Arctic Warming “locked in”

You’d have to be among the sleeping zombies to not already know this, but if you find this sort of news interesting, here’s the link: 3-5°C temperature rise is now “locked-in” for the Arctic

And here’s what the article DOESN’T tell you:

This is the death of the planetary biosphere, i.e., “extinction of most life forms, including humans”. Warming of this magnitude in the Arctic means MORE then this warming in the rest of the world where nearly everyone else actually lives. As I’ve often explained, we starve first as food crops fail. There will be no escaping this fact. And this level of warming means a massive “carbon bomb” is released into the atmosphere and will be virtually unstoppable.

Greenland and Antarctica will also contribute to massive sea level rise, inundating the coastlines worldwide, triggering a widespread refugee crisis. The article plays this down, but it’s a fact. Moreover, the article pretends to portray the “possibility” of meeting the Paris Agreements (a fabricated lie), and that “the impacts globally would also be huge”. No – they will be absolutely catastrophic, a extinction level event.

This is yet another example of totally failing to report the actual facts (impacts) on what it’s going to mean for the world environment and human survival to lose the Arctic. This “soft approach” may appease editors and publications, but it’s definitely worse then disingenuous now, it’s downright genocidal.

Predictably, they’re not going to bother and try to tell people what to do, because they have no idea.


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