Americans Not Ready To Revolt

Good article on why Americans are not ready to revolt. As revolting as our culture downfall is getting, we’re not ready for revolution. I agree and more importantly, it would not solve anything anyway. It’d just create lots of dead people and put even more crooks and liars behind the halls of power.

What’s happening to our country is political desperation by the people and by the politicians. Our living standards, economy, trade, development and growth are directly tied to the availability of cheap, plentiful natural resources and the cheap energy it takes to obtain them. And we’re losing control. Nothing is going to replace what we’ve already consumed. Revolution, though desperately needed and long overdue, will simply go through these resources even faster.

The political solutions sought by a revolution will not be achieved. This is simply no longer possible. All that can be done, and all that is being done is moving the chess pieces around the board, irregardless of who’s in power. As the pawns and knights are captured, there are fewer and fewer pieces left to contest over.

The “insufficient pain for revolution” is the suffering that I’ve claimed is necessary for us to make the fundamental changes required of us. Nothing less then this will work, matter or account for much of anything. We could elect or install an entirely new government and gain absolutely nothing. We could wipe the slate clean and start over, but this is highly misleading. We’re not ever going to be able to start over. We can only start with what’s left. This is a basic principle that is too easily forgotten. And there’s not enough left.

Such flights of fancy are ridiculous anyway. We’re much too entrenched to cashier the existing system, so we’re effectively stuck with it until it collapses. Even a military coup wouldn’t change anything. This country has occupied the top tier for too long to permit itself to rebuild voluntarily from the ground up.

What we will see, are seeing and will see much more of, is the feeble efforts to fix the system from within. And it won’t work. It stands absolutely NO chance of working, period. The system will both define and defend the system in perpetuity, an outside agency or influence to redesign or tear down and rebuild will not be permitted to happen. There is far too much momentum and investment in what we have today to allow anything else to occur.

I agree with the author’s final words – fight self-delusion. Absolutely. But it is delusional to think we’re going to fix the system from within or even without. With what? A magic wand? A crash would have to happen of significant depth and breadth first before any serious adjustments can be made. The entire apparatus would have to be completely destroyed before it permitted such changes, and I see very little chance of that destruction and rebuilding happening as a result of a people’s revolution. This is a pipe-dream.

Revolution may happen – and I’m not saying it won’t, eventually (who knows?) but it won’t fix anything. The world and particularly this nation, is running up against the unopposable problems of finite limits. This will cause exactly what we’ve seen in the last 50 years – a flight of capital chasing resources and cheap labor, global inflation, economic collapse, political posturing and positioning, the creation of State “enemies”, population overshoot during the years of abundance, then the collapse of living standards, massive immigration problems, trade wars, violations of international agreements, war, and eventually, a draconian police state and a massive crash, collapse and die-off.

Civilization is mostly about resources. All else flows from their abundance, availability, price and profits. Entire governments are built around these resources. The more they are exploited, the bigger the government. The bigger the government, the less responsive they are to the people they were elected to serve. Eventually, the imbalance between the people and the government gets so large and untenable, that the desire and the need to replace that government rises to the surface. But by then, the nation is no longer the same nation it once was, it no longer has either the resources available it once had at it’s disposal or the political will by the people. War ensues, with massive depopulation, refugees and the final destruction of the nations resources.

This scenario is very likely for the United States. The real grievances held by the people cannot be ignored. Nor can they be fixed. To do so, would require a massive restructuring of our society and civilization from the bottom up. But what do we have today? Top down government and top-level favoritism and nepotism. The rich, wealthy and powerful are in control and they control the reigns, the resources and the governments.  And the armies.  America’s armies will do what they are told, and they are being told what to do by their government and by the people that control their government.  But that’s not you or I.  Changing this will not be permitted to happen and war on American soil is very likely to happen in time.

Of course, this is completely senseless, but then what isn’t? Reason, common sense and cooperation has fled much of this nation and it’s government. Right now, our government is quite willing to slaughter millions elsewhere using their armies and military power. The idea that they won’t do it here isn’t based on any reality at all. All governments eventually turn against their citizens as unrest, dissent and resource shortages develop. This is a logical, predictable and historical pattern.  It will happen in America. But I don’t know exactly when.

And it won’t fix anything. The only thing it will do is hasten our final collapse as a nation. By then, we’ll have many other severe problems, which will take their own toll upon us.

It is both telling and extremely ironic that so many events are converging all at the same time. Peak oil, peak energy, peak civilization, global resource shortages of food, water, and raw materials, global climate change, rising sea levels, global warming, drought, collapsing fisheries, reefs and natural resources and on and on. I’m just waiting for the asteroid strike to put a final cap on it all.

Of course war is coming, how could it not be? We’re not going to go down without a fight (amongst ourselves and everyone else) for what’s left from all the looming disasters.

I am deeply aware of how pessimistic this sounds, but this is the pattern throughout history. Humanities only hope is in the ashes. Reason will not reign.

It remains to be seen if we will survive the ashes and what we will do if do.  I don’t know.  I only know that we will follow the rise and fall of every other civilization before us.  What is happening is “natural”, predictable and unavoidable. As lousy as that is, it’s unfortunately an established fact.  The best you can do is to prepare yourself for this and get far, far out of the way if you can.  Otherwise, you will be in the meat-grinder with everyone else.

Learn self-sufficiency skills.  Learn practical survival skills.  Learn how to doctor, provide, create, grow and survive. Do it now.  Convergence is already upon us all.


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4 thoughts on “Americans Not Ready To Revolt

  • June 22, 2007 at 5:19 am

    “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

  • June 22, 2007 at 8:25 am

    It’s finally time. I keep reading all of this and I hope that TPTB will forestall it awhile longer while I make preparations. Thanks for keeping the blog going. I do appreciate your research and your thoughts.
    I bought my first hunting rifle last weekend. I know that wild game might be hard to come by, but it is an investment for the future. If I’m far enough out, there may still be some stuff to shoot! 🙂 My wife and I are starting to look for land to buy as well.

  • June 22, 2007 at 9:28 am

    There will be plenty of things to shoot – but will you eat them?

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