Apr 262017

Yesterday, I came across something of interest. The claim was that a civilization like ours requires a EROEI (energy return on energy invested) ratio of 30:1 in order to survive in its present form.

Oil extraction used to be at an EROEI of 100:1 – 100 barrels of oil extracted for ever 1 barrel of oil expended. And now, I read where it is just 5:1 for unconventional oil (tar sands, shale extraction).

The article didn’t go any further on this point, but I’ve been thinking it over. This would mean that civilization would be in a severe contraction, especially in all areas where there is little to no surplus wealth. And that is exactly what I’ve been seeing and reading about.

But the reality of what this means seems to be misunderstood. There is no way that anything even remotely resembling our present civilization can be maintained when the “wealth creation” of oil is at such a low ratio or anything approaching this. We’re spending too much energy (and wealth) to extract too little oil. Whatever wealth is generated, is literally being burned up.

And of course, the so-called “renewables” (which aren’t) won’t do squat for changing this.

It’s a predicament all right. No way out of this one. I’ve described the “low-hanging” fruit problem before. We’ve plucked out all the easy to obtain resources, which the article also mentions as a “one shot wonder”. We don’t get to do this again – ever. Once these easily found resources are extracted, oil, minerals, they’re gone forever. It should also be obvious that this is what built our civilization, but it should be just as obvious that we cannot hope to maintain our civilization without a constant new supply of these resources. The notion that we’re going to be able to keep expanding civilization falls flat on its face.

Contraction and collapse will be the result. Which is what I keep reading about with many businesses now going under. Oil not only lubricates the global supply chain (resource extraction, production, transportation), oil actually IS the global supply chain for every product imaginable (including those solar panels). But it’s not just oil that we’re running out of either.

I don’t know for certain if the EROEI is as low as 5:1 already – but it probably doesn’t really matter. I don’t care how many angels can dance on the head of a pin either. I’m experiencing a huge slowdown in activity in this region. It’s quite stupendous. A few phone calls and emails reported the same things elsewhere.

There is a mad scramble to “drum up business” by everyone that I know. And it is not working. Not even close. People have become very tight-fisted and aren’t spending money (or credit, as the real case may be). They’re experiencing the same massive squeeze businesses are experiencing. The tap is drying up. The flow of wealth from natural resources into jobs, products, industry activity and business revenue is being squeezed harder and harder. From my perspective up here in the wet North, it feels wrung-out like a dirty dish rag.

Yet – on the other hand, I do see money being spent by those that still have it. I think what I’m witnessing (we all are) is the transfer of the remaining wealth. And what they’re spending their money on does not make much sense to me – they’re still buying into this civilization as if it is going to continue just like it “always has”. They’re buying cars and trucks and toys and eating out and buying stocks and basically just goofing-off with their remaining wealth, almost as if they have no idea at all that it can’t last much longer.

They’re not buying anything to actually prepare themselves for the coming collapse. Oh, I’ve read the stories that claim they are buying up remote land and preparedness supplies, but I know first-hand that this latter point is false. They’re not buying supplies as claimed, these are spiked stories full of falsehoods. I’m in close contact with the actual, real canneries in this country – they’re in severe contraction themselves.  They’re laying people off and cutting their hours. Real estate too, around here anyway, is deader then a door nail. It’s not moving at all and prices have fallen sharply.

If there is any truth to these stories, I think we’re witnessing the upper-crust (wealthy) jumping in and buying up land and pretending they know what it takes to develop a retreat, but that’s all. And it’s a very, very tiny number of people, everyone else is just trying survive in-place, hold on and hope things will somehow improve.

I can’t see how they will, unless war starts. That’s always good for the economy. It takes a while for the blood, err wealth to make it’s way through the grinding gears of the system, but eventually it does. But it’s also horribly wasteful when it comes to resources and energy supplies. And it does not really accomplish much of anything except make the rich even richer. But stupid politicians will use any excuse to do more stupid things – including a temporary “kick-start of the economy” by sacrificing your sons and daughters (who they’re now also trying to draft into combat. This bill was passed by the Senate last year).

The bottom line is obvious too. Civilization can only go downhill once the EROEI declines and decline it has. And it can only go downhill once the easily extracted resources have all been consumed. It cannot maintain itself or expect the same levels of growth experienced in the past. And with populations now 100 times what they were – the people of the planet will all begin to suffer and face hardships more and more, because there simply isn’t enough wealth creation to give them anything better.

And wow – I didn’t even mention climate change, not even once. But I will say this: I think the long-awaited “storm” has now fully arrived. It certainly has for me and those that I know.

Apr 172017

Phys.org has a new article on the methane clathrate issue. It’s an easy read – suggest you read this before finishing my post here.

I’m going to jump right to the point, assuming you’ve now read the article. It is this quote:

“We are now witnessing early warning signs of major methane release. If it gets out of control, there will be nothing humans can do to prevent the planet overheating quite rapidly.”

If the ‘warning signs’ of a ‘major methane release’ are already there – then it is already ‘out of control’. Moreover, 2.5 years to somehow (magically) ‘exert control’ is of course, utterly ridiculous. No nation on Earth could do that, let alone the whole of humanity.

“The main risks facing humanity: ecological collapse, resource depletion, weapons of mass destruction, climate change, global poisoning, food crises, population and urban overexpansion, pandemic disease, dangerous new technologies and self-delusion”

It is not difficult to read between the lines here. The urgency of the message will be ignored. The meaning of the message will be denied. The world governments are not that interested. The global population is not that interested. It is already quite clear that our species fully intends to extinguish itself and every other living entity on the planet.
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Apr 092017

Once again, the predictions you’ll read about here are woefully underestimated. But even at these low estimates, this might raise some consternation (and not much else):

Up to Two-Thirds of SoCal Beaches May Disappear by 2100, USGS Predicts

In a new study released on March 27, 2017, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) predicts that 31 to 67 percent of Southern California’s beaches may be completely eroded away by the year 2100, based on sea level rise of one to two meters. Once the sand is gone, exposed bedrock may be all that’s left.

The one or two meter sea level rise is a huge underestimate. But I doubt that the sand will just disappear – if the terrain permits redepositing sand, which obviously cannot be done on a cliff face and so forth. Apparently their model takes this into account.

It’s not just the underestimate of sea level rise that I find noteworthy here, but the ridiculous concerns about tourism and real estate values. I expect the world to be in full-blown survival mode by 2100 and only if we manage to last that long. Global food production will have been devastated. The number of dead will have reached into the billions. Continue reading »

Apr 082017

Not much in the American news about this, but it is one of the world’s largest humanitarian disasters in history unfolding right now.

Running On Empty

There’s very little interest in Western nations to stories like this. The dead and dying go ignored so easily.

I just ate my lunch and looking at the left-overs, I wonder about how we all take food for granted so easily. There are millions of people that don’t.

The famine is caused by years-long drought, which is caused by climate change. Somalia’s inability to grow enough of its own food, poor economic conditions, internal strife and civil war, all combined with climate change is a disastrous situation. Pastoral subsistence living without rain has wiped out essential herds of animals, killing over 80% of the farm animals throughout the region.

Nobody dares mention religion, but this too is playing a large part in every disaster. Allah is not listening to the prayers of millions of starving people. Religion and the belief in divine intervention is magical thinking at its worst. I’ve seen endless numbers of posts online in foreign news sites claiming that God will intervene, and when he doesn’t, that is also God’s will. This sets up the perfect conditions for continued irresponsibility and indifference. It’s never our fault, we need do nothing.

Religion also practices guilt and coercion. The only way to please God is to obey. Suffering (and drought) is the result of disobedience. This sets up the perfect conditions for coercion on people who are already weakened. It’s an endless cycle of oppression and ignorance that keeps people chained to superstitions and fear. Their conditions will never improve when their minds remain enslaved because their bodies will only obey what their minds can convey. Religion teaches acceptance of insufferable conditions as divinely orchestrated.

The current rate and extent of climate change is not divinely dictated – it is entirely human caused and there are names, addresses and identities of the guilty but unaccountable parties involved. The reason the American media ignores the reality of climate change, the wide-spread suffering of other peoples and nations now unfolding is because they’re enamored with their own religion. The religion of money, which must be obtained by any means possible. Deception and dishonesty is the easiest technique of all to obtain riches. Entertainment is another.

The unpleasantness of the world isn’t something that “sells”, so it’s hidden as long as possible. Those responsible for the suffering are also hidden from view for as long as possible. Occasionally there is a sacrifice, and expunging of the convicted from our midst to make temporary amends for all the wrongs that can’t remain forever hidden, but then it’s always a swift return to the deception and dishonesty, infotainment for the masses and constant distraction from the horrifying truth of what we have done, and what we have all become.

Somalia may be running on empty, but this is a reflection of a much greater global truth. It is we who are empty. We lack even the capacity to understand this simple truth. We’ve lost our way, and our compassion, and our ability to even comprehend the true meaning of complicity and responsibility, remaining lost within our imaginations and the religions of our mind to the endless reel of fantasies playing across our thoughts for a world which will never be.

We have made sure of that. Not many people know it. But eventually everyone will.

Apr 072017

I’m going to share some news on what scientists “think” we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate change. I already know (and can prove) that this is all wrong, but to put this into perspective, it’s important that you know what they’re claiming:

In order to keep the climate from warming beyond 2°C, “to avoid the worst risks of a hotter planet”, these things MUST be done –

1) Global CO2 emissions from energy and industry have to fall in half each decade. That is, in the 2020s, the world cuts emissions in half. Then we do it again in the 2030s. Then we do it again in the 2040s. They dub this a “carbon law.” Lead author Johan Rockström told me they were thinking of an analogy to Moore’s law for transistors; we’ll see why.

2) Net emissions from land use — i.e., from agriculture and deforestation — have to fall steadily to zero by 2050. This would need to happen even as the world population grows and we’re feeding ever more people.

3) Technologies to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere have to start scaling up massively, until we’re artificially pulling 5 gigatons of CO2 per year out of the atmosphere by 2050 — nearly double what all the world’s trees and soils already do.

Scientist made a detailed roadmap for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s eye-opening.

Now here is the bad news for humans (everyone alive or to be born) – these goals are categorically impossible to achieve, as in it can’t happen – ever.

1) The global growth paradigm is fossil fuel based (and always will be) and will never “agree” to contract voluntarily. Even in a global collapse of the economy, there will still be continued greenhouse gas emissions and growth. That is the long and short of it.

2) Emissions from land use will never fall to zero. Never, ever. Not unless humans are long dead and gone, agriculture (and food) is extinct and thousands of years have passed to restore the natural equilibrium of the planet.

3) No such technologies exist to scale and likely, never will. The requirements of even a single one of these ‘giant vacuums’ (or anything else yet imagined) exceeds every project ever devised by mankind. We lack virtually everything to accomplish even one of these projects proposed so far, the funding, political will, technological expertise and time. And there is a huge question of whether we even have the resources to pull one of these projects off.

The so-called ‘decarbonization’ requirement to keep warming below 2°C is an utter fantasy. It will never, ever happen. And it is a argument / claim that needs to be utterly abandoned because it has always been a lie and nothing is going to change this fact.

The rest of the article linked above will tell you a bit about ‘carbon pricing’ which in a fossil fuel derived world, may sound like it makes sense, but this too is false. Marketing the price of carbon does nothing to change the emissions of carbon as supposed, and does not address any of the root causes of our contributions to greenhouse gases. It is a disingenuous claim that will not stop warming at all, but it will make some people / countries rich in the meanwhile.

The ‘roadmap’ isn’t just staggering – it is impossible, a virtual pipe dream that needs to be called out for what it is – an utter fantasy. And what this claim really means by virtue of its impossibility is there is no way humans are going to stop warming up the planet and making things worse. It’s just not going to happen – ever. Not in ANY of the scenarios described, but I cant think of several not described (volcanism / catastrophic collapse of civilization, global plague / catastrophic collapse of civilization and so forth – none good). Whatever actually happens, its going to be a very rough and difficult time to be alive.

I’m not arguing that we should not try to stop global warming – try we must (read my history on this point). I’m stating, categorically – we will fail with every approach so far devised. And here is the truth of the matter – we will fail because we failed to address the issue long ago when we should have and when we could have. Moreover, we will fail because we refuse to sacrifice this civilization as the carbon emitting heat engine that it really is. Growth / civilization must end – and as you would expect, it’s not on the table and never will be.

I’ve known this for years and years now and find every article, story, claim and wishful hopium ‘argument’ that claims otherwise to be seriously misguided delusional disinformation. We’re being terribly dishonest about the reality of our situation and our willingness to do what it takes. I think it is unlikely that we’ll ever admit to our utter foolishness on this matter.

Therefore, the “large-scale geoengineering” option is definitely what is going to happen. Expect it. It’s also what industry really wants. This way, it allows them to postpone any real effort as long as possible. They can pass this horrifying future off to your children (more on that later). They’ll be very busy claiming how necessary this is while deflecting their own unwillingness to act decisively when they should have. Geoengineering is most definitely in your future – and it’s risky as hell. It also carries the same caveats – as long as we try to preserve this destructive civilization, nothing we do will work in the long term.

In the meanwhile – expect higher and higher temperatures, a massively stalled jet stream with long unendurable “weather” (hot / cold / wet / dry) patterns, rapidly rising food prices and spreading starvation, widespread economic impacts and endless lies, denials, distractions, obfuscation and greedy opportunists trying to cash in from oh, … just about everybody.

Mar 312017

I used to follow some sailing blogs, which eventually led me to some blogs about island life. This is a sad story about how one beautiful island is being ruined.

But like I’ve said so many times before, nobody cares. The cruise ships, tourist industry and even the locals are all busy at work – all a part of the ongoing destruction.

If you want to know what the future is going to be like, just put this picture in your mind: a big, gigantic garbage heap, piled as high as the heavens. Underneath it all, glued to an endless array of screens will be some very pale, fat humans surrounded by even more garbage. Nothing else will be alive other then cockroaches and rats, even the very air will be toxic to breathe, so the air-filtration systems and air conditioners will be working overtime.

Eventually, even these few surviving humans will die, their bodies then eaten by the cockroaches and rats. The televisions screens will blare on and on, to an absent and now rotting audience until the power finally runs out from disrepair or some extreme weather even destroys the turbines. And then silence, finally – and end to the noise of “civilization” and the endless layers of destruction wrought by humans, punctuated only occasionally by the scurrying sounds of rats and cockroaches.

Finally, it is is the end. The species is now finally gone, forever, “remembered” only by the gigantic mountains of stinking trash and toxic garbage and abandoned structures slowly decaying, crumbling and still polluting the world for tens of thousands of years. Our only real, lasting legacy.

It’s a hell of a world we’re planning on leaving for the future generations.

Mar 312017

Oh boy.

The Heartland Institute plans on contacting EVERY science teacher in the country. To do what, might you ask? To encouraging these teachers to consider and teach explanations for global warming that reject humans’ role in a changing climate.

This boils my blood, because the Heartland Institute has a long, long history of despicable practices and deceit. Their lies about the scientific consensus has long been taken to task, and yet they’re still regurgitation this crap and insisting this is taught to every child in the country. They’re siezing the political opportunity generated by the Trumpanzees and Trumpatollah and the miserable failure of the whore media which sold out America long ago.

It is my opinion that this organization should be immediately outlawed, have all of its assets burned to ground, with the ashes scattered to the four winds of the earth, and then salt the ground wherever any of these stupid fools once lived.

Either that are we just kill all their members, because that’s what they’re going to do to all of us. It’s idiots and morons like this that are going to ensure that nothing is done in the years ahead about the greatest threat of all facing humanity. Greed and profits are much more important that a survivable, livable habitat.

It’s hard to believe that at a time like this, when climate change is having a serious impact upon millions of people already, that we’re still having these asinine “debates” which are really just  efforts attempting to disguise and deflect human responsibility, specifically for the most polluting industries of all, energy and oil, which the Heartland Institute is very much a part of.

They’re not interested in honesty or discussion, having for years and years irrationally rejected all the facts, evidence, science and observations regarding climate change and what’s causing it. They’re only interested in further their own vested interests in polluting the planet even further for profit. Of course this should be illegal, but barring that, we might need to step in ourselves and take matters into our own hands.

But we won’t. It’s not just Americans that don’t give a damn about their own future, it’s most Europeans too. And now Vladimir Putin has chosen to jump on the bandwagon of stupid fools. None of these morons are climate scientists. None have the qualifications, credentials or experience or the expertise of climate scientists. None are listening to the climate scientists, who are exasperated and befuddled by the sheer level of utter stupidity now being expressed by world leaders.

This comes as no surprise to this author, because it’s always been plainly evident that little to nothing would be done and the business-as-usual model would be maintained as long as possible, and all these leading fools are seizing the chance to do so. The reality is humans are going to sail right into an Apocalypse of their own making, eyes wide shut, screaming with glee. It won’t be out of ignorance either, it will be because of apathy and greed. Too lazy and indifferent to truly care, too greedy to give any of it up.

Now pay attention here – there is a shift in the vernacular (speeches, statements and language) being published and more then likely, spoken in the back rooms out of sight. The change you should notice is this, they’re admitting (already, without even trying) climate change cannot be stopped. To even say that (which Putin just did, as have many other figures) is an admission that climate change is real. Several non-experts, non-scientists are claiming it’s “natural” and unstoppable which when compared to the extreme rate of change being measured and experience is simply not true (there is such a thing as natural climate change, but it does not fit the actual current record at all). The rate of change we are experiencing has been directly tied to human activity, which these deniers are pissing all over themselves about.

But the important things is this – they’re starting to admit it’s all true, and adaption is the answer to something humans have no control over. In other words, they are denying any human responsibility, and thus ensuring the business-as-usual paradigm continues (polluting the atmosphere and planet with greenhouse gasses), and looking ahead to how they can profit from adaption efforts. None of them are bright enough or care enough to realize that there will be no adaption to climate change like they assume, especially if they keep pumping gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere like Trump wants to.

There is a very narrow band of survivability for plants and animals and surface and water temperatures. Once the wet-bulb temperature exceed plant survival in food producing regions for a long enough time (ruining crops and harvests, impacting pollination) – it’s all over. And there are dozens of other knock-on effects to consider, like sea level rise, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, effects on the ocean currents, species extinctions and many more. I covered this years ago in This Means Extinction and elsewhere on this blog.

I’ve dared to publish the words that won’t be spoken. Climate change is going to wipe out humanity. There is absolutely no doubt about this at all. And it will happen far sooner then most people will think possible because apathy and indifference will accelerate the effects of climate change which will rapidly worsen as we continue to deny our responsibility and fail to make any sincere efforts to change our ways.

We’re flirting with disaster in ways which may not be obvious to millions and millions of people, but that does not make it any less of a threat. The morons that are contributing to this crisis are a clear and present danger to us all and they need to be removed, stopped and jailed for crimes against humanity. It won’t be enough, but it will be a start.

Mar 302017

World faces four famines as Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid budget

‘Biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II’ about to engulf 20 million people, UN says, as governments only donate 10 per cent of funds needed for essential aid’.

YAWN. Go back to sleep. The people dying of acute malnutrition aren’t Americans, so what does it matter? Or that this is the largest humanitarian crisis in history?

Twenty million people are at risk of starvation and facing water shortages in Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen, while parts of South Sudan are already officially suffering from famine.

Well, they don’t live here, right? And isn’t Trump “Making American Great Again?”. You’d be hell pressed to find ANY evidence of this claim, but denying foreign aid when needed the most isn’t one of the great “improvements” unless you are heartless bastard. The amount of food waste this country alone generates could feed all 20,000,000 people if we but tried.

But we won’t. Not under the Great and Mighty Trumpatolla. His decrees are the law of the land, even if they’re dead wrong.

To be fair, it’s not all Trump’s fault, but for a man who made endless promises to get things fixed and get them done right, I’m going to go ahead and hold him accountable for his many lies. He did inherit a mess like every President does, but he also stuck his foot in his mouth and made promises that there was no way in hell he could keep. But this post isn’t about Trump, it’s about us humans and how we fail to do the right thing, every fucking time.

As the world’s dominoes topple over faster and faster, we’re all going to start wondering about this strange and suicidal behavior by our fellow humans. It’s as if stupid-diseases has infected the species, eating away like voracious microbes on our frontal lobes, dissolving into mush our ability to think, act and behave responsibly. I’ll call it Trumpencephalopathy. How we all got stupider.

There is a cure by the way. Rebellion. Refusal to go along with the insanity and deranged “decisions” by the delusional decider. The more I read about this madman’s “decisions”, the more I am convinced he is mentally ill and needs to be removed from any position of power, asap. Lacking that, we could all just grow a goddamn spine and just say no. No more to the madness and the commitment to more human suffering, especially when we know it is morally wrong.

Isn’t that what the Nuremberg Trials were really all about?

Oh, if you somehow think that the hunger games will manage somehow to stay off-shore in darkest Africa and not come to America, wake up. From what I hear, it’s really hitting home across the country. This country.

Mar 292017

2050 isn’t that far off. I might even live that long myself. But I’d be among the old, young and infirm that are certain to suffer from heat stress, potentially killing millions.

An analysis of 44 of the 101 most populous “megacities” showed that the number of cities experiencing heat stress doubled with 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 F) of warming, researchers reported.

That trend would potentially expose more than 350 million additional people to heat stress by 2050, if population continues to grow as expected, the study authors said.

Expect more deadly heat from climate change, study says

It’s been raining all month here (when it didn’t snow) with just a couple of days of decent sunshine. The increased atmospheric vapor falling as rain and snow is caused by a warming planet. The ground around here is extremely saturated. There was a massive mudslide that nearly killed a father and son, and the river is at flood stage already.

It’s not just heat stress that the world needs to be concerned about, but what all the extra water does when it comes down. And how this extra heat, flooding, and cycles of drought will affect global food production and economic activity.

Think I’m kidding? It’s being studied right now and it does not look good: Farming becoming riskier under climate change. The models studied suggest that the typical planting window for corn will no longer be workable; April and May will be far too wet to work the fields. That’s a huge loss of a global staple crop. And this is just one of the factors being considered elsewhere. Under study is drought, aquifer depletion, pests, disease vectors, temperature variations, pollination and soil depletion, every one in worsening conditions world-wide.

I’ve been accused of being too negative, but honestly, I don’t think I’m wrong about the future at all. So far, I’m on track with what the future will be.

Mar 152017

Plenty of false hopium found here (can’t post the video directly): Inside Story – Climate change: Can disaster be avoided?

The cities of the future are prominent. No discussion (of course) of limiting human growth levels. And the “climate deniers” in a “limited number of countries” just happens to include some of the worst polluting countries on the planet, USA, Australia, England. You’d think we were actually all one country, following the Orange Monkey to Disneyland.

Most speakers (if not all) found within the climate awareness discussions, never mention anything about reduced human survival, or the need to reduce human numbers or slow down economic activity. Inherent to their perspectives about the future, is growth. Nobody mentions why this might be a bad idea. Supposedly, “our choices we make together” will cumulatively be sufficient to “change the climate“. Which is as you should know by now, utter bullshit.

What I would like to see a lot more of, is the actual and real discussions about how hard it is going to be to remove existing levels of carbon, which is entirely different then any optimistic discussions about a “low-carbon future”. It’s a staggering amout of carbon too – 550 gigatons by some estimates. It is an amount that exceeds anything humans have EVER done.

Of course it is highly doubtful (still) that any significant part of this figure can be removed from the global atmosphere or oceans. There is a plan (not being broadly adhered to) to remove “current emission levels” by planting millions and millions of trees and modifying agriculture significantly and many other tweaks and adjustments to human society – but this does nothing to remove existing levels of atmospheric carbon causing global warming. They are not the same things. Current emissions and past emissions represent two entirely different targets and problems.

It is a critical point you will not read about without intensely looking. It is such a huge and glaring omission in most mitigation / adaption discussions (and papers) that it indicates either a) a deliberate attempt at misinformation; or worse, b) accidental oversight. If a), then at least they’re aware of the problem, they just don’t want the public to be aware. If b), then they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer and well, we’re pretty well fucked. Which we might be anyway (read on).

The failure to address past and present levels of emissions is this: Defeat, because the planet continues to warm up for a 1,000 years or more, eventually exceeding wet-bulb temperatures (plant and human and animal survival). Existing emissions, past and present carbon dioxide levels (and methane, even more potent then CO₂) will stay in the atmosphere up to a thousand years, trapping more and more heat all this time, raising temperatures, melting ice and pretty much screwing up life on this planet for good. This is why future temperature projections are so dire (if you found them here and a few other places). This warming is unstoppable, even if we went to zero emissions yesterday. Even if we “trap / sequester” all future emissions (and we are light years away from being able to do that). We HAVE to sequester (remove) PAST emissions if we intend to survive. And THAT is MISSING from nearly all discussions and plans.

So far, the public is not being informed of this issue. You can find it, if you look very hard, but in general, it is not a discussion point at all. Buzzwords about “this is not sustainable” and “strategies for the future”, etc., don’t include removing past emissions from the atmosphere (and oceans, if possible). The concern about “business as usual” only includes limiting future emissions to a optimistic and dishonest “zero-emissions” desirability. It’s not even remotely going to be enough – even if it were possible (and it’s not). When deconstructed, it always boils down to trading the growth / economic paradigm with the need to stop using fossil fuels, and fossil fuels / growth / economy wins, every single time.

Netflix had another documentary about nuclear energy, and the narrator was breathlessly claiming that this was “carbon free” energy, which is total bullshit. So far, there are no carbon free energy sources devised by man available on the planet, and probably never will be. All energy sources still rely upon fossil fuels for their creation, fabrication, maintenance and support. The alternative energy movement does not want this fact revealed either, so this is another hidden “bomb” waiting to explode with the myth-builders. Those wind farms, solar panels or wave generators or nuclear power plants are really shell games, “hiding” their carbon footprints because their source energy and maintenance requirements from fossil fuels are not being counted.

Meanwhile, they’re being built to continue the growth paradigm, which can only possibly have one final outcome. Collapse of the global biosphere, which overloaded with heat-trapping greenhouse gases spirals towards more and more extreme temperatures and climatic events. Species rapidly die off and the human ability to survive on the planetary surface rapidly diminishes.

There are more problems not mentioned in this post, such as permafrost melting, deforestation and carbon saturation, methane releases and albedo effects, all affecting a rise in temperatures. Ocean warming has been recently reassessed and is considered significantly warmer then realized by all past assessments. We just took a massive jump for the worse and how this will affect future predictions and time scales. This, plus acidification is having a tremendous impact upon sea life and it’s getting worse every day.

Reducing our yearly emissions (eventually), does nothing to mitigate these other problems. It is a critical point that is missing from discussions.

There appears to me to be a deliberate attempt to “under notify” the general population about the dangerous risks related to climate change and a warming planet and how we’re still comitted to dangerous temperatures no matter what. I’ve blamed the media, the government and the scientists at different times for this. All three are responsible. The honest and real discussions about what we are facing and what, if anything, can be done about the whole inclusive topic still remains almost entirely absent. This is an extinction-level event (ELE) that should be a top-priority, global emergency.

I believe, and until proven wrong, will continue to believe, that we are facing a issue of extinction-level importance. For this reason, I’ve devised what I call the LIFE project, with the realization of reduced human survival is in our near-term future. It seems extremely unlikely to me, if not impossible, for the current population of the world to continue to exist with the projected rise in global temperatures and corresponding extreme climatic events affecting economy, agriculture and food production and global commerce. I further believe that I’m years ahead of most others with this early understanding of the real human future on this planet.

The reason why this is being brought up again here is there is a critical need to prepare the young generations of the world for the real future that they are facing. Not the false optimism, “hopiate-laced” addiction of endless growth and techno-solutions of tomorrow (which as of yet, still do not exist on the essential and required scale), but the real, down-to earth reality that rising temperatures actually means to human civilization and how we can, or cannot survive on this planet.

The message is unpopular, but then again, so was every other earth-shattering, paradigm breaking message of past thinkers. They’re widely rejected, ignored, ridiculed, ostracized and attacked. Generally after they’re long dead and gone do their ideas gain respectability, having truth and honesty eventually win the day. I doubt we have that kind of time. We’re looking at a situation that is rapidly accelerating and could be realized well within a single human lifetime. It doesn’t take much to tip the survival limits “over” to “extinction” as we are now discovering. Just a few degrees is all it takes.

And guess what? That is exactly where we are headed.