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Nice posts over on ddjango (there are several there you should read): Yet Another Way Capitalism Will Kill US

It’s not what you might think – it is about how food production has been taken over by multinationals, who then are raking in mega-profits and feeding us crap while destroying our healthy food supply.

Randall sent me this link you should read, about how our government willingly kills thousands of us:

U.S. govt. poisoned its own citizens during Prohibition

In response, the administration of President Calvin Coolidge ordered industry to add higher levels of more difficult-to-remove poisons to their alcohol, including acetone, benzene, cadmium, camphor, carbolic acid, chloroform, ether, formaldehyde, gasoline, iodine, kerosene, methyl alcohol, mercury salts, nicotine, quinine and zinc. Shortly after the institution of this campaign, 31 people were poisoned to death over the course of the Christmas holiday in New York City alone. Historians estimate that a total of 10,000 people were killed by the program before Prohibition ended in 1933.

We still live in the same world today.  Just because this happened during Prohibition doesn’t mean it isn’t happening today.  There are many added toxins put into our food supply deliberately and methodically.  Fluoride is one of the best known, but there are many others (over 50,000 pesticides and 700 chemicals), causing breast cancer, birth defects, weakened immune system, non-hodkins lymphoma, brain damage, fetal death and malformations, fetal brain damage and miscarriage, Parkinsons, prostate cancer, lung cancer, hyperactivity, ADD and other neurological problems, male infertility and long term infertility. Check out for more detailed effects of pesticides with supporting studies.

And this is a MUST read: Toxic Waste and Haiti

Two decades ago, the garbage barge, the Khian Sea, with no place in the U.S. willing to accept its garbage, left the territorial waters of the United States and began circling the oceans in search of a country willing to accept its cargo: 14,000 tons of toxic incinerator ash. First it went to the Bahamas, then to the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Bermuda, Guinea Bissau and the Netherlands Antilles. Wherever it went, people gathered to protest its arrival. No one wanted the millions of pounds of Philadelphia municipal incinerator ash dumped in their country.

Desperate to unload, the ship’s crew lied about their cargo, hoping to catch a government unawares. Sometimes they identified the ash as “construction material”; other times they said it was “road fill,” and still others “muddy waste.” But environmental experts were generally one step ahead in notifying the recipients; no one would take it. That is, until it got to Haiti. There, U.S.-backed dictator Baby Doc Duvalier issued a permit for the garbage, which was by now being called “fertilizer,” and four thousand tons of the ash was dumped onto the beach in the town of Gonaives.

It didn’t take long for public outcry to force Haiti’s officials to suddenly “realize” they weren’t getting fertilizer. They canceled the import permit and ordered the waste returned to the ship. But the Khian Sea slipped away in the night, leaving thousands of tons toxic ash on the beach.

For two years more the Khian Sea chugged from country to country trying to dispose of the remaining 10,000 tons of Philadelphia ash. The crew even painted over the barge’s name — not once, but twice. Still, no one was fooled into taking its toxic cargo. A crew member later testified that the waste was finally dumped into the Indian Ocean.

This story really pisses me off, because this kind of coverup and crime has been going on for a very, very long time (here).

The United States remains one of the world’s worst polluters. It seems as if nothing will stop the greed and the gluttony that turns this planet into a garbage dump.

ddjango points out:

Many claim that we have been betrayed by our President. We have not. We have been betrayed by our own hope in a magic cure from a system that is itself at once broken and evil. We have sold ourselves for silver coin and now we’re just angry at each other. Look around for someone to blame. Eventually we encounter the mirror. We should ask the guy in the mirror, “How could you dare to do this to me?”

How broken are we?

It does no good, in these circumstances, to blame anyone. We would have to assume that accurately assessing blame would result in The Fix. Thanks for playing. Next?

For me, the only “fix” lies in creative, nonviolent non-cooperation. No credit cards. No money in big banks, just in a small credit union. No money to any big box corporation; no participation in commercial christmas this year. No car to leave a massive footprint of belch and steel; public transportation only. No cable TV, no DVD player, no Blackberry, no big screens or surround sounds. No movies with their indoctrination scripts and Oscar marvels of mass hypnosis.

I recently watched both of CelticRebels’s “Don’t Go West” video productions. Mistakenly, I watched episode 2 first, and immediately realized that “the person inside of you pretending to be you” message was true. Most of us don’t even know who we are, having been helped along with this illusion by the media.

If you watch those two videos, realize that this is about much more the Holy Wood and the agenda they’ve promoted so heavily in our culture.  It’s about programming you from birth, creating fleshly monsters from human form, destroying all sense of actualized identity and instilling within something else entirely.

This explains in part why it is so damnably hard to “get through to people”. You’re not even talking to the real person most of the time.  You’re having to slice between the layers of media hype and programming, mass hypnosis and brainwashed minds that are no longer capable of intelligent or responsible thought.  They think they are — but as I have always said, actions betray their words.

However, going much deeper, and you won’t understand this until you’ve digested the deeper message in the videos, there is a hideous agenda at work here to disempower an entire nation into helpless malleable idiots.

Ask yourself “Why are they doing this?” and see what answers you come up with.  I can think of several, none of which are the whole truth.

I strongly suspect that the real intent is something far more sinister then obvious things like population control, or the feminization of men or having more sexual slaves to do their bidding.  That is simply too obvious.

I’ll give you some hints: follow the money.  It’s gotten so it always leads to the same place, so that should help you understand.


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