Apocalypse, NOT!!!

Well, I’m still here…. and so are all of you. Or at least most of you.

The dreaded apocalypse didn’t happen. Guess I’d better finish clearing the roads from the gigantic snowfall.

This would be a GOOD time to make some new resolutions.  The heck with waiting for the New Year.

We just got handed a new life!!!

No reason to delay our thanks or our resolve.  To never, ever fall for the crowd insanity that overtakes the world from time to time.

Apocalypse Fail!!!

Or in some cases, all of the time.

You know who I’m talking about. There are people, millions and millions of people who are only living for the “end”. Their goal it seems, is to die.  They believe, earnestly — that this is how they will find real life.

There are also millions and millions of others who just as earnestly believe that they shouldn’t listen to anything that refutes their world view (such as science). The Apocalypse was in fact, one gigantic conspiracy to kill millions.  They don’t want to tell us the secret truth about arrival / impact / passing by of Planet X.  Or the Rapture.  Or space aliens who would whisk away only the faithful.

Anyone who has been around long enough will come to realize that humans do tend to act pretty irrationally.  At times, a LOT of humans will act irrationally in large groups, in a herd-like stampede for the exits.

Yet this never comes to fruition. Nothing feared ever happens.  Desperately then, the absence of proof is grasped at as the evidence that it must be true, and that the blind “cannot see” while the only the “believer” truly can.

This sort of thinking perpetuates the illusions (and fattens the prophets [sic]). Getting grounded in reality is NOT what these groups and leaders want. It’s much easier to control people if you corral them into illusionary belief systems.

This is very common today. I often write about this failure to grasp reality because when billions of humans are literally living on another planet in their minds, they’re actions, taken collectively, are having a GIGANTIC impact upon the rest of us.

Plus, we have to put up with their shit.

If you’ve never been browbeaten to death by the converted, you probably will be someday. Hopefully you’ll learn something from the experience.

I do respect the right of individuals to choose any sort of beliefs and views that they want. But that doesn’t mean we should allow society to become their victims.  The recent closures of towns and mountain tops due to huge influx of “doomers” is a case in point, but it goes much, much farther then that.

Individuals make groups, groups make crowds, crowds make mobs and mobs make problems.  So what if you have millions who believe that the “end is nigh”?  How much of a problem is this?

It’s a pretty serious problem, actually.  Let me pick on another “belief” that is found in the so-called “prepper movement”. Hundreds of thousands of these people, individually believe that they can run off and hide / survive in the wilderness.  Their “Apocalypse” could be anything, financial crash, gun confiscation, martial law, blue helmets “invading”, alien abduction, whatever.

Do you have any idea what kinds of problems this will create for the rest of society (in mere days) should they ever try this? I’ve covered this topic at some length — it will be a disaster for them and for everyone else.  It points out the fallacies of this “belief system”, that is not based upon facts or evidence and instead, has planted a false set of ideas and notions about “how to survive”.

Being a pretty big part in the preparedness community, I thought it was way overdue to point out that this sort of reactionary thinking was doomed to fail in a very, very big way.

Ah hem…. I was also in the ministry for many years, and came across the same type of thinking among the “end timers”, who do not choose to live in the present, but are preparing “for the end”.  Millions of people believe in a “pre-trib” Rapture, and millions believe in “mid-trib” and even “post-trib” (tribulation period) Rapture.  Is this dangerous to society?  What does it mean to have millions of people (hundreds of millions around the world) acting upon this type of belief?

It’s not that hard to figure out.  Anyone who does not believe that they are going to be around “long enough” does not care about what happens to the rest of us.  Or to our society or civilization (they’ve got an answer for that too, we’re going to get our “just desserts”).  They don’t particularly care who gets (s)Elected into office, unless it’s someone who supports their belief system.  They certainly do not care about how much we trash the planet and waste the environmental resources. After all, God gave man the RIGHT to do whatever it was he wanted to the place.

This disconnect leads to many false attitudes, such as “what man does doesn’t really matter“, and “God is in charge“, “all things happen according to God’s will” (which would have to include virtually everything, war, drone strikes, targeted assassinations, rape, torture, murder, crime), and even though “God is not doing these things, but He does allow them to happen“.  If you notice, there is a shift of responsibility and particularly accountability on who is doing what — and who is really responsible for such things.  In other words, yes — humans do evil things, but it is the will of God in the end.

If you’re ever read many of the foreign commentators (Muslim apparently) who also make such comments in a similar vein, this should chill your blood.  There are BILLIONS of people who do not accept human responsibility. Even though there is clear evidence that it is (always) humans doing evil to other humans, they earnestly believe that it is the will of God.

Now you have your “answer” on how serious a problem this is.  They too believe that “the end is nigh”, awaiting, expecting and encouraging anything that will hasten this end to arrive sooner.

What does this mean to the rest of us? It means we live in a dangerously deluded world and can be victimized by these followers (taken advantage of, or even killed, which some consider is their “right”) at any time.

Look around, and what do you see?  Hatred, waves and waves pounding against our shores of pure hatred.  But what about within the country?  It’s really not any different, it’s disguised slightly is all.  There are millions of people in this country who simply cannot want to be taken out of here, absolutely convinced that this is “the answer” for their lives, indeed the very point to their entire existence.  They’re deeply disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Billions of dollars in profits are being raked in by the organizations and leaders that promote this sort of worldview. I won’t bother to make much of a mention of their corruption, scandals, high living and hypocritical ways, everybody should be well aware of that by now.

Yet despite the complete and total lack of evidence, and the obvious corruption, these beliefs continue to flourish.

I’ve come to view this and many other “escapists” beliefs as being very dangerous for mankind. The only good news I can offer here is humans have had such beliefs for millenniums, for thousand and thousands of years, so we have been able to survive this.  But it has been a VERY turbulent and VIOLENT millennium, which is due in a very large part to such beliefs!

These beliefs then, are not harmless at all.  They’re actually murderous, robbing millions of a real life, and killing hundreds and hundreds of millions more in the past thousand years. If you’ve never studied the Inquisition or the history of wars, including modern ones, you should. Underlying most of them is the belief that the war makers are entirely justified, even authorized by God Himself to engage in brutal acts of wanton slaughter.

It’s still happening.  The Iraq War was no exception, and neither is the war in Afghanistan.  Christians war against Muslim (again and again) and Muslims war against Christians (again and again). In this meat-grinder are your sons and daughters, ordered into battle by deranged and seriously deluded “leaders” who believe they are acting as God’s emissaries on Earth, killing, maiming, bombing and torturing the “infidels” and their bystanders in a millennium of endless bloodletting.

This is their version of Apocalypse Now.  They too believe that they must establish a world through violence for the “chosen” (white, religious, American).  They may not have crowded up on a mountain top yesterday or today, awaiting the end, but they might as well have, demonstrating to the rest of the world just how utterly insane they are.

God is always invoked (and “patriotism” to one’s country) as all the reason “needed” to engage in evil acts of brutality and murder by these people.  They believe that they are “chosen” to be “victorious” upon the bones and destroyed lives of their victims.


(right click “View Image” to see fullsize)

Only the truly blind who hate life could believe that they are doing good by such actions.  We can measure their murdered victims in the hundreds of millions now.

Our society promotes such people to the forefront (that’s how screwed up we really are).  On the sidelines, they were only mildly dangerous, having a small sphere of influence, but now, many of these insane individuals are in charge.  We have the evidence of just how murderous they really are.

Wrong beliefs acted upon can be very dangerous to the world. It can be as simple as an idiot going bezerk over his cold Chicken McNuggets, or entire nations engaging in endless bloodletting.  Or deceiving millions into believing that the “end is nigh”.

The recent failure of the Apocalypse will happen again (and again). Count on it.  It is not hard to disprove, history is replete with hundreds of thousands of failed predictions.  There will be no magical rescue.  There will be no escape.  There will only be the daily reality of what is happening our world.  All human caused.  All as the result of what humans are doing to each other and to the world we live on.

Reality is certainly hard enough. Escapism is no answer however, because it leads to irresponsibility.  You HAVE to deal with the world, as it REALLY IS.

The hope oft-expressed is to simply escape. Run off into the woods, jump on a magical carpet and fly away or simply run away — leaving behind (or destroyed) what you couldn’t deal with.  That is not an answer.  It’s not even a question, it’s deferment (let someone else deal with the problem).  It’s often couched in terms to make it somehow acceptable, “belief”, “faith”, or “truth”.  It is a cowardly response embraced by those who refuse to deal with reality.

Reality doesn’t “go away” just because you want it to, or because you try to escape.  It still remains.  It always does.

Reality may not be pleasant, or desirable, or even likeable at all. It may be brutality hard, torturous or even murderous, but it is still reality.  Reality is in sum total — what humans are doing to other humans (including themselves) and to the planet we live on, including acting upon a false sense of beliefs.  Whether you tried to survive the Apocalypse on a mountain top, bunker or you ran off into the woods — or whether you were already “certain” that this would fail (yet secretly hope for another “event”) — your reality is what you are doing and how you are acting upon your beliefs. You are either helping yourself — or hurting yourself (and those around you) by acting wisely, or acting irresponsibly.

This blog is not popular. I refuse to jump on board the idiot-train I see going on in much of the “prepper” world and in much of the rest of the world, that constantly embraces fear, paranoia, propaganda and disinformation.  Most of the fear is self-generated.  Most of it is misguided, misinformed and misplaced.  Most of it doesn’t have a hill of beans to do with anything and will have no effect upon your life at all.  Most of it you can’t do anything about anyway.  The only thing you can do is to start taking full responsibility for yourself and for your family, and not be persuaded to act irrationally or in fear.  Almost everything else is entirely outside of your control.

It doesn’t matter what the world does — what matters is what YOU do.  It was always this way.  It will always BE this way.  Our individual sphere’s of influence is actually pretty small, but fear is contagious disease that can spread like wildfire, creating mob mentality and reaction.  Nobody needs to be a part of this.  Nobody should be a part of this.

You do have a choice.  Choose wisely, with both feet planted on the ground and your head out of the clouds.  There isn’t anything up there for you.  It’s all right here, down on planet Earth.  This is where you live.  This is where your existence happens.  This is where you slog through life.  This is where you are needed, if even only for just yourself.


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4 thoughts on “Apocalypse, NOT!!!

  • December 25, 2012 at 7:26 am

    I never thought 12-21-12 would be the end of the world but think maybe the Mayans were telling us we’ll need a new calendar. Here’s why I believe so:

    Last year I began working on installing a very small “starter” solar system, buying equipment piece by piece, slowly reading and studying how it all works. In order to determine true north and south, one cannot waste time using a compass around here with all the iron ore in the area. So I used the three-stick method. At exactly noon on either winter solstice or summer solstice, line up three stakes/sticks, driven into the ground, so that the shadow of the first falls on the second and the shadow of the second falls on the third. I was one day late last year, so did this the day after winter solstice anyway, thinking next year I’ll do this exactly on 12-21 and then can correct my very minor error.

    Well, this year I made sure my watch was exact, and on the day of solstice went to the site to nudge the stakes a few millimeters into their correct positions, and was dumbfounded by what I saw. The sun was at a very different angle.

    So, I set out three new stakes, making a line which intersects last year’s line in an “X”. I then labeled the lines as “2011” and “2012”. Then got a carpenter’s square to see the difference. Still in shock.

    I urge anyone reading this to do your own experiment. It’s not too late, so just go out there today and set up the stakes, labeling them. Next year on the 25th, do the same thing and see what you find.

    I DO clearly recall last year when I set up the stakes, that I didn’t think “south” was in the direction that my stakes showed. At least this year “south” does seem more in the correct direction I sense.

    Another thing I noticed last year was that although it always gets dark by 5 PM on winter solstice, it did not get dark till around 5:30 PM on that shortest day of the year. A gardener friend agreed with me, but most of my other friends are too busy on their computers to notice.

    Whatever else is happening, I do not know, but I believe the axis of the earth is tilting at a different angle than before. I’ve been looking at our globe and tilting it in various directions to give me more ideas about what this means. Much more thought is needed obviously. Maybe I need to do more research about the Chandler Wobble and whatever other wobbles occur that may account for this discrepancy.

  • December 29, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    I’ve been pondering your comment about the Sun. I did receive another email from the Far North, they too have notice a fairly dramatic change in alignment.

    Anybody else have similar observations?

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