Bogus National Emergency Declared

We’re entering into a very dangerous time for America. The corrupt and incompetent President of the United States, Donald J. Trump has chosen to declare a bogus national emergency over his inability to obtain funding for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Despite numerous attempts and compromises tried by political parties with the United States, and Trump holding the entire Federal Government hostage over the proposed wall, Trump was unable to obtain funding for the wall according to his dictatorial demands. So like the petulant child that he really is, he declared a national emergency for the country.

This poses particular problems and concerns. Up to 123 Emergency Powers are granted to the President under these conditions. And additional 13 more are available if Congress decides to act (unlikely).

Personally, I suspect this is about more then border wall funding and construction. Trump is showing his true colors as a wanna-be dictator. I was able to watch Fahrenheit 11/9 (that is the correct title) last night on Amazon Prime and the very ugly similarities behind the Trump cult and the rise of Hitler are disturbing as hell. Watch the entire video is you can.

Here is the list of the Emergency Powers granted to the President: A Guide To Emergency Powers and Their Use

Trump is insane enough as Commander in Chief and Chief Narcissist of Planet Earth to invoke any of these provisions and statutory regulations. Most likely, this will affect current and past military service members who could be called up against their consent, but there are also provisions affecting farms, private property, military appointments, transportation, domestic production, military construction projects, Federal pay, private contractors, military retirements, shipping, strategic reserve, confiscation of ‘alien’ property, export of agricultural products, control of telecommunication, seizure of private vehicles, boats, and merchant vessels, use of the Army for civil defense projects, dispose of the agricultural reserve, suspend the sale of vessels, buildings to non-citizens, increase provisions and punishment to the Espionage Act, detail members of the armed forces to assist any country, restrict export of oil, impose sanctions of foreign countries, and many more.

Most likely for the wall, Trump is hoping to use this statue: 10 U.S.C. § 2808 – U.S. Code – Unannotated Title 10. Armed Forces § 2808. Construction authority in the event of a declaration of war or national emergency.

He’s going to gut the military housing fund (this is how America, not Mexico, really pays for the Wall – by screwing over the military).

However, it’s not so simple:

“Border security is the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Defense,” says Harrison. “So I think it is not clear at all that the declaration of a national emergency here would actually allow the administration to use military funding for a nonmilitary purpose.”

The President Can Declare A National Emergency To Build A Wall

There are the 28 National Emergencies still in effect today: Declared National Emergencies Under the National Emergencies Act, 1978-2018

I’ll update this post (probably) as I gather more information.


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