Burning Fossil Fuels Almost Ended All Live On Earth

This is a pretty decent article, very informative: Burning Fossil Fuels Almost Ended All Life on Earth

Even this author gets it. Hardly any plant life will exist above 40C – which means no food for anything else. Uh oh, humans too? Yes.

This is part of the true narrative that is being continually suppressed. The oil industry has long known, more so than anybody else that the extraction and burning of fossil fuels was the worst thing humans could probably do (a nearly endless number of documents and papers exist here). But none of this evidence gathered over many decades seemed to matter, the practice of oil extraction and burning was extolled throughout the entire world, leading to planet to the edge of extinction.

There is also the part in the article linked above where some ranchers “think the Earth is 6,000 years old” and are actively suppressing geological research on their ranches. This is funny – and not. Stupidity still exists. Sometimes, its just funny to watch these antics and bizarre behavior. Other times, it’s an interference. Eventually, enough of this intereferance and accumulated stupidity gets people dead. Or kills off entire species. Or even threatens the survival of all living entities on the planet.

Not having a firm grasp on reality is a rather large problem within the United States. There are hundreds of millions of Americans who are living in an alternative reality – completely disconnected from the real world that they are actually connected to. For them, their time here on Earth is “temporary” with a future reward for “good works” waiting in the wings – and eternity. Except there are no good works. Destroying the only habitable planet humans have ever known doesn’t qualify. Wiping out species after species isn’t considering a criminal act. Or practicing hatred, bigotry, xenophobia and exceptionalism. The only “chosen” people on this planet are the ones who have exempted themselves from responsibility and accountability. It is their constant interference and endless lies about reality, history and the future that has become one of the most monumental stumbling blocks of all for this country to grow up.

Despite the growing body of evidence that has documented the rapid destruction of the Earth, this group has labeled this entire topic a conspiracy (connedspiracy) and chosen to bury their heads in the sand and categorically deny that it is either not happening, or not as bad as the evidence shows. As a group however, they are following the well-worn road of the petrochemical companies, who have firmly supported the same connedspiracies, coverup and denial of reality – despite the evidence their own scientists have reported. A clear path of collusion has occurred, specifically designed to keep hundreds of millions of Americans in the dark.

As study of religious indoctrination and the new doctrines being taught since the 1900’s and even before, show a manifest destiny of global domination and oppression – of the environment, nations and peoples. This is the source of capitalism (crapitalism), itself a doctrine deeply embedded with religion and connedspiracy (manufacture enemies and threats).

Yet, the past history of the Earth itself demonstrates that it is indeed possible destroy all life on Earth. Never has the Earth been subjected to such massive and rapid changes during the reign of the humans species – but the evidence is clear. If this destructive behavior by the humans species is not immediately abandoned, ending all life on Earth will happen again by our own hand.




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