But it is also one of the more evil things about life. A world full of ignorant, overfed slugs devouring everything.

I wish I had a hammer. I  would hammer the slugs into oblivion. There would be dead slugs everywhere. I don’t think I could stand the stench. It’s always better to just stay home and avoid the smell. There aren’t any slugs here, because I never allowed it. Everybody works. Hard. I cut ten cords of birch the other day. Me, with spinal stenosis. Yeah, it hurts, like a mother fucker. But who else is going to cut my wood supply? Nobody gives a shit about me. Trump sure as shit doesn’t. I’m still uninsured, still suffering, still in massive levels of pain, day after day.

It gets slightly better when I stop trying. Stop moving. But that hurts me in other ways. I’ve always been a doer. Taking on projects, tasks, things to do. My kid needed the valve cover seals replaced on the car, so I did that. Didn’t even break anything, but usually, I don’t. I can fix a lot of things.

I’ll be tearing down one of my sheds soon too. And more brush piles will have to burned. Always plenty to do around here, but to be honest, this is just the tiniest tip about what it is like to be me, and what it is I do. I’ve never been one to really share it all. Why should I? This is isn’t Facebook. My life here is probably a lot different then your life there. I’m sure we are both busy. I’m sure we both get things done. Or at least, I like to think so.

Damn it’s cold today. Dark heavy clouds covering the mountains. Yesterday I had to go to the city again and sell off some more stuff. Got ‘er done. That’s what counts for me. Get it done. We spend a lot of time yapping about stupid shit. A lot of time worrying and wrestling. It’s a huge waste of life force. Fix the shit that you can control. That might mean you have to step into a new role and do something you’ve never done before. So do it. Get it done.

I think most of my garden might fail this year. Damn. Just too much rain. Too cold. And no bees. That’s a scary thought. Food does NOT come from the supermarket. It comes from nature. And we killed it.

May 072017

Back in 2012, I shut commentary off on this blog. I’d issued a warning about how comments were being tracked and monitored by various agencies. Freedom Off – Data Mining On. Since then, commentary has been renenabled, but the points I raised are as valid as ever.

Now I learn that smartphones are being targeted with ultrasonic ‘beacons’, which can be used against you too.

“We spot ultrasonic beacons in various web media content and detect signals in4 of 35 stores in two European cities that are used for location tracking. While we do not find ultrasonic beacons in TV streams from 7 countries, we spot 234 Android applications that are constantly listening for ultrasonic beacons in the background without the user’s knowledge.”

All in all, ultrasonic tracking poses a potential threat to privacy if carried out without the consent or knowledge of the user. The researchers stated in their paper that “Our findings strengthen our concerns that the deployment of ultrasonic tracking increases in the wild and therefore needs serious attention regarding its privacy consequences.”

Apparently, the ‘sponge behind your ears’ is considered a valuable asset to some. I wish it were true. Money is not the only measure of value, or whether or not the sponge is capable of earning and spending more of it, enriching the corporations that are behind all of this.

This post is not about privacy, or freedom. It is about using and protecting that sponge to your best benefit. We are absorbing everything being thrown at us, but it’s definitely not all good. Which is why it is important to be careful about what you read, see, hear, watch and pay attention to. Protect your sponge. Only you can do that.

Nobody else will in other words, and what is unfolding faster and faster in the world today is how we are each being manipulated by this assault of information, marketing, advertising and news. They’re creating legions – hordes, entire armies of connedsumers of information. Clear headed thinking is almost extinct now, and in its place are parrots and zombies mumbling stupid slogans and mindless responses.

Trump cashed in on this big time (as every candidate always does) with his “Make America great again” which obviously isn’t happening. He lied to us (as they all do) and we went along with it (many of us – not this writer). I reiterate what I wrote many times before and found in the first link above – the United States is the most manipulated nation on Earth. I base this claim on actual observations, but admittedly, I don’t have that first-hand opportunity to observe what is happening in other countries. I just know that it is very, very bad here and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

I’ll leave this post short and not so sweet. Protect your sponge people. Be careful with what you absorb.

May 042017

It’s spring, finally and I’m busy trying to get seeds into the ground.

I found these critters in the greenhouse:

This ugly sucker was getting ready to pop deadly little babies all over the place.

Looks like they came in with the fertilizer I bought some years back.

I don’t like black widows and they’re not native to this particular area (too cold here), but they survived the winter apparently. In the greenhouse, where it stays a lot warmer then the surroundings. I had tried to let the greenhouse freeze up hard by leaving the doors open for a while, but spiders can create a natural anti-freeze and if it is not really cold enough, they’ll survive.

These two mama’s didn’t. So far, I’ve found four adults. So there is still probably more.

Garden boxes are now all planted – beans, carrots, corn, beets. The high fence is necessary – the deer are major predators here.

I’ve got thirteen of these horse troughs. Somewhere on this blog is the story of how I did this project.

Looks like my strawberries (transplanted last year) made it through our long winter.

Some of the kale, radishes and spinach has sprouted up nicely in the greenhouse. I’ve cut way back on how much the greenhouse gets planted because it’s simply too much.

The pots below are my new replacements (purchased used) from the square “bakery buckets” I used before. They did not last and quickly deteriorated in the sun.

A closer look of the tomato starts, drip irrigation and horse-panel fencing I used for the tables and trellis work.

I still need to do potatoes, and onions but not squash (not a fan).

The soil here is pretty lousy and the growing season is usually short. Even so, I’m a month early planting this year and probably could have planted several weeks ago. Climate change is quite noticeable here.

Here’s a few links from the past:
Garden Boxes, Greenhouse Tables

Garden Boxes, Greenhouse Watering Setup

Apr 262017

I wish this article about young people and their view of the future went into a lot more detail. Unfortunately it doesn’t, and is typical of what is getting published these days on major news sites.

There is pessimism among the younger generation, but also hope “for a sustainable future”. I have to wonder if they really know what those words mean.

In their quest to be environmentally friendly, climate-smart citizens, the young people look for the ‘right’ things to do. Not finding what they’re looking for in the world around them, they express negative feelings such as powerlessness and hopelessness instead of hope that might lead to an ability to act on environmental issues.

“The important lesson to learn from this study is that there are young people aged 17–18 walking around with a very real expectation that their future, and the future of their children and grandchildren, is a world that may be characterised by environmental collapse and climate chaos.”

Cool. At least they get it. I hope. Sometimes fear is a catalyst for action. Or at least personal preparedness. Like learning the essential life skills to stay alive in a declining world. But somehow, I sort of doubt this. The young people I run in to are surly, rude, careless and indifferent (so far). I’m not rubbing elbows with intelligent, capable, competent or even interested young people. Perhaps they’re out there, just not here. Or perhaps this article doesn’t convey the whole story.

If they’re truly aware of the predicament of the future – they already know that they really are powerless within the current paradigm to change much of anything. That would be start – to realize that seeking a system change within the system is already a failure.

The young people in the study also have difficulty seeing how adult society, the education system, politicians and the business sector can help them create a sustainable future.

Well, they can’t. Not really. The education system, politicians and business sector is going to choose the path of self-survival. As always. An entirely new paradigm has to be created – from the ground up, that encompasses real true sustainability (assuming that this could even happen, another topic altogether). But as always, the terminology is always being redefined and watered down to mean something that it was never meant to mean. And the goal posts get shifted around along with new verbiage. What we’re really talking about here is business as usual. The new is the old and the old just doesn’t intend to change.

I feel for the young people, but there’s just not much I can do. Learn life skills for a declining world would be my advice. Quickly. Abandon any and all notions of stability. Know that what you have today will be gone tomorrow. And so on. But I don’t think they read this blog, so I’ll stop here.

Apr 262017

This is yet one more story of massive tree losses occurring from climate change. This time, Southern California. The cause – bugs and drought.

Up to 38% of the trees are expected to be lost – in just 3 counties. Tree loss means a lot of other losses too. Forest fires increase (due to dead and dying trees), critical shade habitat is lost, surface winds increase, soil erosion increases, hillside slump and fall and so on.

But Southern Californians would face many other costs.

“Catastrophic loss of our canopy would have consequences for human health and well-being, property values, air-conditioning savings, carbon storage, the removal of pollutants from the air we breathe, and wildlife habitat,” McPherson said.

Apr 262017

Researchers in Canada have finally gotten around to actually inspecting the amount of volatile organic compounds being released from surface mining activities. Prior to this, they simply relied upon the measurements provided by the oil companies themselves.

Well, duh! I’ve yet to read of a single, ethical oil company that has not engaged in deception, lying, coverup, fraud and even murder. Their track record of truth is absolutely horrendous. If and when they’re every actually held accountable for their actions (after DECADES of litigation), they pay armies of lawyers to forestall any penalties, fines or fees levied by the courts. In the meanwhile, they’re busy raping, polluting, poisoning and destroying the planet – and the living contingent of life within this sphere.

So of course it is of no real surprise to learn that they’ve been under represented their own emissions. It is what you would expect from greedy, pollutive, destructive companies that have also heavily funded climate change denialism and faked-science research.

A lot more research would need to be done to inspect them all – but this won’t happen. I’d hazard a educated guess that this sort of inspection will soon be outlawed by compliant governments. It will be deemed illegal to fly over mining activity. Or it will be deemed illegal to make inspections like this without prior authorization of the oil companies themselves.

These are the same companies that are not only helping to pollute the atmosphere, but their poisoning the water supplies too – which is another arena that has seen a lot malfeasance and denial.


Apr 262017

Yesterday, I came across something of interest. The claim was that a civilization like ours requires a EROEI (energy return on energy invested) ratio of 30:1 in order to survive in its present form.

Oil extraction used to be at an EROEI of 100:1 – 100 barrels of oil extracted for ever 1 barrel of oil expended. And now, I read where it is just 5:1 for unconventional oil (tar sands, shale extraction).

The article didn’t go any further on this point, but I’ve been thinking it over. This would mean that civilization would be in a severe contraction, especially in all areas where there is little to no surplus wealth. And that is exactly what I’ve been seeing and reading about.

But the reality of what this means seems to be misunderstood. There is no way that anything even remotely resembling our present civilization can be maintained when the “wealth creation” of oil is at such a low ratio or anything approaching this. We’re spending too much energy (and wealth) to extract too little oil. Whatever wealth is generated, is literally being burned up.

And of course, the so-called “renewables” (which aren’t) won’t do squat for changing this.

It’s a predicament all right. No way out of this one. I’ve described the “low-hanging” fruit problem before. We’ve plucked out all the easy to obtain resources, which the article also mentions as a “one shot wonder”. We don’t get to do this again – ever. Once these easily found resources are extracted, oil, minerals, they’re gone forever. It should also be obvious that this is what built our civilization, but it should be just as obvious that we cannot hope to maintain our civilization without a constant new supply of these resources. The notion that we’re going to be able to keep expanding civilization falls flat on its face.

Contraction and collapse will be the result. Which is what I keep reading about with many businesses now going under. Oil not only lubricates the global supply chain (resource extraction, production, transportation), oil actually IS the global supply chain for every product imaginable (including those solar panels). But it’s not just oil that we’re running out of either.

I don’t know for certain if the EROEI is as low as 5:1 already – but it probably doesn’t really matter. I don’t care how many angels can dance on the head of a pin either. I’m experiencing a huge slowdown in activity in this region. It’s quite stupendous. A few phone calls and emails reported the same things elsewhere.

There is a mad scramble to “drum up business” by everyone that I know. And it is not working. Not even close. People have become very tight-fisted and aren’t spending money (or credit, as the real case may be). They’re experiencing the same massive squeeze businesses are experiencing. The tap is drying up. The flow of wealth from natural resources into jobs, products, industry activity and business revenue is being squeezed harder and harder. From my perspective up here in the wet North, it feels wrung-out like a dirty dish rag.

Yet – on the other hand, I do see money being spent by those that still have it. I think what I’m witnessing (we all are) is the transfer of the remaining wealth. And what they’re spending their money on does not make much sense to me – they’re still buying into this civilization as if it is going to continue just like it “always has”. They’re buying cars and trucks and toys and eating out and buying stocks and basically just goofing-off with their remaining wealth, almost as if they have no idea at all that it can’t last much longer.

They’re not buying anything to actually prepare themselves for the coming collapse. Oh, I’ve read the stories that claim they are buying up remote land and preparedness supplies, but I know first-hand that this latter point is false. They’re not buying supplies as claimed, these are spiked stories full of falsehoods. I’m in close contact with the actual, real canneries in this country – they’re in severe contraction themselves.  They’re laying people off and cutting their hours. Real estate too, around here anyway, is deader then a door nail. It’s not moving at all and prices have fallen sharply.

If there is any truth to these stories, I think we’re witnessing the upper-crust (wealthy) jumping in and buying up land and pretending they know what it takes to develop a retreat, but that’s all. And it’s a very, very tiny number of people, everyone else is just trying survive in-place, hold on and hope things will somehow improve.

I can’t see how they will, unless war starts. That’s always good for the economy. It takes a while for the blood, err wealth to make it’s way through the grinding gears of the system, but eventually it does. But it’s also horribly wasteful when it comes to resources and energy supplies. And it does not really accomplish much of anything except make the rich even richer. But stupid politicians will use any excuse to do more stupid things – including a temporary “kick-start of the economy” by sacrificing your sons and daughters (who they’re now also trying to draft into combat. This bill was passed by the Senate last year).

The bottom line is obvious too. Civilization can only go downhill once the EROEI declines and decline it has. And it can only go downhill once the easily extracted resources have all been consumed. It cannot maintain itself or expect the same levels of growth experienced in the past. And with populations now 100 times what they were – the people of the planet will all begin to suffer and face hardships more and more, because there simply isn’t enough wealth creation to give them anything better.

And wow – I didn’t even mention climate change, not even once. But I will say this: I think the long-awaited “storm” has now fully arrived. It certainly has for me and those that I know.