Bad News Ahead

There are two articles today that are very bad news for our financial future –

Fed Planning 15-Fold Increase In US Monetary Base (link)

This is a staggering devaluation of the US currency! It means that for every dollar in America in September 2008, the fed is going to created fourteen more of them!

Recall the concerns of hyperinflation? Imagine what “worth” your fiat money is going to be if its purchasing power is suddenly devalued by 1400%. This year!

Geithner Readies Latest Bankster Debt Slavery Plan (link)
This is defacto nationalization of ‘assets’ (actually toxic debt), but what this means in the U.S. Government is now going to own your debt on literally everything, houses, cars, credit cards, you name it. This means (as if you didn’t know this already), that they are going to own you and of course, everything you ‘own’.

Right now, they control you through laws, regulations, restrictions and permission slips, but now they’re going after your money and your debt. Welcome to the new debtors prison system.

You can be sure that they will also find ways to make sure that EVERYONE falls under this type of ‘agreement’ one way or the other. Independent and self-sufficient are words that strike fear and hatred into the hearts and minds of our evil overlords.


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