Awaken The Masses

I have never heard of Guy McPherson before (unless I’ve simply forgotten – there is a March 29 post from this year that mentions his name), but apparently he’s heard of this blog.  A reader shared with me his website, and his latest video is an absolute must watch:

I was one of those that said “oh shit…” at around 7:45 minutes into the video, when I realized the significance of the numbers Guy was sharing.

Guy runs through the evidence, oil, markets, money, debt, collapse.  No food, no employment and eventually, no government. But not before they run through their options of forcing obedience upon everyone else.

It all begins soon — as early as November, 2011.

Collapse is the answer, according to Guy and a growing number of others, including yours truly, stated many years ago. It’s also inevitable in the end, no matter what we try to do.  But… what we actually do right now, will determine quite a lot.


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