Bush’s America

Police brutality.

I have been to many protests, witnessed countless acts of police brutality, but none compare to what I saw today. Bean bag guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and billy clubs; all of them used to attack peaceful protestors. Friends of mine were trampled by horses, beaten by billy clubs, and peppersprayed severely. All in an disgusting display of extreme police brutality. My hands are still shaking and my eye still hurts from pepper spray so I will try to write this as best as I can…

I’ve long argued that public protests are a waste of time. I don’t and won’t attend them, for any reason. This type of brutality has occurred at every protest that I have followed online. And nothing ever changes. The media always portrays the protesters as trouble makers and defends the brutality. I have even seen with my own eyes how some homeless people have been paid by the media to start a protest.

Agent provocateurs abound at protests and oftentimes, the alleged “troublemakers” are undercover cops. That’s why I don’t attend. They can thump on someone else’s head, not mine.  That’s what they’re prepared and expecting to do.

What I “don’t get” is how the protesters always try the same things, over and over, ad naseum, and expecting different results.  This makes no sense to me at all.

If people really want change, then doing “business as usual” is guaranteed to not bring it about.


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