Arctic Ice Update

A good overview on just how fast and how far gone the ice in the Arctic is now:

Arctic Ice Loss Stuns Science

If you have now seen this, what you have really witnessed is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ gasping for its last breath of breathable air.

The loss of the Arctic ice is going to cause extreme climate problems world wide as the oceans continue to heat up.

I’ve been watching this all summer and lately, been real quiet about what this means because I do not think people can accept the truth.

Russian scientists have discovered more than 200 sources of methane emissions in the Arctic, particularly in the north of the Laptev Sea. Two of the methane fields exceed 1 kilometer in diameter, said Igor Semiletov, expedition head aboard the Viktor Buinitsky research vessel. Methane emissions in the Arctic have been observed before and are explained by bacterial activity. Head of the ecology department at Moscow State University, Dmitry Zamolodchikov, spoke about the possible consequences in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.

We’re truly in a red alert situation that is not being widely recognized. Yet even if it was, I’m personally unconvinced that there is anything we could do that would help in time. Positive feedback effects are now in motion and there is now so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (lasting hundreds of years even if we went to zero emissions today) that “reversing” this as claimed, seems patently false.


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