Bloody Streets

I’m glad I do not watch television.  The few times I’ve seen it in the past few weeks were unsettling.  Trying to catch the evening weather report was all I wanted.  But I had to endure the mud-fest of political ads first.

Does anybody even believe these sound bytes?  And what do they really tell us about the candidates who air them?

I didn’t vote, again.  I think that voting is the same thing as agreement.  To a broken system.  Of given credence and credibility to the entire sham of the (s)election.  So no, I didn’t vote.  Didn’t even bother to identify the candidates, couldn’t tell you who they really are without a bit of looking up.

Irresponsible?  Not in my opinion.  Like I said, I absolutely, categorically refuse (did I say that?) to give credibility to a corrupt form of mobocracy.

There wasn’t a qualified candidate in the bunch.  Even a kindergartner could have told us adults that.  All are in league to feather their own nests.

I’m definitely not alone on this.  Just read TomDispatch – this dude has been voting longer then I’ve been alive (just kidding) in every (s)election.  And he’s been constantly, continually disappointed each time.

Well, not to toot my own horn, but I figured this out quite some time back and vowed that I’d not be a part of what I saw as totally corrupt, dishonest and disempowering.

See, most people think that they are ’empowered’ in some magical, mysterious way by voting for their candidate of choice.  Except it is not their choice and never was.  The only persons who are even allowed to be on the ballot in any (s)election of ‘significance’ are those that have both funded the obscene costs to “run” (we’re talking millions to hundreds of millions of dollars for a job that pays less then 1% of these running costs — that’s a hint by the way on how corrupt the entire sham of (s)elections really is) and have sold themselves out completely to the entire process.  You will NEVER see a candidate at these levels who hasn’t done so.

To obtain that kind of money, they all make prostitutes look like angels on high.  Lately, it’s noteworthy to notice that the fugly candidates are being swept aside for the, shall we say, the “higher class” whores that are downright ignorant about the real world.

But no matter, America votes for image, glamor, prestige, power and false promises in something of that order.

Every time.

(s)Election 2010 has already proven this point.

So my readers, just be gently advised, that once again, you’ve all had to take it in the shorts as Americants flock to their altars and cast their votes once again.  Don’t be surprised at all when the messages preached take on a new and ominous tone of hell fire and brimstone, bathed in the fiery glory of hidden light (backroom deals and sell-outs of whatever is left of this country).

You see, they’re all whores, every last one of them.  Somewhere along the line, they sold their souls to the highest bidder (largest contributor) and every once in a while, they stupidly leave the microphone on, revealing what they’re really like.

We should not be surprised at all then when we “find out”, whether through new onerous legislation or outrageous scandal, that it is all the same, played out many, many times before.

There will indeed be blood in the streets now, and sooner then I had thought.

I did like this, doesn’t really have anything at all to do with this entry, but worthy nonetheless:

Fred on WikiLeaks

Fred on the Grand Adventure

Well, if you’ve bothered to read both of those, maybe it does have some applicability.  See, Fred is talking about the Man Behind The Curtain.  The giant cover-up that goes on behind everything, not just war or the bogus fight on terrorism.  He’s talking about money, power, position and control, same things that I talk about on this blog from time to time.

Fred is letting you know that he knows and that you should know too, just in case you didn’t know.  I think everybody should know, because maybe just maybe, if the blood in the streets must come, let’s be sure that we all know the real reasons why, and the real reason who, and and the real reason where this needs to happen, and most importantly, the real reason when it is time to do the right thing.

A LOT of writers are now writing about this, in case that’s something else you didn’t notice.  Kind of a thermometer so to speak, on the “temperature” of our anger.

We’re not there yet, it’s still just a low-grade fever I’m afraid, not even on this hallowed night of hollow promise, but we’re definitely getting closer.

Oh, and then there’s this: Cheering For War Criminals from the Winter Patriot.

These were the last (s)electees Americants (s)elected — are you / they still happy about that?

I’m still wondering just exactly how many dead civilians it’s going to actually take to wake Americants up to the real and awful bloody truth.  There’s blood in the streets alright, all over the world and that picture on Winter’s website is only missing Obama.

I’d have put my foot through the tube.


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