Bush Confesses To War Crimes

This is an important post. But alas, its above the average intelligence of most of America (and ALL of Congress and the Senate).

This is all about protecting Bush & Co., from their evil misdeeds which are indeed unraveling. And there is something MUCH more ominious in the wings that needs to be pounded through some very thick skulls….

Shrub alleges that the ‘troops’ require this protection, when the real goal is saving his own hide. That’s pretty clear. But let us just forget that for a moment and assume that they will get the War Crime Act ammendments passed. What else might this mean?

It means that the United States will forever be exempt from adherence to the Geneva Convention. That’s a long time. Secondly, it enables the United States to under the guise of ‘war’ (war on terrorism, war on America, war on Islam, take your pick, any ‘war’ will do) to kill, murder, maim, torture and imprison without charge, any ‘enemy combatant’ in any ‘war’ the President ‘declares’ by decree.

Do you want this President to have that kind of power? How about any President? Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power over life or death, choosing who can live and who can (must) die is heady stuff. Remember, this President has done all of these things under the guise of ‘war’ – a war that was never authorized by Congress.

This President fabricated this war out of thin air. And now he wants Congressional authorization to continue the murdering, torturing and imprisonment of these enemy combatants. Remember that the definition of ‘terrorist’ is far, far from clear, this President (or any President) can define a terrorist as anyone he dislikes.

Bush goes further and decrees that ‘they are just doing their jobs‘, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Bush’s belief that both he and they (our soldiers and the entire US military) are fully within the moral bounds of right and wrong.

And as we all know, they are already doing this and have been doing this for over five years. At least. I’m not so naive to believe that it started or will end with this President, the black ops activities of the US military has long been known to engage in torture, murder and assassination for decades. But the noticable difference here is they are asking for our permission to do it in the light of day, right out in the open.

Now that their hand has been caught cranking the meat grinder, they hope to simply continue to turn the handle. Where will this lead?

I’ll tell you – torture in America. Make absolutey NO MISTAKE about it. Bush has made it clear that if you oppose him, you are a terrorist and an enemy combatant. And now he’s asking Congress to ammend the War Crime Act so you can be tortured.


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