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There are a bazillion blogs out there and you should try to read some of them. I don’t have any particular favorites, but today’s post on this one really takes the cake:

The climate is changing. If most people knew how insignificant they were, the suicide rate would be a thousand times higher than it is. The planet doesn’t care about you. It cools at regular intervals and neither your farting cows nor your deodorants affect it in the least.

BE A MAN. PROTECT WOMEN AND CHILDREN. RISE TO THE OCCASION. BUILD A VAULT. PACK YOUR RICE. That’s reality. Don’t just keep watching televitz and sniveling about how hopeless it all is and how we deserve to die because we sinned against Gaia and how none of us will make it and therefore it’s better to live, eat and be merry. BULLS**T.

CIVILIZATIONS DIE BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO. Not because of deforestation, climate change or “irresistible” demographic migrations or any of that hogwash. They die because they want to.

So stop wanting to. Buck up and check your shorts to make sure you gotta pair. Now use ’em. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR CIVILIZATION THAT COULD NOT BE FIXED BY A MASS INOCULATION WITH TESTOSTERONE. Not one little thing. The rest is just details.

Apparently, it’s a “man’s civilization”, only to be further “cured” by and injection of more testosterone and associated stupidity, and the manly decision is to sit by and watch it happen.

WTF? The really sad part (besides the non-nonsensical ramblings) is the vast majority of civilization WILL die off and it will be morons with rice and bullets that we’ll have to contend with who will STILL fail to realize it was all of our own doing.

What triggered this rant is apparently this article, which in part says –

Anxiety about the irreversible disappearance of some feature of the natural world substitutes for the death-anxiety of the individual. In the extreme case, the Green becomes the enemy of industrial civilization in general. Of course I do not oppose sensible measures to protect rain forests, prevent over-fishing, and so forth, but I am weary of the fanaticism that distinguishes the conservationist from the environmental fanatic who has turned against civilization. It is worth observing that the US returns farmland to the wilderness every year, because rising agricultural productivity concentrates more output on a smaller number of square kilometers. Wandering the forests of New Hampshire one continuously stumbles on stone fences that long ago enclosed small farms.

It’s also worth “observing” that the multinational corporations and bankers are destroying the independent farmers leading to the abandoned farms.

While acknowledging “Anxiety about the irreversible disappearance…” (a provable fact around the entire world but apparently meaningless nonetheless), the authors arrogant answer is “Otherwise, I shall continue to collect recipes for endangered species.”

I suspect the problem here lies in the view that humans are “owners” (as opposed to co-dwellers) of the planet.

As owners, we have the right and the privilege (but apparently not the responsibility) to do as we please with the other life forms on the earth (even to our own destruction).

This attitude of course, leads to resource wars and military enterprises, exactly the situation we have today. “Greens” are the enemy of these resource wars (and their associated profits), which are alleged to be worth continuing into perpetuity, with the corresponding death tolls and global suffering of the so-called “rightful owners”. The elitist-survivors inheritance will be a wasteland, devoid of all life and sustenance.

And this is what they want. An inheritance of death, destruction and misery, built upon the bones of millions of slaughtered humans and extinct species.


I think it is because they are selfish and afraid of their own mortality. They are the ones who hate everything and fear death, incapable of recognizing life. Their response to the emptiness of their lives is to kill everything and everyone as fast as they can. They are spiritually void beings, who seek to be Gods, rulers of their domains and everything else.

It is this kind of attitude that dooms the human race. Unfortunately, this is the prevalent attitude in large parts of the world and the present Administration.

Stupid authors and moronic bloggers aside, it’s the power brokers and money-changers who are doing the real damage to the world, promoting these very things – that men can be like God with their technology and their “solution” to every situation. Believing themselves to be the divine “owners”, they are fast driving us all to extinction.

I recommend that you read the blogs – just don’t get suckered into the lies they are promoting.


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