Americans Are Not Preparing

Desdemona has a very scary but very real image to share:

Three hurricanes, all lined up. First time in our modern history (ability to record something like this).

And guess what? Americans are not preparing.

Florida and parts of Georgia are under evacuation orders, and the stores in those locations have been swept clean of water, food and supplies, fights over plywood and deadly confrontations now occurring, but nobody is buying any storable food at all.

It’s the strangest set of conditions that I have ever seen, and I would have never guessed this would happen.  Much of Montana, Idaho and Oregon is burning up with thousands of fires, some which are really huge (including in British Columbia), at least 3 entire states are under hazardous air quality conditions (ask me how I know) and there is no preparations taking place in these areas either.

I never thought cognitive dissonance would get SO bad that people would just give up. But that’s what it looks like from here.

I called the cannery and spoke to them about this development. They are just as puzzled as I am. It is absolutely stunning.

I drove through Washington, Oregon and California. The smoke is very bad, required a N99 face mask until I hit the California border. Lightning strikes accompanied sporadic rain (finally), but not enough to diminish any of the fires. I was prepared, but I was the only person wearing a face mask, which turned black from the soot. I got some strange looks, but nobody asked what they should have – smoke is pretty hazardous to your health.

So are hurricanes. This is a time when we should be witnessing some kind of boom, some kind of public awareness that it’s Hansen’s worst nightmare, “Storms of My Grandchildren” or something like that. But we’re seeing almost no awareness of the coming catastrophes at all. It’s not “climate change is happening”. It’s not any awareness that we are witnessing another plateau of collapse. I’ve not been witness to any other regions preparing for anything. None of the canneries are busy. Nobody is reporting any increase in activity.

WTF? Reality arrives as I’ve long warned about, and it’s just more denial? More apathy? More irresponsibility? More hopium it’ll all go away?

Eventually it will, sort of. Winter will come, all the fires will be put out, the hurricanes will go away and we’ll rebuild, again. Until next year, when the superheated ocean waters spawn more giganormous storms and birth more hellish fires. It’s going to be a repeat, guaranteed – from here on out.

You can’t just cool the planet or wish any of this all away. You have only one path ahead of you – hardship. Prepare for disaster(s) because they will come faster and faster, bigger and badder every season. This is the only thing that CAN happen on a overheated planet. Expect worse, not better. Expect decline, not more. Expect hunger, food shortages, crop failures and water shortages (or flooding / deluge which is even worse because it ruins virtually everything).

The Earth has such a gigantic energy imbalance now that there can only be one outcome, one forward path of momentum for the planetary biosphere. These gigantic storms will get worse.

No hopium here. It’s the same message I’ve been attempting to share for years. You are on your own. You are responsible for yourself. Don’t expect civilization to rescue you. It is civilization itself that will crumble under the onslaught of Nature unleashed.


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