As Fast As We Can

What an incredible waste of human endeavor.

A man-made pile of artifice and fabrication, built upon the graveyard of another hollow icon. Why is it always bigger, better, faster and often alleged, “cheaper”?

It’s man’s insatiable greed that drives him to extinction. Never good enough, every component and element of our planet must be mined, manipulated, constructed, processed, refined and reduced into usuable pile of gadgetry and gargoyles. For a profit of course. Never mind the intrinsic cost. And why not?

The quest for status never ends –

Feldman predicts Wynn’s moment atop the heap of Vegas structures will be short-lived. MGM Mirage is about to break ground on a $4.7 billion, 66-acre, 18 million-square-foot casino, resort and residential high-rise complex just south of Bellagio that Feldman says will “make building the Wynn look easy.” Wynn says bring it on.

“We will keep getting bigger, keep getting bolder in Las Vegas,” he says. “It’s what makes this city great, it’s why people want to come here.”

There’s nothing like the present to build the biggest, baddest and tallest. Be the king of the heap and all that. For a while.


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