Are you Ready to Gag? Kunstler Lays it Down

Jim Kunstler spells it out:

We’re not heading into a recession but a major depression, worse than the fabled trauma of the 1930s. That one occurred against the background of a society that had plenty of everything except money. Back then, we had plenty of mineral resources, lots of trained-and-regimented manpower, millions of productive family farms, factories that were practically new, and more than 90 percent left of the greatest petroleum reserve anywhere in the world. It took a world war to get all that stuff humming cooperatively again, and once it did, we devoted its productive capacity to building an empire of happy motoring leisure. (Tragic choice there.)

This new depression, which I call The Long Emergency, will play out against the background of a society that has pissed away its oil endowment, bulldozed its factories, arbitraged its productive labor, destroyed both family farms and the commercial infrastructure of main street, and trained its population to become overfed diabetic TV zombie “consumers” of other peoples’ productivity, paid for by “money” they haven’t earned. Burning Down The House (link removed).

This, dear readers is “collapse”. Happening right now, everywhere. It is not just limited to the United States, but is occurring all over the world. Kunstler’s article outlines the terrible depression we’re facing, but we’re not alone. Yet for all practical purposes, we might as well be.


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2 thoughts on “Are you Ready to Gag? Kunstler Lays it Down

  • February 11, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    Ahem … NOT “billions and billions” (with apology to the late Carl Sagan) BUT Trillions and Trillions – just last month.

    And the housing/mortgage crash has barely begun to bite. Really. Google it. And the Derivatives Dump, AKA Delusionary Boondoggle of All Time, is waiting impatiently just off stage. NTM the other ‘credit markets’ and ponzi-scheme shenanigans more than ready to implode. Come spring (if it does), the dollar is in the literal toilet and every single one of us is swimming madly against the sucking vortex of karma just to gasp for for more breath of (foul) air. That any can withstand the gravitation flush into the fetid septic tank of human experience is considerably more than problematic.

    Look around. Carefully. What do you see (have). This time next year, whatever you now see won’t be there. Don’t bank on it, bury it.

    And good riddance.

  • February 11, 2008 at 4:34 pm
    I hate how facts combine with colds making me feel totally helpless.

    The virus will pass – the facts will stay.
    Spring will come – the hungry time will just be beginning.

    I’ve started the slips for sweet potatoes, figuring that they will provide a reasonable return on calories from the garden. Can’t work the frozen ground yet outside, can barely keep the cold frame covered the way the winds have been unusually intense this winter.

    Waiting for spring, watching collapse, watching the sheeple look to the election for change. Yeah, it’s only the virus that’s depressing.

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