Everyone should be aware already that Barak Obama, President of the United States, has cut a deal with British Petroleum to protect the companies interest.

That is not how the media is going to present this however, but that is exactly what has already happened.  In a region where $1 Trillion dollars could not fix all that has gone wrong, British Petroleum has set aside a $20 billion dollar “fund” to cover the losses and expenses for their Mancondo Massacre.

Let me make this perfectly clear: BP (and their affiliates) should be held responsible in perpetuity (forever) for all costs and expenses incurred. For that to happen, this was not the way to go about it.

It should be dead obvious to even the most obtuse Americants among us all that Barak Obama has little real interest in doing the right thing.  This is yet another “too big to fail” bailout disguised as “helping us” — exactly as I predicted.  By limiting BP’s financial obligations, the only thing being protected here is BP.  Not you, not your job, not your livelihood, not the beaches, not the wildlife — just BP.

It is still far too soon to determine the true costs of this disaster.  $20 Billion should be a starting point in compensation, not the end point.

Obama cuts deal to shield BP assets

The escrow account is meant to shield BP from potentially hundreds of billions, or even trillions, in damages. While both Obama and BP promised that the account did not mean a $20 billion cap on liability had been put in place, the Independent Claims Facility is a preemptive blow against the tens of thousands of lawsuits BP is likely to face over the coming years.

While it remains extremely vague, the escrow account will be BP’s first line of defense in determining what are “legitimate claims,” a phrase both Obama and company executives have repeatedly used. Those claimants deemed “illegitimate” might turn to the court system for redress, but having been ruled unfounded by a supposedly neutral observer, they will have a black mark hanging over them, and US courts are already notorious for defending corporate privilege.

This is the fate that awaits the blowout’s financial victims. Millions of Gulf Coast residents are likely to suffer financially through layoffs which will ripple through the economy far beyond the fishing and tourism industries, through declining home values in a region already devastated by the real estate collapse, and through, in all probability, an epidemic of health problems.

If there are 10 million such victims””less than the combined population of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the three states hardest-hit so far””the miserly $20 billion escrow account would mean a mere $2,000 per person.

Understand, that this entire “shakedown” is just a choreographed script from the get-go. Every single step in this abomination of asset protection is scripted.  You are supposed to buy into this orchestrated drama as some such nonsense as “democracy at work” or “public outrage meets reality”.  Whatever.  It’s crap, through and through.

Frankly, I’m livid.  I do not live on the Gulf coast.  It does not take much imagination to even faintly realize what is going through the minds of the affected humans living on the coast.

I’m sick to death of American politicians putting corporations first and stupidly, ignorantly claiming that this is for our own good. I know this anger falls on deaf ears, but I’m still angry.

I have long said that we would fail to stop our own destruction. This disaster is yet another example in the long history of sordid greed and gluttony that characterizes our species.  We don’t care about a damned thing and when we make a mistake, we still can’t get it right.

You have been betrayed by your own kind.  Make absolutely no mistake about this. You are constantly told that they know what is best for us.  They LIE.  What is clear is what they DO.  What they do is what they are truly interested in.  Stop listening to the sound bytes.  Start paying particular attention to what they do.  These rotten bastards are doing everything wrong.  Many of us are actually helping them.  We share the blame.  But this is more then just a blame game, this is about changing ourselves before we totally fuck up this planet beyond habitation.  It’s TIME.


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