August 26th 2020

How Mike Pence slowed down the coronavirus response

Why the United States is having a coronavirus data crisis

The pandemic crisis in the United States is DELIBERATE – and it’s been emanating from the Republican Party, including the incompetent “leadership” and lies from Donald J. Trump. Mike Pence is no better. The ineptitude, denials, lies and refusal to take action has already been well-documented elsewhere. Trump tries to take credit and is attempting to rewrite the historical record, but he will never be forgiven for killing thousands of Americans through his massive incompetence.

Of course, belligerent, arrogant and incredibly stupid Americans are also making this worse by engaging in acts of violence, refusing to wear a mask while in public and confronting those who do. We are fast approaching 200,000 dead Americans. Years ago, I wrote that it would take millions of deaths to wake Americans up – and that still appears to be 100% true.

There is some REAL self-hate in these people: Of course the RNC featured anti-choice radical Abby Johnson, who thinks women shouldn’t vote

If you don’t yet believe that they are trying to take America back to the Dark Ages – you need to wake up.

Fake news is usually spread by extreme wings of the political spectrum, study finds

A massive storm is headed to our coast: ‘You can’t survive’: Hurricane Laura storm surge will be so large it will reach I-10 highway and kill anyone in its wake

Netflix has a movie called “Hater” which is worth watching (foreign language). Using a digital marketing company, the storyline reveals just how dangerous it can be to spread disinformation. This isn’t fiction either, it’s being done all over the world right now. Hired guns of disinformation proliferate online, report finds.

In discussion with my wife on this topic, I pointed out to her how so many of the comments online on articles, tweets and social media posts appear to be trying to force a false consensus, usually in the way of support, but just the opposite can be true too. The rapid acceleration of comments doesn’t mean that they are organic and from real humans interested in posting their opinion, it’s likely as not to be a social media “farm” spreading disinformation, trying to raise post views, advertising revenue and promote a particular meme. You see this activity everywhere these days.

The entire Qanon “phenomena” is just so – propaganda posing as information being spread by bots, humans and cult followers. This has now taken on a life of it’s own. Needless to say, Qanon is connedspiracy theory at it’s finest (utter bullshit, every bit of it), but for those that have jumped down this brainwashed sewer dump, they can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

Long before Qanon was ever imagined, I wrote two articles, Surviving Conspiracy Theory Part I, and Surviving Conspiracy Theory Part II. I also wrote Conspiracy Theory. I have long hoped that people would stop embracing, supporting and funding these idiots that are spreading these endless lies and conjecture, but alas, the situation is now far worse then ever.

And there is another long article, PsyOps – Mind Control In the 21st Century that will tell you a great deal more.

America is now in a very, very strange place. Millions of Americans believe whatever garbage they’ve been fed, unable to discern fact from fiction (and too lazy to investigate). It’s rather amazing that we have reached a point where fully half of the population is certifiably crazy and would qualify for mental health care if examined by a professional doctor. The stupidest, most outrageous claims gain traction now at the drop of hat, resulting in widespread disinformation, hatred, violence and agitation.

Media Bias / Fact Check is a good site to stay abreast of for some of the disinformation memes being spread around. There are others, and this one doesn’t go deep enough or reach far enough, but it does cover some of them. Don’t be fooled and get caught up into the endless bullshit – check the facts.

This is also a good time to stay home. Self-styled “protectors” carrying assault rifles are now stupidly killing people by showing up where they don’t belong. Not only did this brain dead fool destroy several lives and cause untold grief and suffering to multiple families, he has now literally thrown away his own life, and will spend the rest of his life in prison, no doubt. Use a gun unlawfully and this is what will happen to you – especially if anyone is harmed or killed.

The gun rights crowd continues to fail to accurately judge the lawful use of firearms and even the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Many of these people are just as unhinged as the connedspiracy theorists. I’ve written quite a few articles on this topic during my long silence of not publishing on this blog. There is a very real and present danger unfolding now in America with far too many absolute idiots agitating for direct violence against those that they wrongly hate. They’re past the point of dialogue and are just waiting for their opportunity to take actions, which as we have seen in recent months, several have.

The end result is always the same. There is no uprising, but there are dead people, pain, suffering and grief, and prison time, lost rights, bankruptcy and sentencing. Those of you that think you’re going to have a war in the United States are beyond deluded – you are certifiably insane. You have apparently either forgotten or never read the United States Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. You do not have the right to attack Americans that are different then you. Do so – and you will be jailed, bankrupted, sentenced or shot. The outcome is always the same. You need to wake up and let people live the lives that they want – it’s none of your damned business anyway. If you want change – pass a law. But if you pick up a gun – you’re going to get what you deserve, because you have lost control and you are now a danger to everyone else, and you belong in prison.

This is why I advocate staying home. The idiots are running the show now, and it’s going to get worse before it can get better.


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