Canadian Tar Sands

Tar Sands DestructionThe Business Insider has a pictorial series on the Canadian Tar Sands being strip mined up in Alberta. There are a lot of good photos to ponder over.

Anyone who hasn’t become familiar with this incredibly destructive practice of wasting tens of thousands of square miles of the Earth’s surface should take a hard look.

The people of Trinidad, thousands of miles away are concerned for their island. They may be facing the same level of devastation if the politicians and Big Oil have their way.

The U.S. and Canadian governments calls all environmentalists “extremists”, akin to terrorism (this definition is in their own reports now). Environmentalists of any kind are considered the #1 domestic terrorist threat.

This means if you even think something is wrong with how we’re treating the planet we live on, you’re a terrorist.

Hard to believe it’s already come to this. But it has. Our alleged leaders are so incredibly insane that they would destroy everything and demonize, criminalize, incarcerate and even assassinate anyone who challenges their policy.

Go take a look at the pictures in the top link and ask yourself four simple questions:

1) who are the real terrorists here?

2) Who are the real extremists?

3) How long can this last?

4) How much more should we tolerate?


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