Banana Republic

“The federal minimum wage has been $5.15 an hour for almost 10 years, and is worth less now that at almost anytime in the last 50 years. Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage in 1968 would be worth $9.09 today, 75% more than the current wage.”

Of course the Senate blocked the wage increase for minimum wage workers. Expecting our (dubiously) elected officials to do anything right these days is asking for a massive disappointment. The Congress, Senate and White House are totally out of touch with the will of the people is beyond obvious, but unless there is a coup or revolution, there’s not much we can do about it.

Commenting on this the other day (privately) I told my listener that “at least banana republics clean house once in a while.” America is WAY overdue for some serious house cleaning. Most of our Congress, Senate and ALL of the White House appointees and staffers should be shot for treason. The survivors should be prosecuted and put in Gitmo for interrogation and torture for crimes against the American people. Or something like that.

As America continues to degenerate into a squabbling seething mass of hatred and violence, the people are more then just a bit bewildered about their options. It’s simple, really. There are only three (sorry, NO rapture) –

a) Fight back. If you don’t, nobody else will and they’ll keep sticking it to you and everyone else as fast as they can. We’ll get more of what we’ve already gotten, since we’re still doing as we’ve always done (nothing).

b) Give up. This is the path of least resistance and practiced by hundreds of millions of apathetic and lazy Americans. Don’t pay attention, don’t care, don’t protest and don’t fight back. Attack the messengers that do. Shift the blame and make them responsible, thereby taking away your own guilt and culpability. Insulate yourself with booze, drugs, music, computer gains, entertainment, television, anything but the truth that your country is crumbling apart all around you. Subscribe to the lie that there is nothing you can do.

c) Leave. Pack up you bags, pick up your passport and go (be advised, the lines are getting very long). Anywhere but here. America is NOT the greatest country on earth, not anymore, not since fascism reared its ugly head and made you, me and everyone in America an enemy of the State. Just remember to leave your fingernail clippers behind, you’re likely to be arrested trying to fly out of this God-forsaken country.

And that does remind me. The “God bless America” crap is getting really, really old. God doesn’t bless America, how could he? Unless he had a warped sense of humor and justice. American leadership and many American corporations are soulless beasts with hearts of pure evil. Raping and pillaging the planet and the people are “the price of business”, including enslaving millions and millions to a lifetime of servitude and drudgery. It isn’t that God doesn’t like Americans, God doesn’t like liars, hypocrites, the unmerciful, thieves and whoremongers. Since that describes an awful lot of American leadership and American corporations (and a lot of Americans) then to go on pretending that God “blesses” America is the height of stupidity.

America should become a banana republic, at least our dictator would finally be recognized for what he is and then we could look forward to a little house cleaning (or a lot). Or maybe we already are a banana republic. Consider this –

    banana republic are often ruled by dictators.
    banana republics are often overtaken by rigged elections.
    banana republics fail to hold their leaders accountable for their actions.
    banana republics are ruled by fiat and decree, ignoring law and convention.
    banana republic torture their dissenters, shoot their journalists and imprison whoever they dislike.
    banana republics have a terribe record for human rights abuses.
    banana republics declare anyone who is against them “the enemy” and often disappear whoever they want disappeared.
    banana republics flaunt their military power and their capability to do what they want irrespective of treaties and conventions.
    banana republics are ruled by angry little small minded men who cannot be held accountable for anything, no matter how henious their crimes may be.
    banana republics let their infrastructures fail, while heaping profits and riches into their own private coffers.
    banana republics do not listen to their people, who suffer terribly under the self-serving leadership of their leaders.
    banana republics are ridiculed and derided by their neighbors and the world community.
    banana republics rape the public treasury for their own personal gain.
    banana republics abuse the public trust and make a mockery out of their public offices.
    banana republics are staffed by friends and chrony’s of the dictator who handpicks his support staff, smoothing the way to rule by fiat and decree.
    banana republics are staffed with leaders and officials who ignore their own laws and laugh at their own justice officials.
    banana republics sell off the public land and give favors to private corporations and foreign investments while lining their own pockets.
    banana republics are almost always debtor nations, borrowing money continually to stay solvent.
    banana republics deride and lambast anyone who doesn’t agree with them (until they’re simply killed outright).
    banana republics believe that torture is their God given right in their fulfillment of their mission from God.
    banana republics “retire” their generals and their admirals that don’t agree with them, fearing a military coup.
    banana republics spend ridiculous sums of money on their military, often nearly bankrupting their country.
    banana republics strut and preen and declare “Mission Accomplished” in uniforms they have no right to wear while their soldiers are still fighting and dying.
    banana republics fabricate their reasons for their actions with flimsy lies, trumped up evidence and outright bullshit.
    banana republics make a big deal out of public events and show and tell dog and pony shows.
    banana republics are often xenophobic.
    banana republics make havoc of their own land, causing widespread ecological devastation and destruction.
    banana republics don’t let their own reporters print the truth, but censor the news and spin everything.
    banana republics are often populated by a people that are simply too tired of the game to give a shit anymore.
    banana republics always spiral down into disrepair, collusion and destruction due to gross mismanagment, incompetence and indifference.

America is probably the largest banana republic in the world. Still think this is the best country on earth? Option C starts looking like a better and better deal all of the time. Of course, there is always option A, or even B. Blowing one’s mind with drugs, drink and that mind numbing drug of apathy works too.

I don’t hate America, but I am pretty sick of what America has become. Shockingly, many Americans like what America has become (which just goes to show how far you can degenerate before people actually take notice). If this describes you, then stick around, you’re about to find out what it’s like to live in the third world.


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One thought on “Banana Republic

  • September 27, 2006 at 11:31 am


    IMO, place at least 3 ‘condoms’ over that banana, Sir. Else, one tends to get what one deserves (one not providing for their own protection (security) are susceptible to every dis-ease (not immune to anything, aka doomed).

    prick clip
    bullet bag
    bed-snake blanket
    excretion selector
    ejaculate isolator
    emisson interupter
    dis-ease deflector
    (s)cum collector
    elective flow regulator
    executive thinking cap
    Bush-brain barrier
    sickness shield
    righteous armour of the purple-helmented yogurt thrower

    rather gives “no holes barred” a ‘whole’ new context.

    Life is a sexually transmitted disease.

    Oops – Apparently I’m having ‘just’ too much ‘unprotected’ fun with ye ol’ swollen head. Or, that’s my excuse anyway. What’s yours?

    Perhaps I am a pervert-at-heart but at least I’m not consumed by the terminal sickness we (of the West) call “power” (religion (us vs. them), wealth (them vs. us), consumption (me, me and mine), ‘American way-of life’ (we means me), etc.

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