Another Bogus Threat Emerges

Another alleged ‘terror threat’, just in time for the (s)elections is being widely promoted by every major network.  The alleged targets are as suspicious as the timing.

I guess al Qaeda is lacking in their skills these days.  From flying jetliners at 500 mph into towering skyscrapers to wiring together white powder and cell phone components and mailing them thousands of miles via UPS — this must be almost embarrassing for them.

Of course, I don’t believe for one split second that this ‘threat’ is anything more then yet another false flag terror scare being orchestrated by the usual suspects.


Idiot infotainment networks are all over this.

I caught a quick Diane Sawyer click with Richard Clark, who said that “there are 500 – 600 al Qaeda suspected of being in Yemen” (the alleged source of the bombs), “triple the number in Afghanistan”.

Triple?  Triple?

I can do basic math.  We’ve got tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan at a cost of billions and billions to chase down 200 ‘terrorists’?

Oh, wait, it’s only 100 possible terrorists in Afghanistan (1/3 the alleged Yemen count) according to this source: Authorities believe about 300 al Qaeda members or cells operate in Yemen

That’s some deal we’re getting there.  But most people still buy into this sham / scare / fake / terror crap (and can’t do the math or just don’t care).

If anything, this just demonstrates to us and, I think to the Yemenis as well, that we need to redouble our efforts so that we’re able to destroy al Qaeda, and we will.

Uh, no you won’t… since you can’t, and you haven’t been able to so far and to keep spouting off these ridiculous numbers while running the United States into bankruptcy makes no damned sense whatsoever.

I’m not siding with the terrorists — just siding with common sense and refusing to believe the lies that these idiots keep trying to shove down our throats while ‘protecting us’.

Here’s a common sense vid on the topic.

Whatever is finally ‘revealed’ on this ‘threat’, you can be pretty certain that it’s not at all what they spin they started off with.

Perhaps it’s a kid with a Heath Kit he found on eBay and a bad attitude, working in his fathers basement.

Whatever it is, it’s not what we’ve already been told.


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