Black Friday & The Future Of America

Today signals a loud and clear message: America can no longer be saved from itself, in any way, shape or form.

The desperate attempts by thousands of grass root organizations, millions of blogs and alternative media are instantly overwhelmed by the sheer stampede of how the next generation truly feels about this country of ours.

Our loss of freedoms in America are a multi-generational problem, effecting everyone who is alive, living here and working here.  But it is plainly evident that if the younger generation does not care about any of these issues, then there is no hope whatsoever for turning anything around.

Black Friday, each year, proves this point. “Midnight Madness” is a disease of the connedsumer mindset, that believes that human animals must resort to violence in their constant quest for “a good deal”.  Lining up by the thousands and thousands outside of shopping malls, big box stores and retail outlets, these animals surge like lemmings over a cliff, to exchange borrowed credit in a failing economy for toys from the corporate gods.

Black Friday: Police called after customers rush door at Toys R Us near Appleton

Cerritos mall food court placed on lockdown after fight, reports of gunshots

Black Friday shopper arrested for arguing

Woman arrested for gun threat in shopping line, police say

We’re reminded constantly to behave ourselves, to line up like good little connedsumers and to politely pay our corporate masters for their useless junk.   No pushing, shoving, arguing, gun-waving or stampeding, please.

The message is clear: shop ’till you drop, and all is well with America.  Just do it all politely.

This day is perhaps the most egregiousness example of how utterly gone this country truly is.  Totally forgotten is the overarching slave-status of this country’s working class of subservient citizens.  Instead, government and media champion this day as a national outing, where lemmings pack themselves like sardines into every retail outlet in the country.

For some businesses, this is a make or break day.  Huge sales must occur because this is how they designed their business model.  Many offer nothing more then trinkets and gaudy gifts for the upcoming other spectacle widely known as Christmas, where broken toys, broken hearts and disappointment await the even younger generation, who in turn will act exactly as their parents did – disinterested in anything real, anything valuable, anything that even smacks of self-responsibility or true citizenship.

The addiction to junk is dead obvious (must read), but even the adult and allegedly intelligent commentators don’t get it. Champion our ‘advancement’ with the gods of technology they totally forget that never have we been less free, more controlled and regulated and with less hope then at any other time in American history.

Americans are insouciant to the extreme (must read).  Utterly and totally incapable now of helping themselves and even figuring out how far they have fallen.

Insouciant synonyms: apathy, casualness, complacence, disinterestedness, disregard, incuriosity, incuriousness, indifference, nonchalance, torpor, unconcern.

The evidence abounds everywhere in this country, national opt-out day was a total failure as lemming lined up by the millions at airports around the country.  The truth is, we are now incapable — utterly incapable of helping ourselves, of standing up for freedom, of rejecting tyranny, the surveillance society or frankly, objecting to anything at all.  Our corporate masters have us all exactly where they want us, subservient, pliable and willing to accept anything that they demand.  We remain indifferent, incurious,  incapable of rousing ourselves from our torpor and unconcern.

We are addicted to self, the inner-man that has been so satiated with gluttonous greed and corruption that it is barely recognizable as being human anymore.  However, this was no accident at all, but deliberate campaign of psychological warfare waged against the majority of citizens of this planet. Only where there is no corporate control and the ubiquitous technology overlording the citizenry is there any semblance of true freedom left.

However, it does no good at all to constantly rail against any of this, of which I am not alone.  Many other websites and authors will do the same, but none of this does any good.  Far more interest and website traffic would be generated by putting up porn pictures or scandalous insider news on celebrities or movie stars.

Nothing makes a difference anymore.  Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. The greatest tragedy of all is that we can bear witness to our demises and even document the millions of decisions and actions that have caused this, but we cannot do anything at all about it, because the people refused.

Our future as a nation is now a colossal tombstone engraved with the graffiti of corporate logos. Our epitaph reads: Here lies America, land of the fee and home of the slave.

America is over.  The new America began decades ago and is now all that remains.   There are hardly any left alive now that can even remember how we got here.   Everyone else simply doesn’t care, they’re insouciant.


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