Be worried, be very worried

Time Magazine Cover Story – Global Warming

Be worried, be very worried. The climate is crashing, and global warming is to blame.

Read the article first. Time Magazine is featuring this article here (if you’re a subscriber).

“Lawmakers” are quite clueless as to the the global significance of this. There is not stopping global climate change, it’s now a runaway freight train as evidence has shown around the world. You can’t “stop” a melting glacier – or continent. What has taken decades to develop can’t be stopped by just eliminating emissions now, it’s far, far too late for this.

When the tipping points were reached is guessable, but does it really matter now? From here on out, it’s downhill into a holocaustic hell.

What is needed is massive global emergency contingency planning to deal with the developing crisis. But guess what lawmakers want to do?

Pass more laws.

That is the extent of their reactive capability, which is stupid as hell. Necessary perhaps, but the wrong response and too little, too late as already in evidence.

I stand by my earlier comments that you’re going to have to save yourselves. If you live in a drought plagued area, it’s just going to get worse to the point where there simply won’t be any more water (probably). Drought, wildfires and even flooding in some areas are going to be “normal” conditions.

It’s not only going to affect regions, but entire nations, and cause massive disruptions and economic devastation. Start thinking no food, no water, no jobs, no economy, no opportunities. Business as “usual” will be a thing of the past. Your kids are going to inherit and dying planet and if you’re not making preparations for them to survive it, they probably won’t.

Here’s another great article revealing just how serious this is: Global Climate Change & Peak Oil – Part III


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  • March 27, 2006 at 10:27 pm

    Its gonna get ugly…

    Thank you for screaming warnings into the wind. I feel your frustration very much real and alive here in NC.

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