Another Monster Raises Its Ugly Head

I suppose that using the word “monster” again might be viewed as overkill or hyperbole. But considering what is happening on the climate front, probably not.


Onrush of Second Monster Kelvin Wave Raises Specter of 2015 Super El Nino

Ocean temperatures are going off the charts, which might explain the massive kills taking place on beaches. Either the animals are starving to death or trying to escape the ocean heat (or it’s anoxia).

In other news, I just read this tidbit:

“the average temperature of permafrost in Alaska, Russia and other Arctic regions was nearly 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Now the average is just over 28 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Gee – only 4 degrees now from total liquefaction…

And some of you silly people still don’t think things are getting a bit warm… this time it’s the formerly frozen soil we have to question.

Warm blob in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across US

At Start of 2015 Melt Season, Arctic Sea Ice is in a Terrible State

And another monster – the “monster drought” that is taking its toll:

The American West Dries Up – great series of photographs (must see)

LA: Groundwater Levels Plummet

India: Groundwater levels plummet

The Next Crime Wave in Farm Country: Stealing Water

California delta’s water missing amid drought

California drought: Will the Golden State turn brown?

California’s new era of heat destroys all previous records – Sadly, this is only the beginning

13 million people in Sao Paulo have water on two days a week now. If you haven’t seen Sao Paul, go here for some photos, it’s HUGE. But the crisis is more then just one mega-city, it’s now encompasses at least 56 cities: Brazil water crisis: 56 Northeastern cities are in state of collapse, says government

Brace yourselves for a flood of immigrants and climate refugees – some of them will be Americans fleeing inhospitable areas in the lower 48 states…

I’ve written about all of this before, many times, in the hopes that people would finally take heed and prepare for what is coming. But its fallen on deaf ears. City planners are simply relying on hope and a prayer that things will return back to “normal”, but that’s simply impossible now.

The global hydrological cycle is vastly disrupted, and it’s quite safe to say it will never return to normal again in any of our lifetimes. Mega-droughts will run back-to-back with mega-floods and the global temperature increase causes more evaporation – which will come down somewhere. But not where we would want or expect.

Human civilization around the entire world was built upon the expected patterns of seasons, rainfall and snow pack and even sea-level rise. But all that has changed now. Beach front property is no longer a great investment. Not when the unstoppable ocean floods everything that was built there. Miami residents are learning what the new “normal” is. But so are Californians, as the historic snow packs are entirely absent and the aquifers dry up.

Looks like it’s going to get serious – soon.

There’s tons and tons more articles being posted daily about these events. Just in case you didn’t know – North Siberian Arctic Permafrost Methane Eruption Vents

P.S. – those of you who still feel that the planet is going to get colder (mini “ice age”) need to stop and read the science. There is NOTHING in the science literature that supports this theory. Overall global surface and ocean temperatures are rising DRAMATICALLY now. Ocean temperatures are over 20F higher then normal is some locations (that’s stupendously huge). Arctic temperatures are also literally off the charts EVERY SINGLE DAY. Cryosphere scientist are scared by what this all means. Every indication is that runaway global warming and trigger points have all been reached. Greenland ice losses are also stupendous now – at least 22% higher then what was predicted by the 2013 IPCC report. Antarctica is losing 30 – 50 cubic miles of ice per year and accelerating.

This is why the ocean currents are slowing down, and why the jet stream has been so erratic and why “blocking” events are so common. The atmospheric “rivers” that have controlled the world’s climate are being directly affected by the warming temperatures and amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. Higher temperatures means more evaporation. But it’s not falling when or where or even how it has been expected.

The overall impact that this will all have on human civilization cannot be understated. But it can go on being ignored… which like the good people of Sao Paulo have found out, until it was far too late.

Another monster raises its ugly head (and some of you probably thought I was talking about Hillary).

The fight for water and survival won’t care who wins the 2016 (s)Election (and neither do I). That circus will just like all the other circus events we’ve had to suffer through, with paid prostitutes and political whores pirouetting about with more empty promises and broken trust. Instead, they will entreat us to even more political pandering bullshit, brokering with the “business of politics” as usual (BAU) as their only stock to “trade” (your future, your life, your only home).

My wish is that NONE of them would run (or be permitted to run), including Cruz, Hillary, Rand and that “other guy”. All of them lack the cajones (ie., courage) to do what needs to be done and several aren’t even remotely qualified to even be considered for the office. NONE of “the chosen” spew have a f*cking clue about what is happening to the planet and our only home. Their ignorance is definitely not going to be your bliss, but it will be your suffering.

It is CLEARLY evident that political will and leadership will remain SORELY LACKING in the United States at this late date and will do NOTHING in time to prevent catastrophe anywhere.

Mark my words – you are on your own.


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