And the Winner Is …….

Guess it couldn’t last long. Some spammer hit my email inbox with a subject line on who won the (s)Election.  So now I already know.

Looking around, the Net seems to be filled with despair, hope, optimism, disgust — all the usual things, with or without a (s)Election.

In short, nothing changed.  Pretty much as expected.  But I am surprised.  I actually thought Romney would win.  The way the Sludge Report was going on, and other sites I spot checked, it was a sure thing.  Even saw several feature articles about how huge a win Romney was going to have.

They were all wrong.  Which does underscore the points I’ve shared regarding the media and the deception taking place.  There’s a awful lot of of manipulation going on in the American press, especially the so-called alternative news.

Everyone please note: the so-called ‘October Surprise’ also totally failed to materialize.  Certain websites have been really busy hyping up this propaganda. Many went much further, convinced a false-flag event would occur just prior to the (s)Election.  Martial law would ensue, Americans would be rounded up, Red List enacted and a whole range of really ridiculous conspiracy theories were floated around.

None of it happened.

Embracing a false reality seems to be an Americant pastime. Probably no real need to say more.  Blogging about it does little good. It would make more economic sense to “join them” and be a part of the disinformation being spread around.

Except I can’t bring myself to do it.

I’d like to see a renaissance of common sense, but it probably won’t happen. The country is more polarized then ever, but that would have happened even if Mickey Mouse had been (s)Elected.  What hasn’t happened however, is worth contemplating.

No Rapture, no martial law, no riots, no sea change, no gun confiscation, no revolution.  The “big” events predicted all failed to materialize, every last one of them.  Nothing has changed.

So can we now, finally, get on with the business of grasping reality?


Ah yes, the StupidNet.  Still trying to undermine common sense, reason and even the basic understanding of how the world really works.  Can’t forget the StupidNet….

Which is also as it was “before”.  Same world, same conspiracies, same conjecture, straw arguments, misleading assumptions.  Same authors, only a little bit crazier then before.  And the same audiences, still listening, still “following”, still acting like the sheep that they are.

Not going to change that, nobody is.  The StupidNet promotes such deceptions by virtue of “no accountability” encouraged.  Anybody can be a online superstar with enough promotion. The wilder the conspiracy, the bigger the advertising revenue.  Not going to change that.

I like the Internet. Great research tool.  Tons and tons of information to be found out, learned, studied, discovered.  Yet its also misleading. Not just the misunderstanding / assumptions / conjecture posted, but how it creates a “false reality” of the world.  Words and images, even “moving pictures” fail to create the sense of reality that actually exists.  Close, but as they say, no tamale. The spice and flavor is missing.

And it’s infested with absolute idiots.

So we try to wade our way around them, this information “superhighway”, replete with robbers, barons, barristers and bullies.  Masks cover their nefarious activities and intentions.  The traps await.  Specifically the misleading, misreported, and misguided “news” that promises to be the (only) source of “truth”.  Capturing minds and imaginations and of course, pocketbooks.

Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent on the (s)Election, with major players buying major ads in the nations media outlets.  Most were absolutely CERTAIN that this would be money well-spent.  Karl Rove dropped 300 million.  Boy oh boy, were these idiots dead wrong.  Actually kind of glad to see these sociopaths a little bit poorer.  After what they did to the country during the Bush junta, they should be in prison.

I’ve no hope for Obama.  Never did. Still don’t.  I guess he “won”, whatever that actually means.  Doesn’t change a thing for me or for you.  The Empire continues, which is was destined to do anyway.  Meanwhile, down here in the peanut factory, we’re still busy at work, shelling peanuts.  Peanuts grow, somebody’s got to harvest them.  Somebody else has got to process them.  Somebody else’s got to ship them out.  Life goes on.

There will be a lot of casting about for the next “major news event”.  Americants are fixated on being titillated. 15 second attention spans, if that.  Not trying to hammer on Americans, just stating the facts as they are.  Something will come along.  Pretty soon I imagine.  Probably doesn’t matter much either, whatever it is.  But in the meanwhile, as I’ve been overly fond of saying, we really do have some really big issues hurting us all.  They’re progressing because we’re not.

So no matter how you feel about the (s)Election, life goes on.  Not much will change.  Nothing will improve.  Decline will continue.  Almost nobody will / would have been better off if the results had been different.  You may not like it, but it’s true.

As always, you’re really on your own.  Only you can do what you need to do, what needs to be done, what needs to get done.

Personally, I’m going to do more preparations.  Get even more done.  Radishes are doing pretty good in my greenhouse, it’s 70 inside, while it’s 40 outside.  Not bad without any heat.  I don’t have a lot planted, been busy dropping some large problem trees instead. And doing plenty of other things, all towards an eye on the future, how to live in a declining world, how to setup my kids so they have a chance at making a go of it when things completely disappear.

Which they will.

You have been (repeatedly) warned.  Decline is evident, everywhere. The midst of collapse is upon everyone. The only future that remains is one less then today.  It is inevitable.


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4 thoughts on “And the Winner Is …….

  • November 10, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Indeed, we have long lost our way as common sense gave way to the cult of personality. Some, like me, were birthed in a cocoon of “work hard and play by the rules…” mentality, but as I get older and see that the dichotomy between personal responsibility and governmental intrusion playing by the rules is no longer a guarantee of success. I will, however, do so for my own integrity.
    The point is, the world is declining, I have two boys, they have a future and I have to ensure they have a good shot of making the best of it regardless. At the rate we are going I see an economic collapse worldwide so what the future looks like is anyone’s guess. By the way, even if Romney were to have won it would have meant only a possible slowdown, but that was no guarantee either. Now lets get real, and the reality is getting yourself micro not macro. As the world gets smaller, problems get bigger, and being consumed by that is crushing, so get micro prepare for the inevitable and if you want to influence the world do so with the people around you.

  • November 17, 2012 at 5:56 am

    You called it…

    “There will be a lot of casting about for the next “major news event”. Americants are fixated on being titillated. 15 second attention spans, if that. Not trying to hammer on Americans, just stating the facts as they are. Something will come along. Pretty soon I imagine.”

    Just days after we had blasting headlines about General Petraeus and his ruination and now Israel and Gaza and of course the big news, which by the way is causing a hoard of consumers to flood the supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, etc. No more Twinkies!

    Life goes on, the Universe still expands, the Earth still rotates and I continue hoeing my garden….

    • November 17, 2012 at 6:12 am

      You forgot the silly secession movement. Reminds me of Occupy Wall Street, but with lazy people who need “permission” to secede, while retaining all the benefits of the State. It will utterly fail.

      Nobody needs permission. Simply stop complying, right now, and you will have far more success then trying to organize a “peaceful withdrawal” with Bubba next door. That’s why I think they’re lazy. They want safety in numbers but do not have the courage to do this on their own.

      I’m not actually against secession (for the right reasons), but I’m not seeing courageous, intelligent and determined Americans in this “movement”. I’m seeing knee-jerk, reactionary “anger” which STILL wants to be coddled, protected and pampered.

      Your garden is definitely the way to go. Real peace of mind, actually doing something to help yourself (a major theme on this blog).

      • November 17, 2012 at 6:19 am

        Oh yeah, almost forgot. Where the HELL were these people when Bush enacted all those horrifying laws against Americans? They were standing in line at the airport, watching their girlfriends get felt up by the creepy TSA agents.

        Now their crying in the beer ’cause they don’t like the outcome of the (s)Election. Who does? Why pick this inanity as the “reason” to secede, when a long, LONG train of abuses has been laid down into law for years and years now?

        The near-complete and utter failure to understand the whole picture, and the players involved is what is astounding.

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