Being Trump

The Guardian has a article, “What’s Trump hiding in the climate report? That global warming’s effects are here“. And of course, his talking head tried to claim that the climate report was “not based on facts“.

We all know that Trump is smarter then all of the world’s scientists combined, and Sarah Sanders is an obedient lap dog, saying whatever she is told to say. But that still poses some pretty big issues, such as why does the media and over half of the American public continue to disbelieve Trump? It’s truly inexplicable.

The Trump Meme that Trump is always right about everything should have taken firm hold in this country by now. According to Trump, there should be no dissension or disagreement. His Making America Great Again pretty much guaranteed that all Americans would be blissfully looked after and in agreement with the commander in chief. And Trump himself has done nothing whatsoever to dispel this promise, he’s always letting us know that he’s smarter then everyone else and what great accomplishments he’s done.

So I don’t get it. There seems to be some disagreement in the ranks of Americans that Trump isn’t being entirely honest with us. Why they think anything like that is a real mystery, because Trump has claimed the fake news has brought nothing but endless accusations against him since taking office. And hey, if it’s fake news, then why should anyone side with the fake news?

It’s far more comforting to just let Trump do his thing. He’s cleaned out the swamp, promised us the Wall, militarized the border, brought back white nationalism to the forefront, fired all the dead wood in the government and pushed climate change back from people’s memories. He even visited California after those terrible fires! And we all remember when he tossed out paper towels to the victims of Hurricane Maria! Now THAT is a sign of a true leader for our generation!

Probably the best thing that we can all do is just let Trump be Trump! It’s what he does best, after all. And there is no reason for any of the alarm or concern to be worried about. Trump being Trump is what’s best for the country, clearly we should all know this by now. We can choose to focus on what Trump say’s, and what Trump does, or we can just all calm down and let Trump be Trump. I think the latter course of action is what is called for. And this Mueller investigation thing? No worries there either, Trump can always pardon himself if needed, or even pardon whoever he likes, and we can be sure Trump will do the right thing here. Whatever is best for the country and the American people, because it’s clear as day that’s what Trump really cares about.

I need to issue an apology to everyone that I was wrong about climate change and how I thought Trump was going to make things worse. He turned everything around for NASA, NOA, the Department of Energy, the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, instead of wasting any more money on silly concerns like climate change, these agencies are all back in business of making America Great Again. Now that’s a slogan I can get behind!

We should probably all consider the future. A serious discussion on amending the United States Constitution and removing term limits for the President. If we did that, consider the possibilities of what someone of Trump’s caliber could actually do for the country if there were unlimited terms allowed. Instead of having to pack everything in within just four or eight years (the current limit allowed), a lifetime appointment like what Brett Kavanaugh recently received when appointed to the Supreme Court would allow Trump to really shake things up in this country!

Heady stuff, I’m sure. I’m quite beside myself just thinking about it. We could finally get a lot of necessary legislation passed that has been held up. And after we strip mine the National Parks we could ensure that the Arctic was fully exploited for natural resources once all the ice is gone. This would mean jobs, jobs, jobs for everyone, definitely making America truly great again. And we would get the Wall. And Trump could pull us out of every other non-beneficial agreement that has held us all back. He just needs more time and we could give it to him. Very heady stuff!

I feel better getting this all off my chest. The amazing and truly great possibilities to consider if we just let Trump be Trump. We just need to get out of his way and let him do his thing. It’s definitely what’s best for the country and what’s best for America. Having the smartest guy on the planet in charge with no more restrictions – hell, what could go wrong?


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