Arctic 18F Above Normal

From Record-Shattering February Warmth Bakes Alaska, Arctic 18°F Above Normal –

“It was so hot last month that large parts of the Arctic averaged more than 18°F (10°C) above normal.”

And something quite ominous – Arctic News is predicting extreme jumps in temperatures over land (surface of the Earth, not just the Arctic) that are unsurvivable in just ten years.

By 2026, will it be 3.9°C (low) or 10.4°C (high warmer on land than at the start of the industrial revolution? – February Temperatures

And there is this too –

World temperature could rise rapidly by 2020 – ‘Our model shows we may have less time left than expected to prevent world temperature from rising above these thresholds’

It is indeed a planetary emergency, one which is not being addressed adequately. Anyone who foolishly thinks that the world governments are going to solve this, or that COP21 did anything towards a fix needs to pay close attention here. There is not enough time to solve this.

Therefore, you had best solve your needs (survival) for yourselves. I have been warning about this for years and years, but I’m one of the very few voices out there even trying like this. Most people continue to believe in fairy tales and fantasies.

The food will run out before we die of heat stroke. The crops will fail, the water will either be too much (like what’s happening now in Louisiana and England or Dubai) or too little (like what’s happening in South America). War and conflicts will increase for essential resources for human survival. The human community cannot survive at 4°C (which is only the low estimate given above) and neither can anything else.


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5 thoughts on “Arctic 18F Above Normal

  • March 13, 2016 at 1:08 pm
    It’s not ‘just’ the arctic. It’s easy been plus 20 to 30F above ‘normal’ here for going on two months. Seriously. On a semi-related score, it snot ‘just’ the planets environment that’s flipping-out. The pink misery monkeys of ‘Mericaca are raging against the cage (so-called reality) that they’ve created. All hail d’ Führer, King of the Apes. The murder of an entire planet is … so what, what about me yesterday. But an insane Demigod of deliberate stupidity can incite riot and win ‘hearts and minds’ filled with hatred with apparent impunity. At this rate, ‘Mericaca with be in a full-blown (un) civil war by summer. Hey, I know, let’s all go insane before the thermometers hit 100F and maybe we won’t notice getting desiccated or starvation. Yeah, that’ll work out fine.
    • March 13, 2016 at 1:28 pm

      Same here. Planted my greenhouse yesterday while contemplating this unfolding planetary insanity. Way too soon to plant, but it’s way too warm to hold off any longer.

      I have deliberately refrained from writing about the fascist revival now unfolding. Scary levels of stupidity and hatred spreading like wildfire. Totally uncontrolled. Yet one more thing to ‘prepare’ for (which I did, years ago). Just didn’t think it was going to be Americans against ‘mericans. Not like this. We’re supposed to be on the same side, but we’re obviously not. It’s 1939 again.

    • March 14, 2016 at 8:11 am

      We’ve reached the point in Amerika that intelligence and awareness is derided. It is a very scary time now to be a real American, to be aware of the rise of fascism and the utter insanity that now passes for political ‘leadership’.

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