Bangledesh – Climate Change Impacts Already Evident

“I invite anyone who remains cynical about the impact of climate change on the planet to visit Bangladesh. We have more floods. Our droughts have become more intense. The biggest mangrove forests in the world – the Sundarbans – are dying. We are losing precious biodiversity. You can see the effects of global warming with your own eyes.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report released last month made clear the impact climate change could have on the world. But the terrible fact is that, even if all countries signed up to protect the environment, climate change will take its toll because the damage has been done.We Are The One Who Will Pay For The Damage

I’ve long made the argument that the effects of climate change are now unstoppable, no matter what we humans try to do. It’s too late, decades of environmental abuses are now revealing themselves all over the world.

I’ve also long made argument that it is FIRST WORLD nations that are causing the problems the most:

Andrew Kerr of the World Wide Fund for Nature pointed out: “The United States is responsible for almost half of the increase in world carbon dioxide in the past decade. That increase is greater than the increase in China, India, Africa and the whole of Latin America.” Dangerous Denial

With 4 per cent of the world’s population, the U.S. created a whopping 35 per cent of the total historic emissions of carbon dioxide. Yet the necessary responses to this massive pollution imbalance are still missing.  Which in reality, when you assess the political wherewithal (and intelligence) of our slave-masters, you’ll soon realize that nothing is going to change this. It’s not politically expedient and Americans have absolutely no intention of reducing their greenhouse gas emmissions to the level of those living in China or Bangledesh.

For this reason alone (there are many, many other reasons), it’s crash prep time, there’s really nothing else we can do.

If you’re not making crash preps right now, you’re going to miss your boat. I cannot emphasize this enough – prepare right now.  The general idea that we can somehow “fix” what is wrong is based upon a mistaken and uproven believe that we have the means to do so (technological, social, financial and time).  We don’t – and probably never will.

Crash preps are now in order as the world braces itself for impact from our folly.  Do it now.


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2 thoughts on “Bangledesh – Climate Change Impacts Already Evident

  • February 21, 2007 at 12:41 pm
    Good stuff, I have long been annoyed with the media’s report on this (I don’t know what you see over in the US): “We have to take action now, if we are to prevent climate change!”

    Well, the chance of doing something with that was many years ago already. Such effects don’t appear over night. The rapid climate change we are seing now is a result of pollution long ago. Even if we stop using fossile fuels today, we will still see climate change for many decades to come.

  • February 21, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    Americans only see what we’re allowed to see, unless you’re bright enough to go read info offshore. Funny how most of this stuff is reporting in other countries, but not here. So much for our “freedoms”.

    What isn’t funny is how this information, offshore or not, still isn’t sinking through the public consciousness. Very, very few people are even slightly aware of how this is going to affect them personally, and permanently. Rather sad, actually.

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