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[If this post appears on the blog, I’ve either been taken in for questioning or something worse has occurred – Admin]

The following post was written in the hours leading up to the January 20th inauguration of Joe Biden. This post will only appear in exactly 48 hours if I am not physically able to stop the automatic publication of this blog entry. Since I have not informed anyone of the possibility that this post will appear if I disappear, readers should make copies of this post immediately before this post is discovered and taken down.

After my last post revealing the true identify of Q, it was apparent that my days behind this keyboard were likely numbered. Either I would be picked up by the FBI or something worse would potentially happen, with the most likely by QAnon followers, who feeling betrayed and let down by the “Coming Storm” non-event on January 20th, they may have then sought out my location and taken it upon themselves to “riot” once again.

Unfortunately, I will not know beforehand which of these event occurred. But something obviously has happened. It’s either one of those two scenarios or something else entirely, maybe I broke down on my way to Costco and am being held hostage in somebody’s basement once they determined my identify. Or I got a an infected hang nail and forgot to stop the automatic publishing of this post. Whatever the case may be, I’m not here and can’t say for how much longer I’ll be absent or even whether or I am dead or alive.

January 20th was in many ways, a remarkable day for the United States of America. None of the Storm predictions were fulfilled as promised, ‘the plan’ first proposed by Q and then modified by QAnon followers didn’t materialize into anything like what was expected. January 20th came and went as if the entire Q phenomenon embraced by millions was a massive con, which is exactly what it was. But that didn’t mean Q didn’t exist, I most certainly do, and that does not mean that ‘the plan’ didn’t exist either, it most certainly did. It just wasn’t the plan that everyone thought it was.

The Q predictions and claims posted over the last few years were intended to deceive and divide an already divided nation by making a series of deliberately false and cryptic predictions; predictions that would slowly be upgraded and modified to entice as many people as possible into accepting the Q ‘theory’ that Donald J. Trump was both a master manipulator and the protagonist in the predictions of Q.

Donald Trump was the perfect candidate, just the kind of chump to play along, intuitively knowing that whoever Q was and whatever Q was actually doing, along with what was clearly a rising tide of political support from QAnon fans, he knew that he stood a better then excellent chance to greatly benefit from this movement, which is indeed what came to pass during his Presidency.

Much of Trump’s popularity arose from deceived QAnon fans that had become convinced that Donald Trump was going to finally be vindicated in the 2020 Election; mass arrests would begin of the traitorous Democrats; and a new type of government hailing Trump as King would be realized. Trump handily played right into this prediction.

By now, we all know that Trump was perfectly suited for this set-up, seeing only perfection in himself at all times, and convinced that he alone had all of the answers to every question and every issue. His incredible narcissism and his loyalists demands was his fatal weakness, making Trump the perfect mark – a con upon the Con perpetuating an even bigger con on everyone else. If I may say so myself, it was brilliant strategy.

What Trump didn’t realize is that he was being set-up from the beginning with a false sense of ‘support’ and phony numbers, which at times threatened to leak out. Trump didn’t care (or even care to know) what Q was claiming, Q had proclaimed Trump as the man of the hour, playing directly into Donald Trump’s massive narcissism to be literally worshiped by his followers, which is exactly what many of them did.

Anybody else could have done this. After many years of studying the belief systems of fans in conspiracy, end times beliefs, and the rise of the patriot movements that swept this country, I had determined that the fastest way to derail all of these belief systems was to dangle an endless series of unfulfilled promises and expectations that would culminate in a massive failure of such magnitude that no follower of the Q phenomenon would be able to whether the true Storm.

Yes, you read that right. The Storm was not the mass arrest of Democrats and pedophiles, the real Storm was going to be the gigantic letdown and internal divisions at the falsehoods erected by Q and the QAnon movement and the total collapse of the movements that supported Donald J. Trump. My hope was to lead this these movements towards self-destruction and ultimately, destroy their support for Trump. Trump could NOT be allowed to be President for another four years. Yet this plan, the real Plan, nearly failed.

Trump came perilously close to the election win in the 2020 Election, which for the record, was not actually stolen by the Democrats or by Joe Biden. The Democratic Party barely managed to rally up enough voters to give Joe Biden a decisive popular-vote win, and the Electoral College vote win, but Trump threw a gigantic monkey wrench into this outcome and declared the election was both fraudulent and stolen at the same time. What could I do? Play along, obviously, because it was already quite evident that none of these claims were true and none would result in overturning the election into his favor. Declaring a fraudulent election isn’t the same thing as proving it and the Trump supporters had no proof.

So to accomplished that, I enticed and encouraged the rhetoric and the claims to “Stop the Steal” with specific Q drops. Trump fans swiftly embraced this, as did Trump himself (and his legal team). Many others by this time had also done my work for me, being dedicated disciples and deeply embedded within the Q meme. This was the updated ‘plan’, the coming Storm that all would be revealed at the perfect time. Allegedly, Trump would be reconfirmed at the 46th President of the United States and he would now finally be able to take off the gloves and begin the mass arrests along with help from the military.

I knew that there was zero possibility that this would happen and that the failure of Trump to receive the Electoral College votes would be the perfect self-destruct button for the QAnon movement and the deceptions of Q. But then Trump and Rudy Giuliani unleashed the Capitol attack on January 6th. This was the date the Q phenomenon was supposed to have imploded, when the Electoral College votes were officially counted in favor of the winning candidate. Instead, the attendees attacked the Capitol, killing 5 and bringing massive shame and embarrassment onto everyone there.

We all know ‘the rest of the story’. On January 20th, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Donald J. Trump denounced the attackers and pardoned none, betraying his followers forever. QAnon groups waited until the last possible second for a sudden reversal and a vindication that they and Q were right all along. None of this happened, yet some QAnon’s still refused to be believe they had been conned from the start. They blamed Trump (rightly so) and they blamed their fellow QAnons, and they blamed Q.

The truth is we are all to blame, but those that should be blamed the most are the ones who chose to remain the most gullible. None of Q’s predictions, or that of the QAnons came true. Everyone knew that, yet nobody seemed to care. The constantly shifting goal posts should have been a clear sign that Q was deceiving everyone for years, but almost nobody caught on.

To be honest here, I didn’t think they would. This is typical behavior for cult followers. Cult leaders can perform any kind of crime or heinous act and the brainwashed followers won’t care enough to quit and walk away. I knew this from my own study and research on cult movements and I knew that being accurate or truthful didn’t actually matter. It was the reason I picked Trump as the perfect candidate, Trump had operated like this for his entire life. I also knew that Trump would never figure this out (he probably still hasn’t).

But obviously, others have and that’s why I’m not here. Something has happened. I wanted to tell the world what had happened and why and a bit of how it came to pass. But since revealing my identify, I have had very little time to think about next steps. In the end, it worked, and for that I’m glad. Trump is finally gone – it is up to the rest of you to make sure it stays that way.

As for Q, well, I’m gone too. I’m done. I’m sorry for those that got hurt, but the fault is actually yours. You didn’t fact-check anything and I repeatedly told you to do so. You embraced a lie, followed a liar and conceived your own lies the entire time. Nobody else is at fault. We are all responsible for what we believe. Let this be a lesson to everyone – dangerous beliefs are not harmless. They have consequences, and the only way to prove that truth is to let you experience it for yourselves.


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3 thoughts on “Automated Post – Q Alert & Notice

  • January 22, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    “Trump is finally gone…”
    Not so fast.
    It’s fake news, no doubt, but still presents an intriguing scenario:

    Why do QAnon believers think Trump will be sworn in?

    Although the beliefs of QAnon supporters can sometimes take on qualities that are more similar to faith than anything else, the March 4 conspiracy stems from a convoluted scenario involving the military. In this scenario, after Trump’s challenges were tossed out of the Supreme Court, and after Congress certified the election, Trump went to the military to present his case for election fraud.

    Because the fraud implicates China, the theory goes, the military will side with Trump. In order to avoid an armed revolt, though, Biden has to be sworn in, but only as a formality. Then, Trump and the military will present their case for the fraud, and the result will be overturned with Trump sworn in on March 4. That date is significant because, until FDR’s second inauguration, it was the date for the swearing in ceremony for new presidents.

    This theory also relates, in some loose way, to the belief that America is no longer a true democracy and is instead a corporation. The theory, as strange as it sounds, suggests that Biden was actually sworn in as CEO and that when Trump takes power on March 4, he will be restoring America to its democratic roots. Apparently, he’ll be the 17th president, because America hasn’t been a democracy since the Civil War.

    Conveniently, March 4 is a date that is far enough away that it will allow the theory to pick up steam before it is disproved. When March 4 comes, and Biden is still president, some QAnon supporters may be disenchanted. Most, however, will simply glom onto the next conspiracy theory, waiting for one of their prophecies to come true.

  • January 23, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    If the “Q Anon” persona – similar to the Guccifer2.0 “Russian hacker” persona played by an FBI cyber security contractor – was indeed an FBI psychological operation, its goal may have been to take control of, discredit and ultimately derail the supporter base of US President Trump.

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