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Blog Changes & Updates

The Sustainable Living & Common Sense Blog has been de-listed by Google in their search index per my instructions.  Google has been driving me nuts over the last several weeks with its new algorithms. Many (thousands) of my old posts were being called “duplicate content” and bringing site rankings way down.

Try as I might, I could not find a way to get Google to accurately update their index.  Delisting the entire blog was the first cliff-jump in an effort to fix this problem.

I am not sure that when I relist it, if the problem will return or not. I will have to wait for their webmaster page to accurately update before trying this (they’re very slow).

This means you will not find the blog in Google anymore until its been resubmitted and reindexed (something I’ll have to request).

The new WordPress theme layout has been “fun” (pulling hair, throwing things and gnashing my teeth).  Well, not that bad.  It’s not documented, there is such an incredible rush to roll software out that the developers rarely provide any meaningful documentation. You’re expected to wade through countless forum posts for the exact problem you might be having (which you often don’t even know what to look for).  Plug-ins don’t always work as expected and even simply trying to find the “on button” is frustrating.  I could strangle some of these developers.

I find this a rather poor way to do things, but nothing I can do about it. Competition for “users” of your code is fierce, but support is free and it means what you think it means — there is no support in most cases.

I’ve tried various layouts and features, which must be turned “on” in order to determine if they’re agreeable or not.  Some of you will have noticed that they’ve then disappeared (I discovered I didn’t like them), even after a week or more.  Expect this to keep occurring until I’m satisfied with the layout, function, features and overall appearance.

The latest upgrade pretty much force me to adopt the new theme (the old one was no longer compatible).

Website Changes & Updates

I have also managed to break my primary storable food website repeatedly.  Another Google problem I’ve been trying to solve has me running around in circles with changes to hidden files. This has caused the shopping cart to break a couple of times as I tweaked things a bit.  As far as I know, everything is working now in the shopping cart, but I’m still chasing the Google problem.

Almost no shopper will actually tell me when something breaks, it’s extremely rare (less then 1 in a 1000).  Due to the complexity and extensive number of pages I support, it can be hard sometimes to “know” something doesn’t work correctly until someone mentions it.  Even testing won’t always reveal it easily, something I found out the hard way just today.


Over the many years I’ve been online, it’s readily apparent that the Web is changing (quite a bit). It’s all falling under a great deal of control and tracking and even information filtering. What you “see” is what they’re agreeable to letting you see. It may still seem bizarre or extreme or content that you don’t think should be there, but because it’s there, it’s intended.

What you don’t see, don’t read about, don’t hear is what is disturbing, because censorship is very much alive and well online.

Google knows how long you visit any page (even if you didn’t go through Google to find it). Imagine what they’re doing with that information.

Facebook is building vast and extensive profiles on all 900 million users, they pretty much know everything about you now (and all your friends, family, acquaintances, contacts).

This information is nearly priceless (witness the 100 billion Facebook is “worth”). Not bad for a 28 year old kid.

I’ve created a privacy page regarding our “data collection”, which is pretty simple — I’m not doing it.

It’s the same on the Blog registration, I’m not collecting anything and don’t intend to. I pretty much expect everyone to behave themselves and act like adults.

So far, so good — no problems at all.


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  • May 16, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    I just want to take a moment and thank you for allowing comments again. Also to thank you for that great series of articles on the fallacy of bugging out…

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