Are YOU Prepared For Disaster?

Most people should be aware of the huge fires at Ft. McMurry, Alberta and the evacuation of an entire city. Unfortunately, mega-fires are going to become the norm for most locations.

You read that right – most locations. You don’t have to be in the middle of a forest to be effected by higher temperatures and drought conditions. You just need to be anywhere there is flammable fuel and that applies to every city and town in the world.

In Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II (September, 2015), I pointed out the fire and water would be the two greatest threats “to infrastructure, property and lives.”  People around the world are suffering through both types of these disasters every single day now. But they’re also facing starvation.

Droughts and fires destroy food production, and can also destroy or impact all food processing facilities (farms, trains, factories, warehouses, stores, even jobs), and so can water. Workers in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas have seen drought destroy cattle herds and hay production, losing their jobs – and their ability to feed themselves. Factories or stores destroyed by floods or rising seas displace workers, jobs and food production. When the money runs out, the unemployed lose their ability to stay (becoming a climate refugee in reality). Moving is required in order to stay alive. A return to employment is also required.

This is how most people feed themselves today, by working and exchanging their time and labor for money, which is then exchanged for factory processed foods. Without employment, most Americans would starve to death (and in short order). In any disaster area, and for any cause, the ability to find food swiftly becomes an emergency (mere hours, not days).

But what happens when entire regions are stricken with disaster? Without outside support, they collapse in rioting and competition for essential survival needs (food, water, shelter, fuel, security) and stay that way until these essential needs are restored.

Here’s the meaning of this: When a disaster strikes an area, the affected region can “last” only as long as it can provide food, water, shelter, fuel and security for its citizens. Once that is gone – or any part of this is gone – chaos reigns. This might be suppressed temporarily by the internal resources within the affected region, but without outside help to replenish dwindling supplies, keeping the peace will not succeed.

The importance of this should be clear – humans can only cope with limited scale disasters – and only as long as we keep helping the afflicted – and only as long as we can provide or obtain the essentials.

Climate change means something far, far bigger then this. As a global disaster, climate change accelerates and fosters regional and local disasters, eventually affecting the entire world. By way of drought, flood, fire or extreme weather conditions and events, climate change represents a future of unending disasters which will encompass the whole world.

This will challenge the assumption that humans will always receive the help they need in order to survive. This is false. They already don’t in many parts of the world and this will worsen as more and more people (billions) are affected. Even bigger disasters will make for even less help.

There is a lot of hopium about the future that is affecting people, politics, policy and planning. I want to dispel all of this as the false hope that it is, because none of this can change the physics at work. The natural variability and composition of the atmosphere is forever changed as far as humanity is concerned, and is not subject to any hope, plans or policy that we may yet undertake. Therefore, taking what we already know into account about climate and what this new composition actually means for the future, the hopium being expressed that we can escape unending climate-related disasters is utterly false.

Astute observers would have already noticed that nobody on the planet has escaped the changes in the world’s climate. Nobody ever will either. Therefore, the only and obvious thing to do is to prepare for climate collapse. And this is exactly what is not happening. The stubborn assumption that people don’t need to prepare for their own survival is still here. This attitude is also still prevalent among countries and nations, who are dependent upon outside resources for their survival (just like every human does).

As the fires of Ft. Mac reveal, and as did Hurricane Katrina and many other disasters reveal, don’t expect government to protect you, feed you or even save you when a disaster strikes your area. Government and politicians and empty promises offer no protection whatsoever against climate change and never will. You WILL be affected by either drought, flood, fire, extreme weather and higher temperatures at some point in the future – there is absolutely no escaping this. Ultimately, if YOU don’t prepare for climate collapse, you’re in denial about your own peril and what climate change really means.

A growing number of reports predict massive starvation ahead as world food supplies decline. Water will only increase in competition and demand. The stability of civilization depends on these two things more then any other. This is why every American and every human on the planet should be prepared with these essentials for survival. It’s terribly naive to assume that government or business will always be able to provide access to these things, when disaster strikes, they often don’t and can’t.

Individuals, families and businesses, even large corporations need to prepare as quickly as possible, because nobody knows the timing of when they will be in need, or by what means disaster will strike. We only know some of them, some which are a certain as the rising sun such as climate change and how it will affect the world’s food supply, our ability to avoid lethal wet-bulb temperatures and all the related water and fire issues. We already know that this is going to happen (a certainty). You have to prepare in advance, it’s too late to deal with this after a disaster strikes. Therefore, now is the time to do this.

As we swing into another hotter summer then ever before, and a hotter year then any time in human history, and as scientist watch the ice melt and predict a “blue ocean event” as early as this fall, realize that climate change is utterly indifferent to opinions, beliefs, denials or desires. What’s happening to the world’s climate is unstoppable now and it will affect every single human on the planet. Your only choice, your only option now is to prepare for this.


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