Black Friday Begins

This is unbelievably pathetic: Family Moves Into Tent Outside Best Buy 9 Days Before Black Friday.

Our society is so utterly brainwashed and dumbed down across this entire country, that people are actually willing to do this.  They’re good little sheep, walking in lockstep to the corporate culture of mindless consumerism.

The corporations are rewarding this type of behavior (read the article), which of course, can only benefit the corporations.

The indoctrination is now institutionalized in some people:

“We’re here really early this year because we’ve always been second, third and fourth and down the line,” Lorie Davenport said.

“We’re tired of not being first and we figured we’ve put in six years, we want to be first.”

The Davenports have been camping out for Black Friday deals for six straight years. Last year, they saved $1,000 on a TV. This year’s targets are another TV, plus some laptops.

Isn’t it illegal to camp out on a doorstep, anywhere in the nation?

I think that this is a tragic and pathetic warning sign of how far we’ve slipped as a nation. This stupidity will be repeated all across the nation by even more mindless sheep, like it has every years since “Black Friday” was invented by the marketeers.

Watch the video, that idiot reporter is all gaga, gushing over this stupidity.  Don’t look to them for intelligence or integrity, they’re whoring themselves out to the corporations.

Good grief.  Do you suppose that one day this family will look back and realize just how utterly pathetic this really is?

Nah.  I doubt it.  It’s already pretty evident that sheep like being sheep.


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