Americans at High Risk of Nuclear Disasters

This is a topic that generates little real interest in the majority of the American population. Nuclear energy is very risky. Researchers from Princeton University and the Union of Concerned Scientists, the article argues that NRC inaction leaves the public at high risk from fires in spent-nuclear-fuel cooling pools at reactor sites.

My own state recently had a nuclear emergency, which as you might expect, is not over. The entire Eastern seaboard is another high-risk region.

Personally, I do not support nuclear energy and never have. Creating elements that are so utterly toxic to all life and that will have catastrophic effects for tens of thousands of years is worse then stupid. It’s arrogant and criminal.

But isn’t that the “way” of humanity, when you examine our behavior in detail? I think so. We seem to presume too much, such as humans will always be in control of the things which they create.

Not so. I know this not to be true and intuitively, you do too. There is a great deal we do not control anymore, once released into the environment. And the whole world is suffering today because of it. This only promises to get worse, not better.


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One thought on “Americans at High Risk of Nuclear Disasters

  • May 25, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    After 440 nuclear meltdowns, a dead, radioactive planet will be our testament to the galaxy that we were once here.

    Imagine an alien ship, thousands of years from now, entering orbit and detecting the presence of plutonium.

    “There was life here once, Captain,” says the science officer, “But they apparently had a complete disrespect for what maintained life, and what was deadly to it.”

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