Batshit Crazy…

Batshit crazy… (facebook video link – oops, it’s now been removed!).


Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


You really should watch this first for context. It’s now been removed, most likely because this idiot is just another false prophet who has always been proven wrong.

This dude is a certifiable crazy nutter. He’s promoting long disproven claims that keep making the rounds in the nutter / connedspiracy circles. He’s not even bothered to fact check anything. If you watch any of his other videos, he’s clearly one of the nutters, although only one video was enough to prove this point.

The comments that follow this particular video post are just as entertaining as the video itself is. There are a lot of grossly uninformed, paranoid and delusional people who will simply believe anything that they read or hear. As I’ve been saying, it’s gotten so bad it’s time to speak up and say something about this crazy connedspiracy fear that keeps escalating higher and higher in this country.

And here’s the kicker…  this dude is a candidate for Vice President of the United States alongside Arizona E. Harting.

A batshit crazy candidate for Vice President?

Well, I guess his candidacy didn’t last long, since he freaked out…


I’m publishing this to point out that “crazy” is a very real and present threat to (sane) Americans. We can all laugh at these clowns but lest we forget, they are not harmless. Crazy reacts, crazy does, well, crazy things as we’ve all seen.

This crazy man decides that gunning down people live on television was his claim to fame.

He didn’t last long either, killing himself shortly thereafter during the getaway chase from law enforcement.

Then there is this – an example of pointing out the batshit crazy behavior by her neighbors…

America is literally bursting at the seams with angry, pissed off people, some who are doing a lot of very stupid and very violent things to others – and a lot of them are just waiting for their chance. I’ve made mention of this recently – the bloodlust that now exists within the end-time connedspiracy nutters is getting mighty dangerous to the rest of us. I’ve had death threats before and so have many other people who have challenged these ridiculous points of view.

The Ferguson riots are going to focus the attention on what the media really wants us to see, think and hear, but it’s far, far more then this once you dig just a little bit past the surface of what really happened there, what people really think and who’s causing all the trouble. It’s not the cut-and-dried picture the mainstream media has been publicizing.

The many, many reasons of why America is willing to tear itself apart, why so many people are so completely willing to embrace complete falsehoods and to promote endless levels of connedspiracy and utter asinine stupidity would take a long time to write down, and most of these reasons would still completely fail to address the root causes.

Our media will focus on the glare, glitz and shock, telling us with carefully scripted soundbites selected by newsroom editors as to “why” America is going slowly nuts… and they’re getting it wrong, every single time.

Social media is chock-full of people who have something to say. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit and many more have enabled anyone with an internet connection to scratch out a little piece of territory and vent their displeasure. The social phenomenon of giving ‘voice’ to virtually anyone is relatively new to the world – but the crazy and the displeased have always been with us. Most of us just never had to wade through their ridiculous shit if we didn’t want to. We can still easily turn it off – but the opportunity to ridicule and to reveal both the good and the bad being published online is hard to resist.

The real cause of our ‘collective insanity’ is rooted in our civilization. Batshit crazy we’ve always had, but now we’ve given it opportunity to flourish and be noticed. Tons of truly stupid shit gets posted as ‘entertainment’ and as real anger, because it is so easy now to create an audience for your delusions. Crazy craves an audience, because it attracts both attention and like-minds.

If you pay attention when reading some ridiculous article to the commentary that gets posted below, you’ll find like-minded crazies who are also seeking their moment of fame and attention.

Crazy seeks an outlet for its expression, and in extreme cases, it explodes into violence. The current end-time crazy fantasies of the religious right is embracing a violent, brutal and bloody end to their time on Earth. Nobody should be underestimating what this will mean to the rest of us. It is a clear and present threat that is being promoted by dangerously deluded radical people.

Returning to my first example above, the Facebook profile features videos and comments from many other looney tunes. And these are the uber-mild ones – there are many more that are really off the charts.

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(Well – this one has ALSO been removed (as they all usually are). False prophets and brain-dead idiots abound).

This lady has dived right off the deep-end with her “dreams” which are clearly have a major impact upon her life and on her reality. I spent many years in association with such people and have seen first-hand at how these imaginations eventually ruin and destroy lives.

The danger here is ‘unrealized expectations’. When none of these events ever transpire through a lifetime of ‘anticipation’, they are often encouraged to ‘happen’ by direct intervention. This is where the danger really lies. Imagination and dreams are generally harmless for most people, but when they become all encompassing and controlling to daily living, they can encourage the believer to enact them out.  This will even be wrongly be identified as ‘fulfillment’ by those gripped in these fantasies and even the evil they perform will be considered ‘justified’.

People who are not grounded in reality are nearly beyond help.  Everything is filtered through their worldview of what is ‘acceptable’, ‘real’, ‘true’ and ‘good’.  Their belief system has already identified what isn’t good, true, real or acceptable to them without checking anything. This is where xenophobia comes into existence and other forms of mental and physical abuse, such as intolerance, injustice and a refusal to learn or self-examine the fabricated reality in which they live.

It’s been said that “my reality is what is real to me” and that is true – as far as it goes. We all see and experience the world through our own eyes. But when your reality affects mine, that is where the problems arise. We could both be wrong too – our version of ‘reality’ doesn’t necessarily mean one of us is right. But we can definitely check it – if we are willing to even bother. Delusional people are rarely willing to bother to check their reality and will often require years of counseling and even professional help once they begin. It can also be friends, family, books, articles or even a blog like this one that will open up the cracks in what they’re thinking, creating an opportunity or desire to check the worldviews / belief systems that are being embraced.

That’s why it’s really important to READ stuff you don’t actually “like”. Try to gain the perspective, if even briefly, of what “they” are thinking – on ANY topic. Or better said, on EVERY topic. Do you even understand their position, or why they make the claims that they do? Then go find out.

Learning how to do this isn’t hard. Just read. There is a avalanche of information available to each and everyone one of us. If you’re reading this article on the Internet, you’ve already got the tools to do what needs to be done. Wading through all the advice, opinions, information and articles you can find on any given topic is a monumental task, but if you’re already grounded in reality, it’s not hard to reject what is proven, sound, repeatable and fact. But if you’re not well-grounded, if you are one of those who are caught in the grips of a delusional reality, then it’s very hard, timely, even costly to even find the information you may need. But the information is there and almost all of it is actually free. The real problem is finding the will-power to see it through, that is, to take the time to research it out and read both expert and ‘amateur’ opinion.

I wrote on this before, but here it is again. The ‘tools’ as it were to both learn and to identify what is true – and what is not.

The Meaning of Words

Words are how we convey information, but we do have to understand the meaning of words, which is by shared experience or a similar experience. This is the very basis of how we communicate and pass on knowledge and information.

Words are the names of things we can experience or imagine. To be meaningful however, they must convey shared experience, or we must have a similar experience. Experiences are many different kinds; thoughts, sight, sounds, feelings and many others. All experiences however, are of one or another basic type: those that are irreducible, or those that can be reduced to other components.

The meaning of words can be understood from our experience. Getting at the real meaning of words can be analyzed for their root meaning, original usage and so forth, but this may not have any real relevance today because the meaning of words can sometimes change. How a word is actually used is important. To identify what a word properly means, it is necessary to observe the word being used.

Words are most useful when expressed in statements, which convey propositions. You can think of this as “something declared to be true”.  Statements can be examined whether or not they are true by using the methods described below.

There are stipulations and references, descriptions and opinions, moral imperatives, wishes and commands, facts and hypotheses found in statements. They can all be examined for what is true, and what is not. Contradictions, convolutions and other narratives are also words or statements that can be examined for whether they are true or untrue.

Which brings us to how they should (versus “can”) be examined in order to arrive at truth.

The Methodology

Only an accurate method that can demonstrate success should be adopted. The method is simply a tool, it is not the truth we are seeking to establish. An accurate method will demonstrate predictive consistent success. An inaccurate method will often fail. The failure will also mean that our assumptions we are testing are also false.

Here are the methods shown by Carrier, in order of high to low ranking (accuracy, evidence and plausibility):

1) The method of reason (logic / mathematics).
2) The method of science.
3) The method of experience.
4) The method of history.
5) The method of expert testimony.
6) The method of plausible inference.

A full explanation of methods can be found on pages 49-61, “Sense and Goodness without God”, by Richard Carrier. It would be important to read all the proceeding pages for a complete understanding of words, meaning, descriptions, and the proposition of words (experience) and how we can actually understand words themselves.

I’ll do my best to summarize these here:

The method of reason (logic and mathematics) produces the broadest, most complete and most consistent success, and excels over all other methods due to rigorous rules.

The method of science uses empirical evidence, all of which can be tested, repeated and documented. The scientific method has shown itself to be far superior to our own casual observations.

The method of experience is what we have actually observed and is more reliable then any of the methods that follow, but falls short of both science and reason, precisely because it is far less rigorous.

The method of history lacks the ability of direct observation, but still offers critical historical analysis of what is more believable than what is not.

The method of expert testimony ranks fifth. It is reasonable to trust experts more than non-experts who we have good evidential reasons to believe have applied one of the more accurate methods to a problem and reached well-founded conclusions from them if these experts meet certain test of reliability  (pertinent qualifications, corroboration by many other experts, and demonstrative proof of non-bias).

The method of plausible inference is the least reliable method, using inductive logic without direct evidence, yet offering compelling arguments.

The “method of pure faith” is not usable or reliable for a determination of truth, relying on tradition, hearsay, desire or mere speculation and is not included as a method at all because it simply isn’t. Anything could be true (or false) with this “method” (and often claimed to be) and therefore, this can’t be a method at all, since it relies on virtually nothing as evidence.

Simple belief is not evidence of anything, and cannot be subjected to any of the higher methods of accuracy, evidence or plausibility. We ought not to simply ‘guess’ at what is true or want to be true, without requiring any proof, because we know as a matter of experience that ungrounded assertations are usually false. Moreover, they are caused by processes that are not truth-finding (acceptance of any kind of claim without evidence as being true).

Any real method can be utilized, provided it’s applicable, but the best methods should always be employed wherever possible.

The importance of method cannot be  understated when attempting to arrive at the truth.

The batshit crazies in our midst do not apply any standards of truth or even logic or even use common sense in their ridiculous claims and assertions that they are making. We’ve all seen Alex Jones and the other wanna-be’s like Rubin jump off the cliff time and time again, completely failing to even check what they’re saying and make complete fools out of themselves. They’re more interested in the promotion of their views then the facts. The dog-pile effect of crazies joining in continues this clown circus right down the rabbit hole. Every once in a while – but not often enough, someone like Peggy Hubbard (or me) will speak up – having heard enough of their ridiculous shit to last us a lifetime.

But it’s not enough. It’s never been enough to point out the errors and wrong-doings of those we disagree with. It’s our opportunity to vent a little, but nothing much ever changes. And that’s because of the overall ignorance of the country. There are not enough bright, intelligent and capable people putting forth enough effort to counter-act the endless reams of garbage we’re being spoon-fed by complete idiots which is not just limited to connedspiracy websites or videos, but is being promoted by the major media too.

But even more important then this is the ‘acceptance of dumb’ by the dumb. Too many people simply cannot tell the difference between fact or fiction because they lack the educational skills to do so. I do not know anymore exactly ‘what’ they’re teaching in the schools, but I’ve always known since I was a high-schooler that education is doing a piss-poor job at teaching students what they really need to know. No life-skills were being taught when I was in school. No ‘how to learn the truth’ skills or methods were being taught either, except in the sciences. But nobody was teaching anyone that science and the methods of science were also applicable to every other topic.

Science is not the end-all ‘method’ for life and living, it’s just one method as the list above shows. But nobody was teaching this to me in high school or college. I had to go off and find it on my own years later. Looking back, I can see where I made my own mistakes and how it ‘altered’ my own ‘reality’, choosing and making life decisions that otherwise, and better educated – I’d have never done.

I think it is truly sad – and truly tragic – to stand by and watch so many people make such a mess out of their lives because they have embraced some really stupid shit. I totally agree that this is their choice and they have a right to make it, but I strongly disagree that it is harmless even to them. The stunted, repressed, fearful and paranoid lives that they are living are having a huge effect upon them.

I’ve given you the TOOLS.  Now read the following from my Reboot article. I want you all to replace the word “survivalism” with “end timers” or “rapture ready” or whatever word you or someone you know is using to describe themselves. In other words, if the shoe fits – try it on.

There is a dark side to “survivalism” that nobody ever talks about. I’ve never seen it in print. I’ve never seen anyone even discuss it over a campfire. Some of us know it’s there, if we’ve been around long enough, or if we’ve already paid the price for “living the life” with family, friends, job or even law enforcement. Survivalism is vogue right now, “popular” only because of the incessant bleating of so many trying to make a buck off of its promotion. Talking heads like Jones, Beck and many, many others have assumed the fellatio position with affiliates and suppliers, whoring themselves out while feeding you lines of absolute bullshit. Nobody seems to see anything “wrong” with this, gobbling it all up, but it’s prostitution, pure and simple. Except you’re the one who is being “screwed” while they make bank selling you endless reams of useless shit you don’t need. Yeah, really.

Yet this profiteering isn’t what I’m talking about. Survivalism can lead to a path that is very dangerous and very dark. It can even be deadly, as in get you killed. How many of you know what I am talking about? I’m talking about the one-way street of survivalism, that if actually and fully embraced, is a trap. The one you embarked on many years ago, when you first “heard the truth” and became interested or excited. Or even alarmed. That’s the “hook” everyone “uses” on you. It may have even been a valid hook, a legitimate concern (and often is) that got you interested in the first place. But this led to more, didn’t it? And then more still? Eventually some people become truly “caught” (up) in the whole movement, geared out and cached up, ready to go, “locked and load baby“, you’re ready!

By then, if this describes you or someone you know (or knew), they kept reeling you in by changing the bait, the storyline, the latest “alert” or the latest conspiracy breathlessly aired over the shortwave. You’d have wised up (maybe) if they didn’t keep changing the chapters often, or just tired of it all, but that won’t sell you any products, so the story / fear lines keep getting changed — and changed often. It’s all very deliberate. And it works.

Here’s what I REALLY want to lay out for you all — Survivalism, if embraced to the degree that many are heavily promoting, will lead you down a one-way street of despair. If this has not yet happened to you, be glad. I personally know of thousands that it has happened to — because I helped them get there. And I witnessed first-hand what others did.

The despair comes because of the expectation of events that they were told would “happen” did not transpire. If these things were to happen, it would then (finally!!!) justify everything they now truly believe. When they don’t happen, there is no confirmation that their chosen path was the right one (thus the need to change the chapters often) and you can find yourself in despair. There is no validation. This can be a very dark (and lonely) place. Extraction can be very difficult, and even impossible for some.

Taken to the extreme, the hardcore survivalist will have accumulated a mountain of near-useless gear for “the day” (enriching the hucksters mentioned above), alienated wife and children and wallowing in a mountain of debt trying to pay for it all. Or have isolated self and family (I know many that did this), existing deep in the backwoods, paranoid and afraid, holding secret meetings and burying clandestine firearms caches.

Is any of this necessary? Well, that depends on your point of view. And I’m not knocking “being prepared”, but all things must come in balance. Extreme survivalism can lead to a need to constantly engage and participate in endless fear-mongering to feed the hungry demons created within. You can see this in the comments on many website, how “prepared” some of these people claim to be, or ready to “do battle” with the ungodly. Their lives are miserable fearful caricatures of what they could be living. There is a lot of postings from these same people, over and over again, demanding “attention” and seeking justification and validation of their world-views from others online. They’re easy to pick out because they blabber so much.

This is actually being widely encouraged (some sites are fronts for government agents). It’s part of the “divide and conquer strategy” to divide people into smaller and smaller controllable groups. Many websites owners also encourage this sort of activity and level of participation – ignorantly or not — but there is little effort to stop it by the site administrators. They don’t step in and try to educate their commentators and keep them on topic, on track. Most probably don’t even know how. Many are simply watching for page counts. This is their “validation” and profits.

There is a really strange sort of logic that gets oft applied by such posters. Just because “it hasn’t happened yet” is “no proof that it won’t happen“. True enough (even a broken clock is right twice a day) but this also leads to circular reasoning attempting justification. The absence of evidence is taken as evidence of proof. Religions and the religious do this sort of thing all the time. Just because they can’t find the evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — it means that it must exist!

The spiral deepens the further down you go, the deeper you are in. At the bottom, which is a very real place, is a shadowy reality known only to those who have actually been there.

I have seen this up close and personal. I have been witness to their lives, the daily existence, the fear, the paranoia and the conjured conspiracies. It’s a dark, dark path that often leads to serious trouble or in really extreme cases, death. This happens because they’re deeply afraid, and through fear, make many bad decisions that pile up on top of each other like a gigantic inescapable weight that eventually crushes them. It’s not unlike trying to go faster and faster down a twisty mountain road with your headlights off, stuck in 4th gear. The turns in life are simply not navigable at these speeds, and the only thing that can happen if you do not recover from this is a devastating crash.

Several went to jail. Several committed suicide. Almost all lost the following: jobs, wife, husband (women were very often caught up in this), children, houses, land, life savings, reputation, credibility and integrity. The devastated ruin of what remained of their lives isn’t pretty. You do not want to let this happen to you.

Earlier in this post, I’d mentioned:

…that if these authors and hucksters actually believed the garbage they publish, they’d have long since abandoned the Internet to hide out in their woodland bunkers armed with their AK-47 rifles and cans of Spam to await the “end of days” and the rivers of bloodletting to come.”

In truth (because actions and “doing” always speaks louder then mere words), they don’t actually believe what they write, they’re simply promoting it to convince you to become their client (customer). They’re smart enough to avoid the “dark side” of survivalism — but not all of them are. Dozens have issued “red alerts”, claiming that everyone should head now to their bunkers and prepared retreats (if you don’t know about any of that, good for you — stay away from these clowns). Some of these promoters actually bugged out themselves (for a short while), only to crawl out and lamely explain why the proclaimed “imminent” event didn’t happen. Some of them have learned from this deadly mistake and don’t do this anymore. But they’re still actively engaged, on a daily basis, with ‘alerts’ and ‘updates’ and new yarns and stories in endless cycle of keeping you afraid and hooked to their propaganda.

Americans are a fearful people. Ridiculously fearful. What the fuck are you really afraid of? There is simply no reason to live in fear. Grow some balls and stand up for yourself, you’d be surprised what this will do in your life. I’m not suggesting that anyone pick a fight (if you must, choose your battles wisely), I’m stating STOP LIVING IN FEAR. It’s absolutely completing f*cking pointless. Our nanny state government encourages this fear, because it plays right into their mind control techniques, making hundreds of millions of Americants into quivering bellies of melting Jello. It’s unbelievably pathetic. But so is much of the StupidNet these days. Fear sells tons of shit, fear gains gigantic readership, followings and online participation and strokes the egos of the authors who like seeing those high page counts (and advertising revenues). Fear is an American currency these days and has been for the past ten years. The higher they can take it, the more they make.

Living in fear (or listening to those who are promoting it) only leads to a darkness, with repeated bouts of paranoia and even acts of desperation, making bad decisions and royally fucking up your life. One day, some of the things these huckster claim may come true, but so what if they do? Pick what you think is likely and factual, act rationally and calmly and do something about it today. And then get on with your normal life, whatever that is.

Ever been to a preparedness show? A gun show? A meeting of constitutionalists? A militia meeting? Met with any ‘conspiracy nuts’? Tinfoil hats? Alien abductees? Their lives are very, very different, filled with darkness and fear, trying to hide in the shadows, scurrying about, always looking over their shoulders. Or in some cases, they’re REALLY vocal and even active, trying to change what’s wrong (good for them). But most are NOT like that. Most are actually deeply afraid, so much so that for some of them it affects every waking moment of their lives, making a series of life-choices and decisions that continues to lead them farther and farther down this path.

I’ve SEEN the end of that path and have actual experience with it myself. And I’ve seen what it has done to many others. And I’m stating for the record — don’t go there. Don’t let anyone take you there either. Be careful what you read, what you accept as ‘gospel’ even from your favorite authors. VERIFY their claims – because the fact of the matter is – most of it is BULLSHIT.

I’ll let you in on a little secret — most of them don’t know anything more then you do (if you’ve applied yourself). Many don’t use any common sense. Many are ignorantly unaware of other established facts and evidence, or simply promote a highly biased lop-sided view of the world because they’re constantly operating in a state of fear and paranoia. Some are really great authors, coming across as ‘informed’ and articulate, but even so, you still have to think about what they’re saying. Is it true — or is it conjecture? What is the actual evidence, and is that true or just another straw argument? Keep digging, don’t let the ‘excitement’ or emotion they express get to you. Emotion is a powerful thing and good writers can easily break down your barriers. They may be right — but they may also be quite wrong.

Look back over the past ten years during this crazy fear – what, if ANYTHING actually happened, as claimed? How many of these clowns were right – about anything? How many more were dead wrong?

Fear feeds on itself, breeding more paranoia and conspiracy as the “food energy” it needs to continue to survive (this is well understood by promoters) and feed the fear demons cultured within. Fear can become a soul-sucking energy drain on your life, and if not properly contained, can consume you, disabling your cognitive abilities and decision making for years and years on end, affecting virtually everything in your life. The results can be totally disastrous.

Sometimes I really wonder why I keep trying to save stupid people from themselves. Compassion compels me to do something as this world spirals closer and closer to full-on crazy. The great fear that I have – and that everybody should at least be aware of, is that the batshit crazies will instigate some kind of ‘event’ or ‘action’ to finally realize ‘fulfillment’ of their crazy fantasies. There is plenty going wrong in the world that nobody needs to do this, but lets admit it – the people I’ve been talking about pay scant attention to what is really going on in the world. They’re busy dancing to the fairies in their heads, conjuring up endless fantasies and imagining end-time ‘events’ where they get to play uber-survivalist or end-time hero.

America is edging dangerously close to a severe spiritual / emotional crisis and it is being deliberately fueled and fed by people, media and even some shadowy quasi-governmental figures. It’s as if they want the country to explode. And I have to admit – it might happen. But one thing I’ve learned for sure – none of it is ‘fulfillment’ of anything other then an evil imagination run amok.

We do have very real, pressing problems and issues also reaching crisis points and these are largely being ignored whole plenty of attention is being redirected elsewhere.  At least here in America, it’s as if we just cannot bring ourselves to accept reality and face the facts. And perhaps we can’t. Perhaps we just lack everything that it would require of us. But I can’t accept that because it is a part of the defeatism that I have documented in the religious, survival, end-time and connedspiracy movements that has helped make people so helpless and afraid.

Defeatism is not an answer, it’s a surrender. It’s often disguised as something ‘ordained’ or predetermined, but it’s still defeatism. It’s also escapism as noted in other recent posts. Batshit crazy people embrace these concepts in spades, giving up on their own personal responsibility, contribution and commitments in resignation to fabricated fear.

As far as I know, I am the only person who is trying to combat this within this industry. It’s cost me dearly, but anything of value is never cheap. The reality is you ‘value’. If people didn’t care, they’d ignore you. I’d ignore you. But if you’re part of the problem, it’s time to wake up.


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