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New food prices in a couple of weeks. You have been warned.  Sales volume is certainly picking up, but I’ve seen people upset about what is happening.

It will only get worse. Crop losses / climate change effects are increasing all over the world.  If you follow Desdemona, Fire Earth or this blog, you’ll know what’s been going on.

The American media rarely tells us the stories we need to here, concentrating instead on stupid inanities like this “Obama’s worst gaffe yet”– “You can’t change Washington from the inside“.

Most of us have long known this.  Washington will not be changed away from the status-quo, no matter what. Presidents that try this are assassinated, like Kennedy.

The StupidNet is “abuzz” with this “revealing” admission however, which just goes to show how little people truly understand politics in America.

Nothing changes in Washington and nothing will until we abandon the business as usual, status-quo and “protected” corporate / State interests and stop supporting terrorist regimes, including our own.

As we wind up closer to the next (s)Election, the idiocy surrounding the political process and who’s promised what, who will do what and how once again, the American sheep are being lulled into complicit acceptance of more broken promises, a comedy of tragic proportions continues.

Personally, I give / gave up long ago.  I NEVER expect anything from Washington anymore except more deception, destruction, and endless war.  And I’m never disappointed.

I freely admit to being completely and forever disillusioned by politics, people and government.  The changes I’ve seen during my lifetime are what I base this all on, changes that have now completely remade America into a giant gulag for imprisoned minds, manipulated by government and media into contrived complicity and sheeple submission.

There is ZERO hope for “reform within government”. Hope means change by “doing” something responsible.  Washington (and the army of corporate lobbyists) refuses to allow anyone to do anything except maintain the present status-quo.

There is other news… but it’s the same news I’ve been writing about for many years.  We’ve now seen the lowest ice minimum in human history in the Arctic. But not to worry, Romney and his idiot side-kick aren’t the least bit concerned about what this means.  Nor is Obama for that matter. The world inches closer to catastrophe every day and still, nothing is being done.

I’ve picked up a book titled “The Roman Army, The Greatest War Machine Of the Ancient World“.  And another book, “A History Of The World In 100 Weapons“.  There are two very clear themes found within their pages.  Humans have become very adept at killing each other and waging endless wars throughout the centuries. We’re very, very good at death and destruction, conquest and conquering, but very, very bad at learning to live with each other.

These books cover several thousand years of human history. Combined with many others that I’ve read, it’s pretty clear that we are on a path of self-destruction and have been for a very long time.  We’re still here as a species only because we were once limited by geographical barriers (oceans and mountain ranges), limited our destructive tendencies.  No more of course is this true, now we can fly a drone from a Nevada warhouse [sic] and kill some kids in Pakistan with a simple push of a button.  Like I said, we’re very adept at killing, and deciding who should be killed (including you) by decree.

No human being on the planet is safe now from the executive decisions that govern their lives, whether they live, or whether they die.  Not a very comfortable feeling.

Here’s a link to a video that covers that 1000 years of conflict.  There are several hundred missing wars in this video by the way.

Another book I just finished, “Dog Star“, a post-apocalyptic story [recommended reading] that is much more like the truth then the rest of the fiction of this genre.  In a kill or be killed world, only the strong and utterly ruthless survived.  It also lays to rest the ridiculous notion of bugging out to the wilderness and how fast people will starve to death that try this (I now call this “population reduction by self-extermination”).  There is a far more likely scenario / storyline in this book then the other post-apocalyptic books I’ve read (most of which are garbage), which assume that our humanity will be rewarded when there’s nothing to eat.  Probably not.  It’s rarely if ever that way when things get desperate enough.

If you need a happy, read “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it emphasizes several things I really like. The indomitable human spirit, physical endurance and cultural separation from a world gone clearly insane. It also happens to be a true story, which after you’ve digested the book, is absolutely incredible.  There are runners, alive today, who can run over 400 miles — non-stop.  And there are runners who can literally run down any large game animal on the planet (really).  In the world of ultra-marathon runners, or for anyone who is interested in reading about how humans were really intended to live (by design / evolution), this book truly stands out.  The heroes in this book are not today’s high-price and grossly overpaid athletes, but an unknown and almost secret ancient tribe of ….. well, read the book, you won’t be disappointed.


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