Angelina Gains 10 lbs!

Is she pregnant?

Know that the groundswell many think is required to change the course of this country is simply not there and never, ever will be. They’re too distracted.

These are real headlines by the way. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Historically, it was always a tiny few who initiated the changes that were needed. Only when it became popular or safe, did the crowds join in. But long before this, there was a tiny minority that risked their lives to instigate changes for the common good.

Today, the common good isn’t even recognizable. Ask five different people what’s most needed for this country and you’d received 5 different answers. No one single answer would suffice in fact, since what’s most needed is now a broad set of requirements and changes from top to bottom.

The run up to the 2008 selection is underway. Hillary has been anointed as the next usurper. The rest is history, but don’t say that too loudly. The distractions, inactions and deceptions will continue right up until this unfolds itself as being the final result.

Ron Paul supporters are upset that he’s not getting fair coverage. While this is true and they’re quite justified, it wouldn’t matter if he was elected. They’d never let it happen and if it did by some miraculous event, he’d not last a month in office.

The false but tiredly worn out rut is that politics and politicians can now “change our course”, but this is laughably false if I wasn’t crying. Forgetitaboutit. Ain’t never going to happen. Staying the course is a fact of life in America, come hell or high water, which are both coming our way.

The groundswell that many have falsely claimed is “necessary” to change our direction has materialized, but it’s not what everyone thinks. It didn’t change a thing. Over 75% of Americans oppose the war. So what?

A newly elected Congress was given a mandate by the people to put a stop to this war. So what? Instead, they’ve given Bush everything he wanted and much, much more.

What’s more important today then Angelina’s baby bump?


Let’s just be honest here. I’m getting mighty tired of the pandering and posturing and pretending that is plaguing everyone, including myself. We’ve lost this war in America and in Iraq and we’re constantly, continually refusing to do what is necessary to change our course on every single important issue that actually does matter.

Therefore, we can do as we’ve always done, go on pretending that the mundane is more important then the profane, that life, liberty and the pursuit of our happiness really does require bloodshed of others, that inaction and torture make great bedfellows, and that politicians are the magically anointed ones who really can save mankind from themselves.

Angelina for President! It makes the most sense I’ve heard all week. And I don’t even care if she is pregnant.


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3 thoughts on “Angelina Gains 10 lbs!

  • October 9, 2007 at 5:26 pm
    Your headline made me laugh out loud…

    Even a hard-core doomer like myself needs cheering up from time to time. Thanks!

  • October 9, 2007 at 5:51 pm
    mucho bravo

    the paragraph before last is stunningly elegant.

    Paraphraing Einstein, NO problem can be solved by the ‘thinking’ (prejudice selection/preservation) that created them in the first place. The future is here, just not widely distrubuted. Therefore, humanity ‘as we knew it’ is extinct but most don’t know it yet. Americans will refuse delivery of reality ‘until the bitter end’ and ‘make make-believe’ (as we always have), ‘if it kills us’ – and It surely will. “It’ will be ugly like no one has ever bishing known. “Shut It Down” indeed. The sooner the better in every way.

  • October 10, 2007 at 7:32 am
    Some great posts as of late. Thanks for the reminders in the gold article about buying food. I did start shopping your site, but then couldn’t decide which was best to buy. I know that’s an excuse and I’ll get off my duff and buy some soon.

    I really appreciate the posts on here and though I may still be only one of a few thousand that visit and read this site, please don’t stop with the articles and the analysis. I hope all is well.

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