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4 thoughts on “Call Of LiFe – Facing The Mass Extinction Event

  • December 20, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Part of any good argument about the futility of the technofix must revolve around the idea that we live on a finite sphere, whirling through space, bearing a complex web of life that, while resilient, is not immortal.

    As long as people believe that a solution lies in our “imagination” and really mean that we will tech our way out of the situation, then we are doomed.

    The other night, I got into an argument with a wingnut Catholic couple who boasted about their seven children. I tried to explain the concept of peak oil to the man. I used the very basic concept of a sphere in space, a finite orb to illustrate the inevitability of the end of the fossil fuel era. He insisted that oil and coal and natural gas were all infinite, that the invisible hand of the market would provide.

    Now, this is a fairly common argument among the wingnut set, but I think I finally, completely came to see that he REALLY believed what he said. I guess, up until this point, I had always assumed that all wingnuts and fascists were simply being willfully ignorant and at their core actually knew that physics could not be trumped. But I saw, I actually peered into this man’s crazed eyes and saw, that he truly believed this fantasy.

    When I withdrew from the argument, shaken and disappointed, my friend patted me on the back and said, “What did you expect? He believes in an invisible sky being. Infinite oil would be a cakewalk for him.”

    And, at that point I knew that we, as a species, were doomed. We have passed the point of no return. There will be no sudden awakening of critical thinking, no well-thought out plan of action implemented with care and precision, there will not be a bunch of people living in “lifeboats” waiting out the bad times only to repopulate the earth with right-thinking people. No. I’m afraid we are at the edge of the mass extinction. And worse, we are the cause.

    At the end of the trailer, we get the standard happy talk about it not being too late, that we are too smart to let this happen, that we have the mental resources to do what we must. But that is all bullshit. Total standard boilerplate bullshit.

    When will we realize this collectively? I imagine it will be a moment much like the day the last tree on Easter Island was cut down.

    We will be anxiously standing on the dock as our scientists come back from the mission designed to find out where all the plankton went. The scientists will be dead-eyed and shaking their heads as they disembark the research vessel. They murmur, “Make arrangements. Say your goodbyes. Try to not lose your dignity.”

    That some species will survive is a given. Will the human species be one of them? I doubt it. My feeling is that we will be lucky if any species with a backbone survives.

    Make your peace.

  • December 20, 2007 at 7:04 am

    @ Cherenkov
    yep, 10-4, uh huh, and agreed

    Infinite invisible “Sky God” is the asshole from (of) Hell and, so you see, here we are.

  • December 20, 2007 at 10:34 am

    At the end of the trailer, we get the standard happy talk about it not being too late, that we are too smart to let this happen, that we have the mental resources to do what we must. But that is all bullshit. Total standard boilerplate bullshit.

    I totally agree. They’re lying and –

    a) either don’t know it (not likely);
    b) are too terrified to tell the truth.

    We cannot “engineer” our way out of this. The ONLY solution is a massive population reduction (which just might be engineered, but in any case, it’s going to happen no matter what).

    WE did this and the only way it is going to be undone is to STOP human activity on a massive scale. No other so-called “solution” has a “prayer” of working.

    Personally, our real goal is to survive the coming die-off if we can. The struggle to survive is not over, not yet and not for a while. I don’t know if humans will survive or not, but we will certainly try. What else can we do?

    I’m hoping the indigenous tribes make a go of it. But I’m not hoping for modern man to survive, not really, not when you consider what we did and why this is now happening.

    The stark reality of what this message means is never going to “sink in” as long as we keep pretending we can “fix it” and continue to “float our boat” with our technology.

    This planet does not need our help – it needs humans to leave it alone so it can heal itself naturally. Only natural biological cycles will work, even if that includes eliminating humankind.

    We on the other hand, need to live within those biological cycles, period. Modern civilization destroys whatever it touches, trying to “rule” and overwhelm biological cycles and rhythms.

    Most everyone here knows this. But I’m stating it again for the new comers.

    Anybody notice that the real “problem” isn’t the people who lived off the bounty of sea for thousands of years using primitive methods, but the gigantic trawlers and long liners who rip all forms of life from the sea with their “improved fishing methods?”.

    Of course we notice that, but does everyone notice how we too should be living?.

    This planet can support humans, but not much longer now the way we are treating the planet.

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