Carbon Tax

I’m sure that we’ve all read where a “carbon tax” will reduce fossil fuel use. This seems to be one of the basic mantra’s of the carbon tax proponents. I disagree.

I remember when gasoline was really cheap (.25 cents a gallon) as a kid. Wages weren’t too good back then either. Since then, additional taxes and endless price increases have been enacted on fossil fuels (primarily gasoline and diesel). Consumption of these fuels has skyrocketed. We’re now burning 100,000,000 barrels a day or thereabouts (almost there). That is an ENORMOUS amount of fuel – and carbon – being spewed into the atmosphere.

The carbon tax scheme promises to wean us from our energy demands. Really? Where is the evidence that humans are going to use less energy, when everything they do continues to require more?

Let’s just break this down a bit for the average connedsumer, shall we? Are you going to do any of the following?

a) Drive less?
b) Eat less?
c) Heat less?
d) Cool less?
e) Entertain less?
f) Spend less?

No? I didn’t think so. Almost nobody will. You will do what we’ve all done since gasoline was .25 cents a gallon – you’ll pay it and consume more energy to maintain or improve your lifestyle. If you don’t DRASTICALLY reduce ALL of these elements, the carbon tax will just be another tax (higher expenses) on each of these things. It won’t cause you to pollute less (consume less fossil fuel) which is the alleged goal.

This is the problem with most of these nonsensical “solutions”. They’re not solutions at all – and they do not address the root cause of the problem. All of our food, transportation, heating, cooling, entertainment, business and industrial activity, vacations – you name it, all are heavily reliant upon fossil fuels – and NOBODY (but me) is asking you to give any of this up. And that’s why it won’t work. It won’t cause business or industry or consumers to use less. And until that happens – all these fake solutions are pretending to be what they aren’t. They’re just another part of the silly propaganda that is being promoted.


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